Who we Are


Arts Martial:

Heavy weapons practice takes place on Friday evenings at Festival Park in Elgin at the corner of Prairie and Grove from April 1 through October. In the colder months, our fighters often join in with the Thieves of Hearts fighter practices on Tuesdays in Northbrook and the Shire of Blackhawk practices on Thursdays in Rockford. For more information, please contact our group's marshall, Lord Sven the Red.


Arts and Sciences:

Activities include brewing, horticulture, calligraphy & illumination, heraldry, leather working, metal working, games, music, needlework, sewing, poetry & literature, wood working, dance, and more. Our group works on its Arts and Sciences projects at our monthly moot and business meeting, typically held the first Friday evening of the month in the homes of our members. For more information on the Arts and Sciences, please contact our Minister of Arts and Sciences.


Please follow this link to our own Lady Jadwiga's tapestry project for the A&S 50 year challenge!


Additionally, we have a occasional sewing/crafting afternoons at the home of one of our group's members on a Thursday or Sunday. Some A&S sewing days will have a specific focus, while others will be an opportunity for everyone to bring whatever project they're working on.


The next sewing day will be a general sewing day for people to work on and get help with individual garb projects.

Date, time, and location TBA



Our group gathers at the homes of members the first Friday of each month at 6:30pm to shar dinner and discuss events, demos, and the other doings of the modern Middle Ages. These meetings are important to attend for all members, to vote on issues concerning the group, be involved, and to be considered an active Shire member. For more information on our upcoming meetings, please contact our Seneschal.


Our next meeting:



Minutes for the March meeting are just a click away!



Our group is fortunate to have many young members who like to be active and creative. We encourage our children to get involved in all aspects of service, arts and sciences, archery and thrown weapons, and youth combat. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to meetings, moots, fighter practices, events, and demonstrations. If you would like information on what our children are working on right now, please contact our Seneschal.