Brawl at the Crooked Dragon

July 5, 2014 - Lorain County Fairgrounds, Wellington, Ohio

Event Schedule

Main Schedule

8:00 am Site opens for staff
9:00 am Site opens to populace
11:30 am Lunch tavern opens
2:30 pm Lunch tavern closes
7:00 pm Site closes

Armored Combat Activities

10:00 am List opens for authorizations and pick up fights
11:00 am War Ball
12:00 pm Lunch break (Field open for pickups and possible short spear tourney)
1:00 pm Melee scenarios
4:15 pm Tavern Brawl
6:00 pm List closes

Rapier Combat Activities

9:00 am List table opens for inspections and authorizations
10:00 am Regional War Practice
12:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00 pm Brawl at the Crooked Dragon
4:00 pm List open for pick up fighting
6:00 pm List closes

Arts and Sciences Activities

11:00 am A & S Display opens
3:00 pm A & S Display closes