Order of Precedence

as compiled by Lady Clarissa Wykeham
updated 7/25/99

The Order of Precedence (OP) is a listing of all the members of a group who have received awards or have been inducted into one of the orders of the Kingdom. This listing includes everyone throughout the group's history. If someone was a member of your group, but for some reason no longer is, still report on them. What if they were to come back, or what if the person's new group for some reason is not including them? This way, they will still be included with the OP at some level.

When is it necessary to report the OP? The OP is required to be a part of your Doomsday Reports. The listing should be as complete as possible. At no other time is it required that you send a complete OP with your reports. It is a good idea to report if any awards have been received that quarter however. It is also a good idea to keep it up-to-date all year long. As soon as someone receives an award, update your OP. This will save much time and headache come doomsday time.

So how do you write an OP? Good question. There are several formats, but the most common one, and perhaps the most correct one is by the person's SCA name, highest ranking award first. Members with the same award are listed in chronological order. List each member only once (include all of their awards in descending order).

So what is the "correct" order? It'll go something like this with the appropriate abbreviations in parenthesis.

The following awards carry no precedence but need to be reported:

Group Awards:

Since Baronial level awards carry no order of Precedence, these should be listed in a separate section so that you can keep track of who has received what.

* The person may use this abbreviation as part of their alphabet soup. If the parentheses has an "or" in it, the OP includes the first abbreviation and the alphabet soup has the second abbreviation. If the person has been granted the status of Baron or Baroness: the name appears with the title after (like X of Y, Baron/ess of Z).

This information was obtained from the Middle Kingdom Pursuivant's Handbook, Middle Kingdom Law, Minister of Protocol and the Dragon Herald.

1998,1999 Clarissa Wykeham (Nancy Rivers)


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