Court Reports

by Clarissa Wykeham
Edited by THL Edward of Denby Woods

The last duty of the court herald is to do the court report. There have been some questions as to how a court report is handled. This article will attempt to answer some of those questions.

Who does the court report?
The answer lies with the question who was in charge of organizing court? This does not mean who was the Royalty, or the Signet, but which Herald was responsible for setting up court. Most of the time it will be the senior Herald who does court. Essentially the Herald who made sure the Signet organized the scrolls into the correct order, worked with the Royalty the most, announced the majority of the court or did the high level awards in the court is the Herald who was in charge of the court. It is the responsibility of this person to report what happened in court as soon as possible after the court has been held. I would recommend sending it in the next day. That way you don't forget to send it.

What is included in the report?
The report needs to include who it was that held the court, the name of the event at which the court was held, the date of the court, any awards that were presented, any presentations from the populace to the Royals, any oaths of fealty which were sworn, if anyone was placed on vigil, any laws that were read, and any other important piece of business that occurred in court.

Awards should be reported in the order that they were given. Do not rearrange them into precedence order. The Clerk of precedence needs to know what order awards were given in case there were two or more of the same award. In a case like this, the first person given the award has higher precedence. If you re-order the awards by precedence and/or alphabetically, that precedence may get changed.

Who receives the court report?
The final court report is sent to Their Majesties, the Dragon Herald, the Pale Herald, the Clerk of Precedence, Kingdom Chronicler and the Editor of the Pale. You can reach all of these in the Middle Kingdom by sending one email to . Be sure to keep a copy of the court report for your records.

1998 Clarissa Wykeham (Nancy Rivers)


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