Classes: the following are confirmed classes. More will be added regularly!

10 AM: Ikebana. Lady Rachel of Gwyntarian.
Kumihimo (Japanese Braiding). Class Limit:6. 2 hrs. Gwyntarian Weavers Guild.
Yin and Yang: Healing and Harming in the Orient. 2 hrs. Mokuse Kenshin.
Class Limit 12 (16 and older only).
Calligraphy - Solveig Throndardottir.
(Students should bring if they have them: Calligraphy Brush, A large piece of thick felt bigger than the paper they are writing on, paper weight, Japanese calligraphy paper, Japanese calligraphy ink & some sort of shallow saucer for ink OR Ink sticks and an ink stone, Sudare - resembles a sushi roller. what the brushes are rolled up in for transport. *limited* amount of loaner supplies available.)
Themes in European & Japanese Art. Kelly Amon.
Temari (Thread-Wrapped Balls) 3 hrs. Lady Emma Dutton.

11AM: Bonsai Theory & Practice. Lady Rachel of Gwyntarian.
Ainu - Indigenous Caucasians of Japan. Lord Maelruain mac Seain.
Sushi Making for Beginners. Keikai Masamune.

Noon: Guest Speaker Catherine Kenngott
Courtly love in the Heian Period (794-1185) (90 minutes)

1 PM:Getting Re-Oriented: Converting a modern Kimono to an historic Kosode. THL Milesent Vibert.
Development of Traditional Japanese Theater. Lord Maelruain mac Seain.
Basic Origami. Mistress Arwenna of Kelsley.
History of Weapons. Rob Chance.
Shibori (Tie/Stitch Dye Technique). 2 hrs. Gwyntarian Weaver's Guild.
Japanese Longbows. Garvin the Slow.

2PM: First Contacts – European & Japanese Discovery of Each Other. Baron Nigel fitzMaurice de Caeranor.
Anime & Manga, and Their Development From Traditional Japanese Theater. Lord Maelruain mac Seain.
History of Japanese Pottery. Zillah bint Uways al-Qahir.
Spots of Fawn & Gold (Aesthetics of Dress). Lady Branwen.
Intermediate Origami. Rob & Tess Chance.

3PM: Guest Speaker
Dr. Michael Bathgate.
"Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition: The God and guns of Europe in sixteenth-century Japan.

Court follows at 4 p.m. Feast at 6p.m. following court.