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Middle Kingdom
Equestrian Champions

  • Edmund I and Kateryn I:  Lady Kassandra Tenebrosa
  • Osis and Caitlin:  No Champion chosen
  • Edmund II and Kateryn II:  Lady Zuriel NightShade
  • Palymar III and Aislinn I:  Sir Pieter van Doorn
  • Kenna I by hand of Jafar II:  No Champion chosen
  • Dag III and Elayna I:  Lady Isabeau Pferdebandiger
  • Ragnvalder I and Arabella I:  Lord Fionnbharr MacShane
  • Finn III and Tamara I:  Lady Anna z Pernjstein
  • Dag IV and Elayna II:  Mistress Isabeau Pferdebandiger
  • Edmund III and Kateryn III:
    • Mistress Isabeau Pferdebandiger
  • Bardolph I and Brigh I:
    • No Champion chosen
  • Ragnvalder II and Arabella II:
    • No Champion chosen
  • Valharic I and Alys I:
    • Lord Blackhart the Smith
  • Tarrach Alfson and Fina ingen Aeda:
    • Lady Rowan de Veres
  • Pieter van Doorn and Nan Astrid of York:
    • Constellation:  Mistress Isabeau Pferdebandiger
    • Midlands:  Baroness Madeleine Gervais
    • Oaken:  Casidhe Doreen de Fallon
    • Pentamere:  Lord Blackhart the Smith
    • Northshield:  None chosen
  • Alasdair MacFhearghuis and Guenievre du Dragon Vert:
    • No champion chosen
  • Felix the Just of Rams'ey and Madeleina de LaMans:
    • No champion chosen
  • Brannos o'Iongardail and Rebekah MacTiernan:
    • No champion chosen
  • Alaric le Fevre and Noelle la Chauciere:
    • No champion chosen
  • Edmund of Hertford and Kateryn Bronwen of Gloucester:
    • No champion chosen
  • Felix the Just of Rams'ey and Madeleina de LaMans:
    • No champion chosen
  • Bardolph Odger Windlauffer and Brigh of Writer's Keep:
    • No champion chosen
  • Dag Thorgrimsson and AnneMarie de Garmeaulx:
    • No champion chosen
  • Palymar of the Two Baronies and Aislinn de Richemont:
    • No champion chosen
  • Lutr Ulfskjald and Tessa of Wight:
    • No champion chosen
  • Ullr Vindstygge and Annelyse van Gavere:
    • No champion chosen
  • EikBrandr Solgyafi and Runa Eikbrandrskona:
    • Lady Enna Margard

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