Rapier Schedule

9:00 List opens
10:00 Endurance Tourney/Melee
12ish Lunch (for those who can still lift their arms)
1:00 Beggar's Tournament
2:00 Called Shot Tournament
4:30 List closes

Endurance Tourney/Melee:

The road to Jerusalem is long and arduous. To represent this, we'll have an hour or two of solid combat: resurrection battles if we have enough participants, otherwise a grueling endurance tourney.
Run by Warder Lorenzo Calabrese

Beggar's Tournament (aka, Poverty is a Virtue):

- Each contender contributes a blade to the pool - sword or dagger. All blades must be inspected by a marshal before being contributed.
- Standard double elimination tournament. All contenders fight single sword, or with one dagger. Before the first fight, the marshal chooses two blades to be handed to the contenders. The winner of the first fight chooses the two blades to be used by the next pairing.
- Final match is a best-of-three fight. In the first match, the opponents use blades selected for them by the marshal. In the second pass, the opponents switch blades. In the final pass, each contender chooses a blade for his opponent to use.
Run by Lord Black John di Carro

Called Shot Tournament:

- Combatants write out their called shot and hand it to the marshal upon entering the list. If, during the fight, you land your called shot you get points based on the difficulty of the shot. You may call your own shots, or if you really know your opponent's style, theirs.
- Calls must be sufficiently complex, i.e. "I'm going to stab him" - 0pts, "I'm going to stab him in the head" - 1pt. Extra points for higher complexity but multi-part calls must happen in order and completely (all or nothing). So, "both lose the right arm simultaneously, I will draw cut the left leg, then we will double kill both to the head. After reset I will stab him in the head on the first move" could net you a lot of points but has a lot that could go wrong.
Run by Lord Borvanshi

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