Books for the heralds

compiled by Clarissa Wykeham

I have been asked several times where I get the books that I have for heraldry. The answer is simply "Everyplace". You see, I do a lot of my searching and obtaining of books through the internet. I have received books from Australia and England (I live in Michigan - USA).

The following is a listing of where I have purchased books. My recommendation is that if you should decide to purchase a book through any of these bookstores, that you shop around for the best deal.

Free Trumpet Press West - They have a number of sources for SCA heralds such as the Ordinary and Armorial, Precedents of Laurel Sovereign of Arms, Pictoral Dictionary of Heraldry, etc. These are things that have been produced by members of the SCA. Books - They do out-of-print book searches as well as have a large supply of books on hand.

Barnes and Noble - You have to dig carefully though them, but many times they are cheaper. Bookstores - This is a "conglomeration" of a lot of "mom-and-pop" shops from all over the world. These stores specialize in out-of-print books and have rather reasonable prices as well.

- Mlodn is a member of the SCA in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He has quite a selection of heraldry books and gives a discount to members of the SCA. E-mail him for more information.

- A good selection of heraldry books including (the last time I checked) Black's Surnames of Scotland. E-mail him for more information.

Interlock Books - Again, this is a "conglomeration" of bookstores.

The following sources were provided by Madawc. Thanks!

Heraldry Today
Blairs' Book Service: Genealogy Books, Local History Books Including Sur
Thornton's Bookshop: Homepage
g&f armory
Hamilton books
MX BookFinder: Search for Out of Print and Used Books
Small churl
W.M. Hawley Publications
and for Irish related stuff : ACIS-Irish Stuff

If you know of other good sources for heraldry stuff, please let know.

1998 Clarissa Wykeham (Nancy Rivers)


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