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8th, February 2014


Site Information
Members: $10.00
Non Members: $10.00 + $5.00nms
Children 6-12: $5.00
Children 5 and under: FREE

Lunch and various snacks will be available through the MSU concessions booth.

Join us for Pentamere Academy of Defense, Round Five
(hosted this year by the Canton of Ealdnordwuda, in the Barony of Northwoods, Region of Pentamere)

Class Schedule
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Tournament and Class Descriptions   Event Points:___________________

(1 point per class attended and tournament fought- 1 bonus point for each tournament victory)

10:00 to 11:00
Circle Tournament: (Main Floor)
You have magically come across an opponent in a small clearing in the jungle, and you must fight! Step out of the circle (any part of your body touches the floor outside the rope) and you die, as hungry lions patrol the borders.

What to Expect in Melee: by Warder Kata Aragunnrsdottir: (Classroom A)
No gear required. Class will cover the basics of what every fencer and Marshall should know before their first melee.
Advanced Rapier Strategies & Tactics for Single Combat by Baron Maximilian der Zauberer: (Classroom B)
Learn how to assess an opponent from a distance and how to adapt while in combat. No Class Limit. Unarmored. Bring your rapier and favorite secondary weapon. Youth Friendly.

11:00 to 12:00
Teams Valhalla: (Main Floor)

Everyone is fighting at once, but in teams! Start in a circle, standing next to your teammate(s), and at lay-on you are not allowed to engage the person on either side of you until blades have been crossed by at least one other combatant. No death from behind.

Overcoming Injury and Illness by Lord Alendrei Veronese da Venezia (Classroom A)
We all encounter injuries throughout our lives, and many endure long standing illnesses. Join in on a discussion of ways to work around perceived limitations.
Beginning Dagger by Warder Kata Aragunnrsdottir (Classroom B)
Covers the basics of fighting with a single dagger, sword and dagger and double dagger. Gear not required.
(I will need a stabbing buddy or a volunteer from the audience) Gear not required.

1:00 to 2:00
Plank Tournament: (Main Floor)

Come fight in a classic constraint scenario. You and your opponent step onto the plank to engage in glorious combat. Fighters are required to remain on the plank to continue fighting for falling off would ensure certain doom. Do not think that the sides are your greatest concern however, if your opponent pushes you too close to the line, they may take you out for their turn on the plank.

The Sinister Advantage by Lord Phillip Reimer von Wolfenbuttel (Classroom A)
Why we hate to fight lefties. In this class we'll Examine some of the challenges and opportunities you face when fencing opposite-handed opponents. Whether you're a lefty looking to hone your art or a righty in search of an edge against your sinister adversaries, this is the class for you!

How to Give and Take Commands by Lady Birke die J?gerin (Classroom B)
Come learn about commanding by leading others and being led through a footwork maze! Good for people at ALL levels of melee fighting- even those who have never done it! Please come in gear with at least one sword.

2:00 to 3:00
Constrained Front Melee Tourney: (Main Floor)

Melee combat makes a group of many focus into a cohesive unit. As a team you must do one of two things: You shall either fight your way to the flag and capture it through a snug mountain pass, or you are charged with defending and protecting the flag from your invading challengers. We will run this scenario a couple of ways, giving both teams a chance to attack and defend, as well as stretching the knowledge of melee tactics among the participants.

Training Preparing and Fighting in Tournaments by His Royal Majesty Cellac (Classroom A)
Join his Majesty for a cross disciplinary discussion of what it takes to physically and mentally prepare for combat on the list field.
Buckler Tactics by Warder Lucien Featherstone (Classroom B)
Come and work on fighting with your buckler. The focus of this class will be toward more advanced techniques with an emphasis on footwork, fighting other styles and maintaining efficiency. A large amount of time will be devoted to questions, answers and demonstration of technique. Class will require full gear as well as a buckler (Some loaner bucklers will be available)

3:00 to 4:00
Poker Card Bear Pit: (Main Floor)

A bear pit tourney where you get poker cards instead of points! A lone fighter will hold the field until they have won one bout or lost three bouts. Remaining fighters form a line waiting to challenge the defeated member of the previous bout. The winning fighter gets back in line. The line of fighters shall be at the list table, where a deck of poker cards is waiting! Each time through the line, draw a card. You may only have five cards in hand, so if you draw a sixth, you must discard one of your previous cards. The more times through the line, the better your hand of cards could get! The person with the best poker hand wins the tournament.

Dressed for Defense by Lord Fearghas Buchannon: (Classroom A)
In this class we will discuss modifying period fashion styles into Rapier armor to best fit your persona.

Intro to Youth Rapier by Warder Michael McKay (Classroom B)
Review of the Midrealm Youth Rapier rules for parents, marshals and youth rapier combatants. Armor and weapon standards will be covered, along with guidelines for marshals working with youth fencers. Q&A session will be held at the end of the class.

4:00 to 5:00
Court Followed by Dinner Break

6:00 to 7:00
Participation Bear Pit: (Main Floor)

A bear pit tourney with points for participation! A lone fighter will hold the field until they are defeated or have won three bouts. Remaining fighters form a line waiting to challenge the survivor of each bout on the field. The losing fighter of each bout reports their name and the winner’s name to the list table, and then gets back in line. Fighters receive one point for all bouts, and an extra point whenever they win a bout. The person with the most points at the end of the time period is the winner.

Melee Maneuvers Meeting by Warder Kata Aragunnrsdottir & Birke die J?gerin(Classroom A)
This meeting will serve as a brief meet and greet for some of the regional leaders and a discussion of tactics to prepare for Pennsic.

7:00 to 8:00
The Magic Tournament: (Main Floor)

This tournament ensures lots of fighting with those near your skill range! Initial pairings will be random, but then you will be paired with those near your own score for each bout. Each round, fighters will fight to best of three deaths, counting double kills.

8:00 to 9:00
Valhalla Circle of Death Closing Tourney: (Main Floor)

Continuing the tradition of previous Academies to end our day we shall fight in a Viking paradise. We shall start in a circle of combat, and as the one that slain you falls you return to battle until one soul remains.

  If you have questions regarding activities, please contact the Staff!


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