HMS Gwyntarian presents

Saturday June 30
Arlington Church of the Nazarene
1057 Triplett Blvd
Akron, OH 44306
(330) 773-3722
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Site fee: (includes RUM fee)
Adult: $7.00 pre-reg; $8.00 at the door.
Child: $3.50.
$3.00 Non-Member surcharge will apply.


Classes Scheduled:


Arts and Sciences

History and SCA Administration

Marshal Arts

Performing Arts

Youth Arts and Education

Plunder!: Ransom Tourney for
Fencers -

Arr, let it be known that the Dread Pirate Prudence has hijacked the Barony of the Cleftlands' highway signs. Bwa ha ha ha ! If they want them back, they have to fight me an 'me crew! Now for the terms:

We will have a timed fight lasting 1 ½ hrs, with 10 minute break every ½ hr. We will start off with two teams of however many fighters show up. When one player dies, he may resurrect, then decide which team he wants to join. The fighter that dies the least amount of times (or not at all as the case may be) gets to claim the highway signs (evil snicker). Tournament will start at 1:30. Authorizations may follow after tourney. If you wish to authorize, please contact Dread Pirate Prudence.

Feast Fee:Feast limited to 64 persons

Adult: $8.00 pre-reg; $9.00 at the door.
Child: $4.00.

We are thrilled to announce that The Anonymous String
Band has learned many sea shanties and other music
appropriate to the occasion, and will be performing
during feast!

Ship's Pursur (Gate Steward):
Catherine Tallmadge
(Catherine Kienzle)
384 Green Hill Dr., Tallmadge, OH 44278
Pre-registration due by June 23
Lunch: A scrumptious lunch will be available on-site for
a nominal charge. Brighid Breatnach and crew are
developing a menu to make all other galley cooks
Read the broadside (flyer)
Get some swag
(fundraiser for Gwyntarian)
Join us for fightin', feastin', learnin', and lots o' fun with a pirate patch!
Accessibility: the site has name short flights of
stairs separating the main areas we will be using. We
have access to a “stair walker” for wheelchairs, and
the Gwyntarian Access Team will be glad to help with
any other issues (ramps, etc.). If you have any
concerns about site accessibility, please contact the
Event Steward at We will make all
possible efforts to accommodate your needs!
We are still accepting RUM and War College
classes! Please contact the Dean of the applicable
College (email links) to register your class. If you
aren’t sure in which College your class should be,
please contact the RUM Chancellor.
Be a teacher- get your share of RUM!
To register a class please contact the Dean of that
Arts and Sciences - THL Sarafina Sinclair at

Peforming Arts - THL Sofia Tyzes at

Marshal Arts - Sir Straum von Bairzog at

Youth Arts and Education - THL Elayne Thorne at

History and SCA Administration - vacant - Duchess Kateryn
Captain of the Event:
THL Wulfwen atte Belle (Kathy Thomas)
Rum Chancellor
Duchess Kateryn Bronwyn of Gloucestershire
Ship's Cook:
Zillah bintUways al-Qahir
dock in Gwyntarian
dock in the Midrealm
dock at Rum home
Reverse Course