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Squire's Tourney
May 31st, 2014

 !   Schedule of Events

9:00 am: Site Opens
Inspections & Authorizations Fencing and Armored

10:00 am
Fencing: 10 am Extra Credit Bear Pit/ Start of the All Day Tourney

11:00 - Lunch Taven Opens
Fencing: Bragging Rights Tourney (1 hr)

12:00 -

Fencing: Double Tourney

2:00 - Lunch Tavern Closes
Fencing: Bear Pit Card Tourney

Fencing: Melee

4:00pm -

4:30 pm: Lists close

5:00pm - Court of Their Excellencies

6:00pm - Feast (After court)

8:00pm -

9:00pm --Site Closes

10:00pm-10:30pm--Estimated time clean-up is finished


Courtier's Challenge

"My inspiration for the challenge came from a class I took at RUM this past year, in the class we went through the book of what expectations were there for a true courtier, and discussed how these could be applied to our lives within the SCA. Seeing the good qualities expected by the book inspired me to pose a challenge to allow all members of the society to show off their skills, and truly celebrate what makes our group so wonderful."

-- Lady Brigida

To be wise and well seen in discourses upon states.
To prove your wisdom, you must answer five questions about our Kingdoms history.

To play for his pastime at dice and cards, not wholly for monies sake, nor fume and chafe at his losses.
In the game room, sit down with an opponent and play a hand or two of cards or play a dice game

To be meanly seen in the play at chess and not over cunning.
Also in the game room will be chess boards, come show your ability and test your skill learning a different form of chess.

To be handsome and cleanly in his apparel.
Show that your garb is in good repair and well made.

To make his garments after the fashion of the most, and those to be black, or of some darkish and sad color, not garish.
Being that we are not all late period Italian men, this does not apply to all of us, but does your garb fit the “fashion of the most” for your persona? Is it in the appropriate style and fabric that would have been used for your time and location? (A short form will be available at Troll if you wish to participate in this item of the Challenge)

To have the feat of drawing and painting.
We will open this up beyond drawing and painting, do you do any art or craft? Bring a sample of your work to enter in the bean count.

To dance well without over nimble footings or too busy tricks.
Join the Saltatoris Dance Guild for a dance or two on our dancing list held along the combatants weather permitting.

To Sing well upon the book.
Our fair Baroness Gwenlyn would love to hear you present your musical skills to her, throughout the day, please approach her and give her a sample of your talents with a song.

To Play upon the Lute and sing to it with the ditty.
If you are skilled and able to multitask, please approach our fair Baroness and sing a song as you play upon your instrument.

To Play upon the Viola and all other instruments with frets.
All musicians, come forth instrument in hand and play a song for our Baroness, we are opening this to any period instrument, not just those with frets.

To be skillful in all kind of marshal feats.
Armored combatants! Show your skill upon the list and honor your noble opponents with a good fight.

To play well at fence upon all kind of wepons.
Rapier combatants! Come forth onto the list and show your prowess. Give honor to your noble opponents by bringing your skill to the list.

To Tourney.
All fighters! Upon both lists will be the opportunity to tourney, step onto the list and fight well for those who inspire you.

Never to be of the last that appear in the lists at jousts or in any open shows.
Punctuality is crucial. The first ten people to begin the courtiers challenge, and the first one in gear and inspected to fight on both lists will receive a point for this.

The final end of a Courtier, where to all his good conditions and honest qualities tend, is to become an Instructor and Teacher.
This point will be earned by those who teach and those who attend a class. Instruction is one of the best ways that we are able to hone and grow our skill. Teachers will be awarded two points for teaching, and students will earn one point for attending.



  • This site is dry.
  • Indoors and outdoors fire is prohibited (candles on tables for feast might be provided by the staff for ambiance, but please leave your own at home)
  • Archery and thrown weapons are prohibited within the Lansing city limits.

  • Most areas indoors and many parts of the outdoors are wheelchair accessible.

  • Much of the day’s activities take place outdoors.

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