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Exchequer's Corner
Lord Pomeroy


January, 2013

Greetings to the Populace of Ealdnorwuda,

I have completed the Canton's fourth quarter financial report and submitted it to regional. For those interested, please find on this page the balance sheet and income statement from the report which are presented here as per SCA financial policy.

We end the year with $5848.00. On the horizon is the annual payment for the storage of the group's property which is $500.00. We will thus have $5300.00 available until 2015 when we again host Twelfth Night, our primary fundraiser.

Please note our upcoming events: The Pentamere Academy of Defense (PAOD), scheduled for February 23, and Squire's Tourney scheduled for May 11. From a financial standpoint it is essential that both events run in the black, so please turn out to support both events with your help and/or attendance!

If you have any questions concerning the Canton's financial matters, please contact me.

Merci Beaucoup,

Thibaut Pomeroy de Machaut


Winter 2012

Greetings to the populace of Ealdnorwuda:

We started off the year with a flurry of events: Twelfth Night, Pentamere Academy of Defense, and Squires, all of which we were able to fund without issue and all of which returned to the Canton a financial benefit. The rest of the year should be quiet and financially uneventful for us. Looking ahead, Squires Tournament in May 2013 is our next scheduled event, so please think on how you can contribute to make it a success. Until we host Twelfth Night again in 2015, the annual tournament will be our largest event, so from a financial standpoint its importance cannot be overstated.

If you ever have concerns or questions regarding the Canton's finances, please contact me.

Merci Beaucoup,

Thibaut Pomeroy de Machaut


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