A Few Ways to Make Bordure Herald Happy
(And Since Submissions Have to Pass Thru His Hands Before Reaching Laurel,
Consider Trying to Make Him Happy)

by Daniel de Lincolia

A bit of an explanation: Bordure Herald is the external submissions herald for the Kingdom of Ansteorra. These are some suggested aimed at submitters in Ansteorra, but they are applicable in other kingdoms. Now, on to the article...

If you're sending in photocopied documentation, include the title page and the publication info page. That's usually on the back of the title page. It has the publisher, edition, date, ISBN, ...

Give dates for each name element, if your source has it. Please consider using any standard or plausible bibliographic format in submissions and in commentary. If you're citing a standard SCA source, one that does not need photocopies (that is, one listed in Appendix H of the Admin Handbook), give the author and the edition. That affects the page number.

And give the header name(s) (if any). By "header name", I mean the boldface name(s) at the top of an entry (like in Withycombe or Reaney & Wilson), introducing the name info, the derivation, variants, etcetera. The header name narrows down where we have to look on the page, and helps us recover if you got the page number or edition wrong.

Amongst standard sources, don't just cite the authors Bahlow, Dauzat, de Felice, Neubecker, Fox-Davies, or von Volborth. Each of them have multiple books, so give the title too. Also beware: don't cite just "Morgan" as an author. TJ and Prys Morgan wrote Welsh Surnames. Peadar Morgan wrote Ainmean Chloinne: Scottish Gaelic Names for Children.

Basically, when in doubt, give the title and edition. We'll strip it if needed.

Consider avoiding metal paperclips. Use vinyl-coated ones preferably, or plastic ones. Laurel filing staff practically has to have tetanus shots due to all the rusting paperclips in old folders. I toss metal paperclips I get and replace them with vinyl-coated ones.

Staples can be a problem too, but they're an unavoidable evil. Which reminds me: do not staple one form to another. We ask for multiple copies because each is going to a different place. The only stapling involving forms should be a name form to its own copy of the documentation.

Consider double-sided copies. I've never seen it more expensive than single-sided, it's often less, and it costs less postage. File cabinet space is also at a premium.

6 July 1998 Daniel de Lincolia (Tim McDaniel)


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