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Below are the confirmed Middle Kingdom equestrian events and practices for the year 2016.  Please contact the Kingdom Equestrian Officer at zuriel@oh.rr.com if you plan on running or marshalling an event with equestrian that is not listed. Also, if you have any other regularly scheduled practices we would love to hear about them so we can get them on the calendar and help you get the maximum participation.

Important: You MUST contact the Equestrian Marshal In Charge (EMIC) of the event if you are bringing a horse or horses. The EMIC will need arrival information, rig size and other information so they can coordinate accommodations.
It is also highly recommended that you contact the EMIC if you plan to ride (even on someone else's horse) or would like to help ground crew. Check the event's website (or see below) for the EMIC's contact information, and other details including required health papers (if bringing a horse), equestrian schedule, and whether equestrian authorizations will be offered.

Events 2016


Conneaut, Ohio (Northern Oaken region)
Equestrian Marshal in Charge (EMIC):
Rhiannon filia Catell
Email: rshiannon@yahoo.com
Phone: 440-645-3797

Most practices are Fridays, a few are Saturdays. Anyone wishing to attend *MUST* contact the EMIC several days beforehand to make sure the practice is going to happen and to get directions. Practices will be subject to weather conditions. If the weather looks doubtful, call the EMIC to verify. These are official practices, so cards will be checked and waivers will need to be signed. It's possible that authorizations will be available as well but the EMIC *must* be notified in advance if you wish to authorize.

Huntsburg, Ohio (Northern Oaken Region)
Equestrian Marshal In Charge (EMIC):
Rhiannon filia Catell
Email: rshiannon@yahoo.com
Phone: 440-645-3797

Cleftlands Equestrian Guild meets every Sunday, 3PM - 6PM April 1 - October 31, and 2PM - 5PM November 1 - March 31. The guild rides in all seasons, weather permitting. If the weather forecast is iffy, contact the Cleftlands Equestrian Guild Master, Tina Layne (layne.tina@gmail.com) for cancellation information. Helmets and waivers are mandatory. Practices are official. Authorizations are available with prior notice - please contact the EMIC or Guild Master. Four horses are available on site for all levels of riders including kids. Hauling in horses is welcome - NO STALLIONS. Hauled in horses must be up to date on all shots. Please contact the Guild Master beforehand so the facility can set up stabling and parking for your horse and rig.

Auburn, Indiana

Shadowed Stars (Fort Wayne, Indiana) will host official equestrian practices one Sunday per month, March through August (and possibly beyond) from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Email for scheduled dates. Lesson horses should be available. Each rider's fee is $10 per session. An indoor arena is available if needed. All riders must wear a helmet and sign facility waivers. The stable is Greenmarch Farms, located at 1774 County Road 68, Auburn, Indiana, 46706. Hauling in horses is acceptable. Please contact equestrian marshal in charge Jennifer Mahocker or visit Shadowed Stars to see calendar updates. Authorizations will only be available upon request.

Boonesville, Indiana

The Shire of Riviere Constelle equestrian practice dates for 2016 are (all times are Eastern):
March 19, 3pm (heads and reeds)
April 10, 3pm (rings and pig sticking)
May 21, 3pm (tippet tag)
June 4, 6pm (mock authorizations/ all games will be available)
June 11, 6pm (real authorizations)
July 23, 6pm (mounted archery)
August 20, 6pm (quintain and reeds)
August 27, 6pm (mock authorization/ all games will be available)
September 11, 4pm (mounted archery)
October 8, 3pm (rings and reeds)
October 29, 3pm (dress up and play some games!)
November 26, 3pm (quintain and birja)
December 10, 3pm (tippet tag).
For more information contact Lady Kiltigern MacClibarn at Kiltigern@gmail.com.

Martinsville, Indiana

The Barony of Sternfeld has regular monthly equestrian practices.  Their website has more information here.

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