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This year will be of 15th c Italian faire. Recipes taken from The Neapolitan recipe collection

Feast Lunch Tavern

Course 1

Ravioli (pork, chicken and cheese)
Baked Cheese, Bread
Stuffed Eggs
White Genestrata (sweet almond, date and pinenut dish)

Course 2

Chicken with Marzipan Sauce (chicken with almonds, lemon, and pomegranate)
Stuffed Broad Beans
Applesauce (apples with almond milk)

 Course 3

Good Sausages (spicy pepper and fennel pork)
Garnished Turnips (turnips with cheese and spices)


Hot Mulled Apple Cider


Pork with apple-onion chutney

Oven roasted vegetables with bacon
(Vegan options available)

Zucchini or Pumpkin muffins

Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, assorted soda

$5 for full meal, or a la cart.

THL Anastasiia Rusa Iureva vnuchka,
a Vladislava zhena
- Alisa Minzey

Lady Soffeke Stoterogghen - Amy Urick



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