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Squire's Tourney
May 31st, 2014

 !   Schedule of Events

9:00 am: Site Opens
Inspections & Authorizations Fencing

10:00 am
Fencing: 10 am Extra Credit Bear Pit/ Start of the All Day Tourney
Armored: Inspections and Authorizations Begin

11:00 - Lunch Taven Opens
Fencing: Bragging Rights Tourney (1 hr)
Armored: Tourmaments Begin
Speed Tourney
Pool Tourney
Bear Pit Tourney
Taven Brawl

Fencing: Double Tourney

2:00 - Lunch Tavern Closes
Fencing: Bear Pit Card Tourney

Fencing: Melee

4:00pm - Northwoods Armored Baronial Championship

Unbelt Practice Follows

4:30 pm: Lists close

5:00pm - Court of Their Excellencies

6:00pm - Feast (After court)

8:00pm -

9:00pm --Site Closes

10:00pm-10:30pm--Estimated time clean-up is finished



Armored Combat
10 am: inspections and authorizations begin
11am: tournaments begin
Speed tourney
Pool tourney
Bear pit tourney
Tavern brawl
4 pm: Northwoods Baronial Championship

Pentamere Unbelt Practice will follow

Squires Rapier Schedule
900 am Inspections, Authorizations.

10 am Extra Credit Bear Pit/ Start of the All Day Tourney

1100 to 1200 Bragging Rights Tourney

1200 to 100 Lunch Break

100 to 200 Double Tourney

200 to 300 Bear Pit Card Tourney

300 to 400 Melee

430 pm List Closes

Extra Credit Bear Pit
Participants will fight in a bear pit style tournament against experienced fighters. The fighter with the highest score at the end of the tournament will be declared the victor. A portion of points scored here will be added to the participant’s Bear Pit Card Tournament score in the afternoon. This tournament is intended for new and inexperienced fighters.

Bragging Rights Tourney
Fighters will engage in a number of self-directed challenges. The braggart (determined by a roll of the die to be fair) will declare a challenge (I can defeat an opponent in one shot, I can defeat two opponents at one time, I can defeat an opponent using only single dagger, etc.). If the fighter succeeds in the challenge, then all other fighters must engage in it as well. If the braggart fails in their boast, they are charged a loss and no one must complete their challenge. Anyone failing to complete the braggart’s challenge will be charged a loss. The number of losses before a fighter is eliminated will be based on numbers participating, but will probably be limited to 2 or 3. The victor will be the last fighter standing.

Double Tourney
This tournament will actually be two individual tournaments joined into one. The first round will be a pure single sword round robin. The second round will be a best style round robin. Additionally, the most honorable and most fun combatants will be chosen by popular acclaim. These four individuals (or less, depending on the particular results) will then fight to determine the overall tournament winner.

Bear Pit Card Tourney
Fighters will draw weapon styles from my hat. They may continue to fight with that style until they are defeated or run through the entire list. At this point, they will draw a new card. The bear pit will continue until time expires. Fighters will be awarded one point for each victory and the overall victor determined by highest point total. All Day Tourney A game of subtle theft. Combatants will fight in a challenge format tournament with one point awarded for each pass and a bonus point to the overall victor of that particular challenge. Once all fighters have logged points, an element of theft will be introduced. A challenger may declare that they are attempting to steal from their opponent. The number of passes will be decided by the challenger and the fight will then be a ‘best of (the number of points declared)’. If successful, the challenger takes that number from their opponent and adds it to their total. If unsuccessful, they lose that many points from their own total. If a thief declares more points than their target has, they lose that number of points, regardless of the outcome. Scores will be kept private. The fighter with the highest total logged by the start of melee will be declared the victor.

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  • This site is dry.
  • Indoors and outdoors fire is prohibited (candles on tables for feast might be provided by the staff for ambiance, but please leave your own at home)
  • Archery and thrown weapons are prohibited within the Lansing city limits.

  • Most areas indoors and many parts of the outdoors are wheelchair accessible.

  • Much of the day’s activities take place outdoors.

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