on July 1, 2006 return to 1542 when the Portuguese discovered the Japans

Join The Marche of Gwyntarian as we present


A celebration of all those brave and intrepid voyagers who won't stop and ask directions!

We will have fighting, classes, a delectable Japanese feast, and plenty of fabulous revelry, a Brendoken baronial court and a Tea Ceremony.

Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church

1430 Goodyear Blvd. Akron, OH.

Event Flyer (pdf)


Site Fees and Directions


Lunch and Feast


Archery and Fighting


Special Guest Speakers:

Michael Bathgate, PhD.
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
St. Xavier University, Chicago
"Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition: The God and guns of Europe in sixteenth-century Japan."


Catherine Kenngott.
Senior Lecturer, Japanese Studies
University of Akron
"Courtly love in the Heian Period (794-1185)"


THL Wulfwen atte Belle
Kathy Thomas

Feast Captain:
Zillah bint Uwyas al-Qahir
Deb Hess

check back for more information as it appears on the horizon.