Squire's Tourney

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Squire's Tourney

May 9th 2015

 !   Schedule of Events
 9:00 am: Site Opens

10:00 - Fencing Authorizations & Inspections
Armored Authorizations & Inspections

10:00 -

11:00 - Lunch Tavern Opens
A&S Table up from 11-3pm
FENCING: Hand of Fate Tourney

ARMORED: Squires & Unbelts Tourney
Followed by Squires & Unbelts Tourney
-Followed by Knights Tourney
-Followed by Champion Tourney (top Squire/Unbelt vs top Knight)
-Followed by Baronial Champion Tourney, hosted by His Excellency Maximillian of Northwoods ~Pickups or melees, as remaining time permits.

12:00 - FENCING: Lunch Break/Fence the Warders

1:00 - FENCING: Cadet Tourney (until 2:30)

2:00 -

2:30 - FENCING: Melee Games

3:30 -

4:00 - All Marshal Activities Close

5:00pm - Court (tentative, or at Their Excellencie's Pleasure)

6:00pm - Feast to Follow Directly after Court

9:00pm - Site Closes

10:00pm-10:30pm--Estimated time clean-up is finished



  • This site is dry--alcohol theory classes are welcome, but the church’s policy is dry.
  • Indoors and outdoors fire is prohibited (candles on tables for feast might be provided by the staff for ambiance, but please leave your own at home)
  • Archery and thrown weapons are prohibited within the Lansing city limits.
  • Most areas indoors and many parts of the outdoors are wheelchair accessible.

  • Much of the day’s activities take place outdoors: plan garb and daycamps for mid May in Michigan weather.



Event Steward: Lady Rycheza

Merchant Coordinator: Lady Rycheza

Lunch Tavern Steward: THL Lucia

Feast Steward: Lady Angharad verch Glyndwr O Llangollen
mka CJ Baschal

Armored Combat Marshal in Charge: Sgt. Verrix

Fencing Marchal in Charge: Lady Joan & Lady Kaede

Arts & Sciences Coordinator: Lady Tengqystle

Classes: Lady Rycheza

Head Retainer: Baroness JahanAra

Troll/Gate Head:
Position currently open

Cleanliness Steward:
Position currently open



















Join us at our Annual Squire's Tourney May 9th, 2015 in the Canton
of Ealdnordwuda.

9:00am until 9:00pm

Site Information
Adults (12 and up): $10.00
Children (12 and under): $5.00
Children Under 5: Free
Family Cap: $20.00

FEAST: $10

Non-Member Fee: $5.00 (please have your documentation of membership!)

Lunch Tavern
Open 11am - 2pm

Feast: $10.00
Lap-sitters at feast are free

Martial Activities

A&S Activities

Site fees as noted above, no extra charge

St Michael's Episcopal Church
6500 Amwood Drive
Lansing, MI 48911-5955

Direction to Site

There’s a lot of outdoor space for period pavilions, but please be safety mindful of the space we do have around the listfields by allowing generous walking paths (2-3 feet) around and between pavilions. Please leave at least a 10 foot gap between the listfield and your pavilion because the barroom brawl can get a little rowdy.
If your pavilion is in the way, you’ll be asked to move it or take it down. The general set-up should be aimed at viewing rather than camping.
Space is first come, first served. The only reserved area will be for merchants.

  If you have questions regarding activities, please contact the Staff!


Activities for the day!

The Events Theme is to return to the Origins of the event with Squire themed tournaments. There will also be contests for Protege's, Apprentices and Cadets (in leiu of what the term will be for dependents in the new peerage, I don't know what it is yet)
There will be a Populous and a Dependent winner in every category.

There will be an A&S display bean count for Apprentice's and one for Populace, and a Service contest (points for most time volounteered at event, most creative volounteering ideas, and best story about a past service, points for entertaining and a good example of service)

There will be handstiched arm favors for the 4 Dependents contests and a prize for Populace winners in the A&S and Service contests. (also arm favors if I can get them done in time, but with slightly different patterns. If not I will think of something)


MERCHANTS: let the Autocrat know if you wish to attend and space will be set aside for you.

Feast Menu:
On the Table Brot Butters Käse

First Course Ein gut spise von hüenern Genovese tart Salat mit Beeren Ein gut gesoten ris

Second Course Ein gebraten gefültes ferhelin Ein morchen mus Ein spise von bonen Ein gut gebackenz
Rosinen Tarte

On the Table Bread Butters Cheeses

First Course A good food of hens Spinach tart Salad with Berries Rice Pudding

Second Course Roast Pork Carrots Food of Beans Cheese and bacon pastry
Raisin tart


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