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Join us for Pentamere Academy of Defense
(hosted this year by the Canton of Ealdnordwuda, in the Barony of Northwoods, Region of Pentamere)

28th, February 2015

Site Information
Members: $ 10
Non Members: $10 + $5.00 nms
Children 6-12: $ 5
Children 5 and under: FREE

Lunch and various snacks will be available through the MSU concessions booth.

Michigan State University
Agricultureal Pavillion
4301 Farm Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824

(This is the site where Ealdnordwuda holds their Fight Practices.)

  If you have questions regarding activities, please contact the Staff!

Event Steward: Warder Lucien Featherstone, Lady Brigida Alderotti
Marshal in Charge:
Lady Brigida Alderotti
Webminister: Jahan Ara amat al-Hafeeza (Baroness)

Event Schedule

PAOD Schedule Main Floor Small Room Classroom A Instructor Classroom B
(Floor Area)
9 am
9am Inspections and Sign In (Pickups & Authorizations)
10 am Early Bird Bear Pit Tournament
Pentamere Legion Meeting Warder Kata Aragunnrsdottir You Want Me To Put My Hand Where? Calum mac Leoid
11am A Clean Kill Tournament
Tournament Tactics Warder Maximilian Melee Movement Drills Fujiname no Kaede
12 pm
Lunch Break (Pickups & Authorizations)
Youth Rapier Q&A with Warder Michael McCay (Main Floor)
1 pm Constrained Front Melee Tourney
How to Fight While Injured Fujiname no Kaede Improving Your Cloak Work Warder Michael McCay
2 pm Fields of Gold Tournament
Knocking the Rust Off Lydia de Bequerel Fundamentals of Blade Mechanics Warder Philipp
3 pm Scandal in Smithfield Tourney
How to Lose a Fencing Match Warder Michael McCay The Crossover Fighter Sgt. Verrix
4 pm Poker Card Tournament
Redefining Success Warder Lucien Featherstone Crossing Over to Cut & Thrust Warder Philipp
5 pm
5pm Northwoods Baronial Court (Main Floor)
Dinner Break following Court (Pickups & Authorizations)
Rapier Roundtable following Dinner (Main Floor)
6 pm
7 pm Warder One on One
8 pm Valhalla Circle of Death Tournament        
9 pm Site Closes/ Cleanup
10 pm Site Clear

*The Small Room will be used for discussions, breaks, lunch seating, crafting, and an area for Steel Widows to retreat.

Tournament and Class Descriptions   Event Points:___________________

(1 point per class attended and tournament fought- 1 bonus point for each tournament victory)

10:00 to 11:00
Early Bird Bear Pit Tournament (Main Floor)

To start the day off right, we will have an early bird tournament that rewards those that are first on the list. One point is earned for each victory in the bear pit, as the winner takes on challengers until a new winner is determined. Wounds are retained and if someone runs the list, they must retire from the field. The rapier victor and given a total of 3 Event Points (one more than winning a standard tournament).
Pentamere Legion Meeting by Warder Kata Aragunnrsdottir (Classroom A)
Discussion of training, tactics and marshalling concerns.
You Want Me To Put My Hand Where? by Lord Calum mac Leoid: (Classroom B)
Add some flair to your single sword technique with half-swording, a period technique in which the sword is grasped with both hands, one on the hilt and the off-hand holds the blade. This style provides a strong defense, a very dynamic range, and strongly encourages and reinforces good footwork. The class will cover the basic concepts and strategies, as well as stances and tips on how to handle other styles. Bring full gear, as there will be a practical session allowing students to fight with and against this style.

11:00 to 12:00
A Clean Kill Tournament (Main Floor)

This tournament will encourage efficiency and precision with clean kills being rewarded, and anything less being punished. The tournament will be fought round robin format. To kill your opponent without wounding them prior will grant you one point, if you must wound them first, no points will be awarded for the kill, and double kills will result in a loss of five points for each opponent.
Tournament Tactics by Warder Maximilian der Zauberer (Classroom A)
Learn how to assess an opponent from a distance and how to adapt while in combat.
Melee Movement Drills by Lady Fujiname no Kaede (Classroom B)
This class covers the basics of melee movement. Melee can be confusing to fencers because most of us are inexperienced with moving as a unit. We will cover a variety of melee movements including advancing in unison, splitting lines, pinwheels, etc. depending on how many people attend and the time we have. We will also cover common melee commands. No gear is required as this is about unit movement, but masks would be helpful to help the fencers understand moving together when their field of vision is limited.

1:00 to 2:00
Constrained Front Melee Tourney: (Main Floor)

This melee will use the wonderful space provided by us to have a constricted pass for two teams to meet up and face against one another. The goal will be for the invading force to lay siege to the defenders to retrieve the target; the defenders must hold the corner against the onslaught to defend their prize. The victorious team will be most able to take the target, as well as defend the target during multiple iterations of the scenario.
How to Fight While Injured by Lady Fujiname no Kaede (Classroom A)
While most fencers are in physically good shape, some of us have had to learn how to adapt in order to be able to fence while dealing with a variety of injuries. This class covers some important things to keep in mind if you want to fence after an injury, including strategies that can help get you back on the list.
Improving Your Cloak Work by Warder Michael McCay (Classroom B)
While most fencers get authorized in Cloak, there are few and far between who use cloak often and effectively. Learn some of the skills beyond the basic authorization and develop more advanced sills: Identifying proper weight and feel of a cloak, how to position and hold different cloaks to be suitable for fencing, period and SCA techniques for using cloaks, movement and timing as it relates to cloak, and how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of another person's cloak work. Participants are expected to bring at least one cloak and encouraged to bring multiple cloaks.

2:00 to 3:00
Fields of Gold Tournament (Main Floor)

Join us in our most lucrative tournament of the day. Each participant will be given some coin to play with. Participants are encouraged to wager on their own skill as well as that of fighters in other bouts. Bring your best authorized styles and collect what coin you can. The winner will be determined by the person with the most coin. The format of the tournament will be a pure challenge tournament without limitation other than time.
Knocking the Rust Off: Getting Back to the Lists When Life Throws You a Curveball by Lady Lydia de Bequerel (Classroom A)
Nearly everyone takes time off in their rapier career for a variety of reasons, and coming back after a break can be a challenge. This class outlines some of those challenges and gives practical suggestions on overcoming those challenges. This class would also be of benefit to people who teach rapier, as they are likely to encounter a learner coming back after an absence at some point in their career.
Fundamentals of Blade Mechanics by Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel (Classroom B)
You call it a sword, but it's really a lever... a lever that happens to have sharp edges and a point. In this class, we'll set aside those confusing Aristotelian terms and go over a number of fundamental mechanics of swordplay in refreshingly plain English. With just six simple concepts and a few exercises, you'll learn everything you need to figure out why something you tried didn't quite work (and to come up with something better). Bring a rapier for exercises. Recommended skill level: All

3:00 to 4:00
Scandal in Smithfield Tournament (Main Floor)

In your travels to and from London proper, you have heard to avoid the streets of Smithfield, but alas, your trip has led you through the streets known to be crawling with braggarts and duelists prepared to fight anyone with a blade. Fight your way through and take great care to be efficient so you do not find yourself facing more than one braggart at a time. Fighters will face an opponent. If they do not defeat them within the time limit another opponent will enter the field and a new time will begin. This will repeat until the fighter is dead or has run the entire gauntlet. Then another fighter will enter the gauntlet.
How to Lose a Fencing Match by Warder Michael McCay (Classroom A)
One of the hurdles many fencers come to as they try to improve is trying to figure out how to get better. Often, before one can learn how to improve, one must first learn one’s own weaknesses. This class will focus on some of the typical factors that can cause an individual to lose a match and typical weaknesses, ranging from physical technique to mental aspects of fencing. This class will work on learning how to identify your own weaknesses, as well as the weaknesses in others, and discuss how to minimize, eliminate, or capitalize on these weaknesses.
The Crossover Fighter by Lord Verrix Veretissignos (Classroom B)
There is a growing crossover movement in our kingdom, both from Armored Combat to Rapier and vice versa. What should you expect when an Armored fighter picks up Rapier? For that matter, what should a Rapier fighter expect when crossing over to the Armored list? How can our two weapons arts benefit and complement each other? This class will present examples from the crossover community and provide a forum for questions and discussion.

4:00 to 5:00
Poker Card Bear Pit Tournament (Main Floor)
This bear pit will be loser stays format. For each victory, you will step to the list table and receive a card. You may hold up to five cards, but may discard and redraw one card at each victory. The goal will be to make the best hand possible within the time allowed. The victor will be the fighter with the best poker hand.
Redefining Success by Warder Lucien Featherstone (Classroom A)
How do you get the most out of practicing or teaching? One of the largest factors is how we view what success means. Our perspective has a direct effect on our abilities in these areas. This course will focus on practical tips to gain more from practice and sparring, leading to greater improvements over time. The format will be one of discussion.
Crossing Over to Cut and Thrust by Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel (Classroom B)
Curious about Cut and Thrust but haven't taken the plunge yet? Between concerns about calibration and fear of expensive gear, many fencers who are interested in C&T hold off when they could be having the time of their lives. This class addresses all of these issues and more, including how to augment the rapier game you already play with percussive cuts. Participants should bring a mask, gloves, and their favorite fencing sword. Recommended skill level: Intermediate

5:00 to 7:00
Court (Main Floor) The Baron and Baroness of Northwoods will hold court before dinner.

Rapier Roundtable (Main Floor) As people gather back from dinner we will have a discussion of rapier issues, both specific to the day and in general (approximate time is 630 pm)

7:00 to 8:00
Warder One on One (Main Floor)

Rapier fighters will have an opportunity to have specific time with the assembled Warders and will be able to cycle through multiple Warders during the hour. This time may be used for sparring, working on techniques, questions or other material as decided between the Warder and rapier fighter.

8:00 to 9:00
Valhalla Circle of Death Tourney: (Main Floor)

A PAOD Tradition. Join us on the list to fight in this unique melee that allows us to enjoy the company of friends as we close out the evening. This tournament may have multiple rounds depending on time available.

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