Pentamere's 12th Night will be held at:
The Peoples Church
200 W. Grand River Ave.
East Lansing, MI 48823

<<link to map>>

Gate opens at 9 am
Site closes at 10 pm

Event Fee is $10
Nonmember Fee is $15
Feast $10

If you are interested in preregistering for this event,
please contact

Lord Thibaut Pomeroy de Machaut

Gate Opens
A&S begins
Meetings Listed
Lunch Tavern
Family Activities
Event Ends


Arts and Sciences

classes coordinated by:
JahanAra amat al-Hafeeza al-Shyka (Baroness)

List of classes coming soon!

Courtier's Challenge
information of Challenge

A&S event
Ask a Laurel

information about dance

Pentamere Dirty Dozen Donation Derby

Information on the Derby
Birke Diejagerin

12th Night Subtleties Contest
Presentation and display will be during feast and this is sponsored by Mistress Anthoinette.

Meetings to be held at event

Event Stewards:

Lady Brigida Alderotti
Lord Thibaut Pomeroy de Machaut

Gate - Lady Rycheza Tkaczyk & Lady Joan Seymoure

Lunch Tavern -- Lucia Greenstone

A& S Class Cordinator -- Jahan Ara amat al-Hafeeza al-Shyka (Baroness)

Pentamere Dirty Dozen Donation Derby -- Lady Birke Diejagerin

Feast Steward: Lady Angharad verch Glyndwr O Llangollen

Merchant Coordinator -- Lord Thibaut Pomeroy de Machaut

Site Steward -- Lady Brigida Alderotti

Theme of Feast
Presented Lady Anharad

On the table:
Bread Butters, herbed and honeyed Cheeses Fresh fruits
1st course
Hens in Confyt (game hens with sauce)
Frytour of Pasternakes of skirwittes and of apples (vegetable fritters)
Tart debry (cheese tart) Venison in a broth (or beef in broth) (vegetarian option available)
Wassel (Hot mulled cider)
2nd course
Castletes with Roast pork
or Lombardy Cream with Arugula sauce Pears in Confyt (Pears in wine)
White porray (cooked leeks)
Royal Dish (Custard)
3rd course
Roast Goose Salat with vinaigrette
Gilded earth apples Chirseye (Cherry Pudding) Cryspels.
A Dish to be Eaten Cold (salmon)
Special (hot drink of cacao)

Vegetarian options available for meat dishes
Please contact Feast steward with allergy concerns at

Beggars table half cost of feast, guaranteed stew, extras from the tables
Must agree to assist with clean up.



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