Lines of Partition

by: Daniel de Lincolia (Tim McDaniel), (c) 6 July 1998

There are two misconceptions I've noticed about partition lines of a field or charge (aka lines of division).

One misconception concerns "overall". It must not be used for a charge over a partition line. From the Glossary of Terms (the version with the May, 1996, LoAR):

Overall - A term applied to charges that cross over both edges of another charge to lie on the field on either side.

Note that this is a charge partially overlying a charge. A partition line is not a charge. Therefore, "Per pale indented gules and Or, overall a fess sable" is an incorrect blazon -- the word "overall" will be removed.

Another misconception is thinking that lines of division are counted in the "rule of thumb" complexity count, RfS VIII.1.a. A fuller explanation is in another article. Basically, that rule has the total of the number of tinctures plus the number of types of charges in a design should not exceed eight.

Note that lines of partition are not in that count.


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