Twelfth Night
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Culinary Creations Canton Officers and FV Staff

held on the 7th, January 2012

Gratitude & Salutations!

Event Stewards:

I would like to thank all the staff and people that made this 12th Night the hugh success that it was. Everyone I asked said they were having a wonderful time.
Thank you Bethlehem Luthern Church for letting us use the building for this event. -- Lady Winebarga

"Let me start with 1000 thank you's to everyone who pitched in for hours, volunteered for hours, toted and carried for hours, stood for hours, sat for hours, and who cleaned and scrubbed...for hours. I will invariably spell a name wrong or forget it all together, but please don't think I forgot you. Names aren't my thing, but gratitude is so please receive my gratitude for every moment you assisted or supported 12th Night's happening. It really couldn't have happened without hundreds of hours of prep work and 21 hours of set-up, event time, and tear-down.

Anthoinette, you are a goddess and a saint. Thank you for printing, for organizing, for liaising, for creating, for cooking and baking and administering anything you touch with aplomb. Thank you for providing Children's activities too!

Jahanara, a wrangler of people, and problems, and the Arts. Thank you for listening, for answering questions, for being a second me when I was otherwise occupied, for making decisions, and always having a solution. Thank you for running the A&S bean count and display and letting me steal your staff ladies for my purposes every now and then.

Thank you, Your Excellencies of Northwoods Odo and Dulcinea for being top-notch and honorable politicians and fixing every problem my temper and my impatience created, even though I should behave myself and not create more work for Your already overworked selves. Thank You for serving as Royalty Liaisons and finding our wonderful Royals places to stay, people to care for them, and for always being You's and pitching in on the clean-up effort like champs too.

Thank you Kaede and Gwynneth for knowing how to interpret "can you take the things to the place and make them do the stuff they do?" and other vague instructions that I couldn't make words for. Thank you for helping Jahanara run an awesome A&S offering.

Thank you Master Rocco, the Baron Bailiff-of-the-hall that Ealdnordwuda has been lucky enough to adopt. You were integral to set-up, tear-down, change-overs, and all other hyphenated happenings. You surpass your titles in excellence and are an ever-smiling, joyful presence.

Thank you Angharad for cooking a great feast that I actually managed to consume small portions of in-between the series of panic attacks that constitutes the backstage of a feast. I am so happy that you got a chance to shine and all congratulations for that food go to you, your Sous Chef Thomas, and all your various cooking helpers whom I was unfortunate enough to miss gathering their names. Your vision was grand, and the execution was too.

Thank you Verrix for voice heralding all day in between bouncing to each and every one of us to do anything I needed done. Without your, Colum, and Rocco's help, the parking would have been an epic disaster. Thank you for your help with set-up and tear-down. And I cannot express the gratitude I have for you bringing us Biggby's coffee at the perfect moment.

Money-man Pomeroy--you worked your tail off keeping us in 1's, 5's, and quarters in-between teaching and scribing and dancing. THANK YOU! We'll get hooked up this week to work out the event report stuff for submission. Take a day off, you deserve it!

Bjarg, thank you (and Jahanara) for hosting TRM in your home and serving wherever there was a need and for subtly keeping an eye on me and forcing me to sit for a few minutes of court.

Isabel--you stood in the kitchen and washed dishes from the beginning of the day until the end of the day. If there was an Order of the Dishpan Hands, you'd be inducted into it for your service and scrubbing in making sure we could eat safely and on clean platters.
For making music and arranging for it to be made solidly all day--thank you Kasia!

Michaela--thank you so much for bringing and setting up decorations and for cleaning, organizing, checking, giving advice to me and the staff and for remembering things I forgot.

Thank you Kata for organizing guards and guarding and working the parking lot. You did a great job!
Lucien--you stood all day with laryngitis and helped in set-up and tear down. You're awesome.
Aelfric, Tess and your Husband (I'm sorry I forgot his name!), Joan, Elizabetta (and your friends), Rannulf, Kestrel, and all the other awesome clean-up crew who traded work for food and whom I've also unfortunately forgotten names for--please forgive me and accept my gratitude. Also thank you for making the leftovers go away!

For John, Michaela, Karell, Dawn, Carol, Aelfric, Pomeroy, and Rannulf--thank you for working at the Gate in the best ways, even while the hordes poured through the doors. So few issues, so much work you did!

Thank you partner Winebarga--you got the ball rolling and stayed to the very end. The site was great and working with the Pastors and church reps was a hugely important need. I'm glad I got a chance to work with you.

Thank you merchants
for bearing with us and being there to share your arts and talents with us and giving us a way to support other SCAdians and small business owners.

For everyone who came and enjoyed themselves--there'd be no point of any of this without you!
- Lady Jorun Aragunnrsdottir

Feast Steward:

First off, my brain is mush and I have no memory for names, so when I forget please understand that I mean no slight I am just experiencing sometimers (sometimes I remember and somethings.... )

To start thank you all for letting do the feast, I hope it was good and that everyone got enough to eat. I loved the experience.

Thank you to my sous chef Kirk who spent over a week coming to my house to prep and cook with me. His excellent pastry still made the castle towers happen and the pies. He kept me sane. THANK YOU I could not have done this without you!

Eric and his lady and daughter, who came in the kitchen and just remained doing everything so I could do plating, you were great, they made the pasta and fruit balls and so much more. they kept everything going.

Isabol, what can I say, you are a goddess, doing dishes and helping cook, you kept things going so we could get it all out. And did so with a smile the whole time. Thank you so much.

Etine, Allie, Candy, The apprentice whose name I can not remember and to every one else who wandered in the kitchen with the words "how can I help" or "I got a few minutes, what can I do?" Thank you so much.

To Jahanara who wrangled the servers and solved problems when they came up with "I've got it, it will be fine" To Jorun, Brion, James, (no I can not spell but I do try) Nikki the younger, Elizabetta, Ashley, and all the servers who not only served but often helped plate the food or grabbed the dishes or whatever was needed. Thank you! To Maddie and Zigmunt, who served head table and helped unflaggingly with the cloches and schtick, You were awesome.

To Master Rocco and his wonderful Lady who set up the feast hall and made it beautiful and who kept me from making dumb errors like sending plastic to head table. Thank you

Michaela, who jumped in and organized the clean up crew then kept working, scrubbing and leave the place cleaner than we found it, You are the best!! thank you. Rannaulf, Alfrec, Kes, and everyone. you have my thanks.

To the Beggars table and clean up crew, thank you so much, without I shudder to think what would have happened

To my hall herald, I am so embarrassed, I can not think of your name right now. Thank you so much for stepping in last minute and doing a wonderful job of not only announcing everything but buying me time when it was needed.

To Goodwife Lidia who made and shipped the cheese we enjoyed Thank you so much.

To Anthoinette who came to my rescue with patience and advice and a working printer when my ink ran out. And who organized the 12 days, which sounded like it when over well and looked amazing, To Sammy who came to the rescue and leap to success, to Lucia who started the Castle and to Rannulf and Alfrec who finished it. To Lucien, Kata and the bronze rings who got just a big laugh when my gold rings went out. Thank you

To Kata who came and sharpened knives when mine wouldn't cut butter, it was so great, thank you, I love having knives that cut everything now.

To the entertainers,Gwenllyen the Minstrel and Noelle de la Plume,Angus, Lady Lasair inghain ui h'Airt, Kasia Welnatarcz, Verrix Verctissignos Caledonios Roudosenon, The Honorable Lady Lucia Greenstone, Maximilian, And the Saltatoris Dance Guild: Elizabetta verch Glyndwr O Llangollen, Kestral Altara Von Barton, THL Gwommy Anpurpaidh, Lord Thibaut Pomeroy de Machaut, THL Michaela de La Chesnaye des Bois, THL Rannulf d'Aubray, THL Anthoinette de Martel, Lady Eloise Mousebane. Thank you for making it so special.

To anyone else I missed Thank you all, words do not express how grateful I am to have had you on the team!

And again, to Kirk, Thank you again, and again and again for everything, your help made everything possible.I am honored to have had you with me.

With Heartfelt Gratitude

Lady Angharad verch Glyndwr O Llangollen


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