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Forms - for information on who these forms get sent to, and in what time frame, please see the current version of the Middle Kingdom Equestrian Handbook.

  • Forms needed for an event/practice:
    • Liability waivers - see below.
    • Equestrian Participant Signup Form - every participant at an equestrian event (marshals, riders, drivers, ground crew, etc...) needs to sign in on this form.
    • Equestrian Marshal Roster - every equestrian marshal at an event/practice also signs in on this sheet.
    • Equestrian Horse Health Tracking Form - this form is for information on each equine brought to the event/practice.
    • Equestrian Emergency Form - this is to be filled out by the owner or person in charge of any equine(s) brought to an event/practice. If you are bringing an equine to an event/practice, you can print this form and fill it out in advance, and bring it with you to the event/practice.
    • SCA Minor Medical Authorization Form - this form must be filled out by the parent or guardian of any minor equestrian participant. Optional but recommended.
    • Equestrian Event Report - this is to be filled out by the Equestrian Marshal in Charge of the event/practice.
  • Forms needed for equestrian authorizations:
    • Equestrian Authorization Form - this is the form used when someone is authorizing as an equestrian - for general riding, games, or any special authorizations such as driving or jousting. There are four parts, one-half page each, for a total of two pages. Each must be filled out and given/sent to the respective party (participant; Clerk of the Roster; Regional Equestrian Marshal; and the KEO/Dean).
    • Equestrian Authorization Liability Waiver - this is a special liability waiver that must be filled out and submitted along with the Equestrian Authorization Form.
    • Equestrian Marshal Authorization Form - this form is filled out by the marshals when an authorization test is performed, and submitted with the Equestrian Event Report.
  • Other forms:
    • Marshal In Training Form - for those who wish to become an Equestrian Marshal, this is the form to be appointed a Marshal-in-Training, and to log your training and other requirements.
    • Equestrian Incident Form - this form must be filled out if, at any event/practice: an accident leads to a rider being injured and requiring professional medical care; an incident involves injury to a spectator; or there is property damage to a site as a result of equestrian activity.
    • Chirurgeon's Report (short) - Universal Chirurgeon's incident report - short form.
    • Chirurgeon's report (long) - Universal Chirurgeon's incident report - long form.
  • Adult Equestrian Liability Waivers - Roster format. To be signed and dated by each adult participant at an equestrian event/practice. If there is no adult waiver form for your state/region, use the SCA version.
  • Minor Equestrian Liability Waivers - to be filled out by a parent or guardian of each minor participant at an equestrian event/practice. If there is no minor waiver form for your state/region, use the SCA version.
* To read PDF files, use the link to the right to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader® if needed.

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