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 !  Saltatoris Swingin' Soireé

Squire’s Tourney Feast Menu
The Feast of Three Dances

(please contact Lady Angharad if you have any questions or dietary concerns)
(site is discretely damp for feast, I.D.s Required)

On the Table
Herbed butter
Honey butter
Roasted Garlic
Pickled Garlic

Before the 1st Course:
Green broth (Herb) of eggs and cheese (V)

1st Course - Scotch Cap
Oven Cheese Pie, Which We Call Toledan (V)
Spinach and chicken Ravioli (M)
Vegetarian option Cheese and Spinach w/Nuts, Ravioli (V)
Whole Onions (V)
With Aleta - Garlic and Walnut Sauce (V)
Elegant Figs - Figs eaten in the French Manner (V)

2nd Course - Jenny Pluck Pears
Fylettys en Galentyne – Pork in Ale Sauce (M)
Vegetarian option Mushroom Tart (V)
A salad of Lettuce, Spinach and fruit (V)
Hartichocks - Preserved Artichokes (V)
Pear Pie (V)

3rd Course - Oranges & Lemmons
Sallet of Lemmons (V)
Cazuela De Carne - Casserole of Beef (M)
Fish with Parsley and Garlic (P) Head Table only
Vegetarian option Makke - Fava beans w/ wine & onions (V)
Carrots in Vinagrette (V)
A Cinnamon Tart (V)

Pomegranate Drink
Rosata - Rose-flavored, Sweetened Water
Lemonata - Lemon-flavored, Sweetened Water

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Recipes Wanted
Have a favorite recipe? Cooked something fantastic at a feast? Let us publish it in the next issue of the Fenrir's Voice. Send your favorite Recipe toJahan Ara!


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