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   English Beaded Flowers, by Fujinami no Kaede-hime (THL)
  • 11° Seed beads, petal color(s)
  • 11° Seed beads, center or stamen color(s)
  • 11° Seed beads, leaf color(s)
  • 32 gauge craft wire (copper works well)
  • 28 gauge craft wire for stem (optional)
  • florist tape or ribbon (optional)
  • Wire cutters

  • Technique:

    String the first two rows (outer tip of petal or leaf) onto the 32 gauge wire. Slide the beads to the middle of the wire. 2) Going the opposite direction, take one end of the wire through the second row of beads.

    3) String the next row of beads onto either end of the wire. (For clarity, the previous loops are not shown.)

    4) Take the other end of the wire, the one with no beads, and go through the beads in the opposite direction of the first. The beads should lie more or less flat against the previous row.

    5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the petal or leaf is complete.

    6) Gently twist the remaining wire at the bottom of the leaf or petal (over twisting will break the wire) to lock the beads in place. DO NOT CUT the wire; the remaining wire will be used to attach the petal or leaf to the stem.


    If using the stem wire, wrap the wire of the stamen or center of the flower around the stem wire. Then wrap the wire from the first of the innermost petals around the ones already in place, building the flower from the innermost petals to the outermost. If you are not using the stem wire, then just begin with the center of the flower and work outwards. If leaves are desired, place leaves where you want on the stem and then wrap the loose wire around the stem.

    If the petals are fused, you can insert the steman into the center of the flowers and then wrap the petal wires around the cental stem.

    If you wish, you can finish the flower by wrapping the stem with florist tape or ribbon.


    Fujinami no Kaede-hime
    AKA RoseAnna Downing-Vicklund:
    Phone: 248-444-4853 (can also call 509-624-7938)

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