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New Riders

New Riders

How to Receive your Authorization Card on the First Attempt:

Step 1-Do Not leave the Equestrian list area the day of your authorization
without your paperwork in-hand. You should have an Authorization Tracking
Form (both top and bottom halves still intact) and a Waiver Form.

Step 2-Do Not procrastinate, proceed to step 3 as soon as you arrive home
from the event.

Step 3-Divide the Authorization Tracking Form in half. Keep the half that
says "Participant's Copy". This is your temporary authorization card in case
you want to play at an equestrian event before you get your permanent
authorization card-now called The UBER card.

Step 4-Assemble the half of the Authorization Tracking Form that says "
Clerk of the Roster's Copy", a completed copy of the "Waiver and informed
consent to participate in SCA martial activities form", and a Self-Addressed
Stamped envelope.

Step 5-Send the items assembled in step 4 to the Clerk of the Roster.

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