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Including Equestrian Activities at Events

An S.C.A., Inc. Equestrian event is defined as any event where equine(s) of any type are present, whether they are ridden or not.  Announced practices, demos, and parades where the S.C.A., Inc. is represented are considered official S.C.A., Inc. events, and are subject to the rules herein.  For purposes of regulation, carriage/cart horses are regarded as 'horses' and their drivers are subject to the same regulations as riders.  The following is an overview for Seneschals and Event Stewards.  For more information on equestrian specific rules, please refer to the current Middle Kingdom Equestrian Handbook.


Any site steward that will have horse(s) at an S.C.A., Inc. event must inform the Kingdom Equestrian Officer (KEO) of the Middle Kingdom Equestrian College in writing a minimum of sixty days prior to the event.  The current KEO's name and address are printed in the Pale every month.  In most cases, email transmissions are acceptable for this requirement.  Notifying the KEO is required to ensure that all current regulations will be met.  These include but are not limited to ensuring that one or more Equestrian Marshals will be available for the event as well as provide mandatory information for insurance purposes, and to ensure that there is not a conflict with a previously scheduled equestrian event.  It is currently Middle Kingdom Equestrian College policy that there be no more than one equestrian event per region, and no more than two in the kingdom on a given weekend, unless sufficient evidence can be shown that an additional equestrian event will not unduly strain the resources of the equestrian college or affect the attendance of the existing equestrian events.


The S.C.A., Inc. Equestrian Insurance must be activated for each equestrian event.  The Autocrat/Event Steward of the event is responsible for properly activating the insurance.  Equestrian Marshals-in-Charge who allow equestrian events to take place at an event where the insurance was not activated risk losing their warrant.

Please see the SCA Insurance page for certificate ordering instructions, current fees, and other information.

Standards and Restrictions

The first thing that should be confirmed is if the site owner will allow horses on site. If the site owner is agreeable to horse activities, choosing the equestrian list area is important.  Equestrian games require a minimum of a 30' x 180' area, mostly flat and free of holes and obstructions.  Fenced-in areas, such as paddocks or riding rings, are the best places to hold the games.  If no fencing exists, then list ropes or other types of sturdy boundaries are necessary.  The equestrian list area must be CLEARLY marked, and evident to any gentle in the area that they are entering a horse area.

There must be 10-15 gallons of water per horse per day available near the equestrian area, especially in hot weather.  Stabling is also important to consider when picking a site.  Stables on the site with box stalls are ideal, but are not mandatory since there are many people who are willing to pitch a tent and camp out with their horses tied to the trailer, picketed, or in portable corrals overnight.  Horse accomodations should be clearly stated in the event flyer since some horses don't camp well and only go to events with stall access.  Please note that all renting of stalls, or in special cases horses, must be between each individual and the owner of the stable or horse.  The S.C.A., Inc. can in no way be involved in renting horses, stalls or equipment for equestrian activities.

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