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Welcome to

Squire's Tourney

April 28th 2012

 !   Schedule of Events
 9:00 am: Site Opens
--Rapier & Armoured Lists opens/ inspections/ authorizations/ pickups
--Kingdom Travel Fund Silent Auction accepting donations

10:00 am: A Simple Tournament (Rapier)

10:00 am: "Calligraphy Basics: getting started" by Lord Pomeroy (Inside)
Description: A class where we can discuss any aspect of lettering from the laying out to the putting ink to paper. I will have paper and ink available for those who would like to start practicing. Left handed? Me too, so come try it out.

11:00 - -Baronial Armoured Combat Champions Tourney
--Lunch Tavern Opens
--Silent Auction bidding opens
--Rapier Lunch Break
Outside (near fencing list) "Introduction to Kumihimo" by Fujinami no Kaede
Description: This is an introduction to making complex Japanese braids.

12:00 - Bronze Ring Challenge (Rapier)

1:00 - --Reversing Reverse Bear Pit (Rapier)

2:00 - Lunch Tavern Closes

2:30pm --Joan’s Tourney (Rapier)

3:30pm --Silent Auction bidding closes

4:00pm --Tavern Brawl (Rapier)
--Community Dancing

5:00pm --Lists Close

6:00pm --Feast

8:00pm --Feast Ends
--Community Dancing (may start earlier if feast ends early)

9:00pm --Site Closes (can be pushed later if the dancing is going well)

10:00pm-10:30pm--Estimated time clean-up is finished


Join us at our Annual Squire's Tourney April 28th, 2012 in the Canton
of Ealdnordwuda.

Armoured Combat:

Pentamere Regional Unbelt Practice 10:00am

Northwoods Champions Tournament
Their Excellencies of North Woods will be choosing their Armoured Combat Champion in a fashion of their desiring. This tournament is traditionally run by the outgoing Champion. Their new Champion and a companion will preside over feast in Their Excellencies' stead and have the choice to invite up to 6 guests to dine with them at the head table. 11:00am

Bar room brawl
-weapons provided and new weapons will be created by the youth this year for their special participation from the sidelines!

Rapier Combat:

9am List opens/ inspections/ authorizations/ pickups
10 am A Simple Tournament
11 am Lunch Break/ Armored Championship
12 pm Bronze Ring Challenge
1 pm- 2:15 pm Reversing Reverse Bear Pit
2:45 pm-4 pm Joan’s Tourney
4pm Tavern Brawl Tournament
5pm List Closes

A Simple Tournament

The mighty and high minded folk in the fancy cities like having such displays of skill that you need to have a wagon load of gear to bring to the tournament and funny rules to determine who the better fighter is. None of that is going to happen here. Grab a sword; find someone to fight and fight until one acknowledges the other as the winner. The tournament will be a simple affair, only single sword allowed, no off hand parrying or offensive or defensive items will be allowed. This will be a challenge format with number of passes determined between combatants (maximum 10, please). One point is awarded for each victorious pass and one point is lost for each lost pass (double kills count as a loss for both fighters). The fighter with the greatest number of points will be declared the tournament victor.

Bronze Ring Challenge

The best way to train and become a better fighter is finding someone who is really good at it and figure out why they are winning against you so much. So come take a whack at some rapier fighters who are pretty good with a sword and test your mettle against them. Rapier fighters will have time to challenge members of the Order of the Bronze Ring who are present. Fighters will have a chance to bring their best skill to the field as well as engage in one on one training and tips with the Warders fought. After facing one Warder, fighters will move to the next Warder and repeat the process.

Reversing Reverse Bear Pit Tournament

The ability to be a really good fighter is praised everywhere, whether you are in the city or the country, but the ability to fight well for more than one minute is especially praised in the country. Come test your endurance and skill in a long tournament meant to put fighters to the test. The tournament will be a bear pit format with two different pits: a winner’s pit and a loser’s pit. In the winner’s pit, fighters will enter and fight standard matches. Winning a match entitles the winner to stay. Losers in these matches are sent to the loser’s pit line. In the loser’s pit, fighters will fight standard matches, but the loser of the match stays in the pit. Winning in this pit entitles the fighter to move to the winner’s pit. If a fighter loses three matches in the loser’s pit they must quit the list and move to the winner’s pit line. Points are awarded at one point for each victory (in either of the pits) and one point for three consecutive losses in the loser’s pit. Wounds are retained and double kills are a loss for both fighters. This tournament will be fought for a little over one hour.

Concentric Ring Tourney

Every young person learning to fence in the country has a goal they aspire to. A teacher they want to be like or a skill level they want to reach. In this tourney you are rewarded for more than just winning, but also for reaching certain levels of accuracy and precision in your strikes. Every fencer will be wearing a big t-shirt over their garb that will be marked with concentric circles according to their skill level. New fencers will have an unmarked shirt; Cavendish Knots will have a large circle area marked on their torso worth an extra point if you strike inside it, Bronze Rings will have the same bonus as the Knots, as well as a smaller area within the first circle that will be worth two bonus points.

Tavern Brawl Tournament

What can be more rousing than a scuffle at the local pub? Grab what you can from around yourself and make the best stand you can. Bar stools, tables, mugs, local pets and even a fireplace may be used. The patrons are somewhat rough, so come prepared with steel on your hip. Fighters will enter a tavern and take places within it. Lay on will be called and the fighters will engage in a melee. Certain items in the tavern may be used to parry attack or even throw at an opponent. Fighter should beware, though; any thrown items which happen to leave the list field may be used by gallery members (as patrons in the tavern) against fighters in the list field. Fighters will be awarded point based upon the order they leave the field (first off is awarded 1 point, 2 nd 2 point, etc.) The brawl will be rerun when all fighters have been defeated in a particular round until an hour or so passes, using different scenarios/ limitations for each round. The fighter with the greatest number of points will be declared the tournament victor.

  • This site is dry--alcohol theory classes are welcome, but the church’s policy is dry.
  • Indoors and outdoors fire is prohibited (candles on tables for feast might be provided by the staff for ambiance, but please leave your own at home)
  • Archery and thrown weapons are prohibited within the Lansing city limits.

  • Most areas indoors and many parts of the outdoors are wheelchair accessible.

  • Much of the day’s activities take place outdoors: plan garb and daycamps for late April in Michigan weather.

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