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This page is a compendium of various projects that have been undertaken. All of the projects centered around the creation of needlework representations of various Middle Kingdom related items, including group arms, badges and awards. Not all designs are available in all formats. Plans have not yet been made to provide them, but as time allows they may be produced.

The mediums herein currently include cross-stitch and machine embroidery. These designs can and may be adapted for other mediums, but at this time they have been limited to these mediums.

The cross-stitch patterns are in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader ™ will be needed at a minimum to open these designs. Click on the link below to download it.

Special thanks to Lady Dolce Leontina Pavone da Venezia for her work on the cross stitch patterns contained on this page. Thanks also to Lady Angélique De Larochelle for her work on additional group design files.

The machine embroidery designs are listed in Tajima (DST), Babylock/Bernina/Brother (PES), Pfaff (PCS) and Viking (HUS). All have been tested to the best of my ability but individuals machines and results will vary.

If you have any problems with any of the machine designs, please  and I will do my best to resolve it for you.

Designs will be grouped below into group arms, Middle Kingdom officers and awards, and some miscellaneous designs.

Group Arms
Kingdoms/Principalities   Baronies    Shires    Cantons
Design Name Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery
Tajima (DST) Babylock/Bernina
/Brother (PES)
Pfaff (PCS) Viking (HUS)
Download as one ZIP'd File 4.1MB 168KB 2.1MB 2.1MB 474KB
Æthelmearc, Kingdom of 525KB 70KB 142KB Part A - 49KB
Part B - 113KB
Part C - 46KB
Atenveldt, Kingdom of N/A 80KB 161KB Part A - 119KB
Part B - 119KB
Atlantia, Kingdom of 425KB N/A 116KB 171KB 16KB
Caid, Kingdom of N/A 78KB 156KB Part A - 23KB
Part B - 74KB
Part C - 61KB
Calontir, Kingdom of 84KB N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ealdormere, Kingdom of 64KB N/A 97KB 143KB 11KB
East, Kingdom of the N/A 73KB 147KB Part A - 103KB
Part B - 113KB
Middle, Kingdom of the 69KB 58KB 117KB 71KB 11KB
Northshield, Kingdom of 89KB N/A 109KB 161KB 13KB
Trimaris, Kingdom of 405KB N/A 115KB 168KB 13KB
West, Kingdom of the 458KB N/A 91KB 134KB 9KB
Andelcrag, Barony of 89KB N/A 88KB 128KB 10KB
Caer Anterth Mawr, Barony of 92KB N/A 87KB 127KB 8KB
Carraig Ban, Barony of N/A 43KB 86KB 75KB 9KB
Castel Rouge, Barony of 94KB N/A 100KB 147KB 9KB
Cleftlands, Barony of the 90KB N/A 92KB 134KB 8KB
Cuil Cholium, Barony of N/A N/A 9KB 134KB 13KB
Cynnabar, Barony of 92KB N/A 99KB 134KB 11KB
Fenix, Barony of 93KB N/A 118KB 173KB 15KB
Flame, Barony of the 88KB N/A 92KB 135KB 9KB
Flaming Gryphon, Barony of the 104KB N/A 131KB 193KB 12KB
Jararvellir, Barony of 89KB N/A 100KB 145KB 11KB
Middle Marches, Barony of the 85KB N/A 88KB 128KB 11KB
Nordskogen, Barony of 92KB N/A 149KB 220KB 13KB
Northwoods, Barony of 95KB N/A 93KB 137KB 9KB
Red Spears, Barony of 86KB N/A 82KB 120KB 7KB
Rising Waters, Barony of 100KB N/A 118KB 173KB 23KB
Rivenstar, Barony of 90KB N/A 95KB 139KB 8KB
Roaring Wastes, Barony of 60KB N/A 136KB 201KB 19KB
Septentria, Barony of 87KB N/A 110KB 162KB 12KB
Shattered Crystal, Barony of 88KB N/A 88KB 129KB 6KB
Skraeling Althing, Barony of 90KB N/A 93KB 136KB 11KB
Sternfeld, Barony of 91KB N/A 100KB 147KB 10KB
White Waters, Barony of 83KB N/A 96KB 141KB 9KB
Windhaven, Barony of 104KB N/A 112KB 166KB 13KB
Shadowed Stars, Shire of N/A 51KB 102KB 150KB 14KB
Cuil Cholium, Shire of 74KB N/A 98KB 144KB 13KB
Brackendelve, Canton of 60KB N/A 96KB 141KB 10KB
Fasch Mor, Canton of 64KB N/A N/A N/A N/A
Grand Marais, Canton of 61KB N/A N/A N/A N/A


Middle Kingdom Officers
Design Name Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery
Tajima (DST) Babylock/Bernina
/Brother (PES)
Pfaff (PCS) Viking (HUS)
Download as one ZIP'd file 327KB 68KB 387KB 381KB 56KB
Archery Marshall N/A 17KB 34KB 48KB 3KB
Chatelaine 42KB 30KB 61KB 88KB 5KB
Chirurgeon 40KB 35KB 70KB 102KB 5KB
Chronicler 39KB 30KB 61KB 89KB 5KB
Equestrian Marshall N/A 32KB 65KB 93KB 6KB
Exchequer 43KB 34KB 68KB 99KB 4KB
Fencing Marshall N/A 28KB 57KB 81KB 4KB
Heavy Marshall 39KB 33KB 66KB 96KB 5KB
Herald 41KB 31KB 61KB 89KB 5KB
Minister of Arts and Sciences 40KB 37KB 75KB 108KB 6KB
Minister of Youth N/A 32KB 64KB 93KB 3KB
Seneschal 41KB 30KB 61KB 88KB 5KB
Water Bearer N/A 13KB 25KB 36KB 3KB
Web Minister 37KB 18KB 35KB 50KB 4KB


Middle Kingdom Awards
(In order of Precedence)
Design Name Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery
Tajima (DST) Babylock/Bernina
/Brother (PES)
Pfaff (PCS) Viking (HUS)
Download as one ZIP'd file 1,997KB 206KB 826KB 807KB 175KB
Dragons Treasure, Award of the 78KB 4KB 8KB 10KB 1KB
Purple Fretty, Award of the 81KB 48KB 97KB Part A - 62KB
Part B - 81KB
Dragons Teeth, Award of the 81KB 43KB 86KB Part A - 111KB
Part B -16 KB
Dragons Flight, Award of the 93KB 50KB 101KB Part A - 119KB
Part B - 30 KB
Grove, Award of the 81KB 42KB 83KB 123KB 11KB
Royal Vanguard, Order of the 79KB 18KB 36KB 52KB 5KB
Sapphire, Award of the 75KB N/A N/A N/A N/A
Dragons Tooth, Award of the 79KB 27KB 53KB 77KB 4KB
Dragons Barb, Order of the 101KB 30KB 60KB 87KB 7KB
Cavendish Knot, Order of the 87KB 16KB 32KB 46KB 5KB
White Chamfron, Order of the 79KB 18KB 36KB 52KB 4KB
Red Company, Order of the 82KB 27KB 53KB 77KB 3KB
Purple Fret, Award of the 82KB 15KB 30KB 43KB 4KB
Does Grace, Award of the  87KB 32KB 66KB 95KB 7KB
Kings Chalice, Award of the 80KB 15KB 29KB 42KB 2KB
Willow, Order of the 83KB 47KB 94KB Part A - 93KB
Part B - 44KB
Silver Oak, Order of the 84KB 31KB 62KB 89KB 5KB
Greenwood Company, Order of the 86KB 23KB 47KB 68KB 4KB
Bronze Ring, Company of the 81KB 21KB 44KB 61KB 7KB
White Lance, Company of the 71KB 4KB 8KB 10KB 1KB
Gold Mace, Order of the 83KB 23KB 53KB 77KB 4KB
Dragons Heart, Order of the 89KB 22KB 45KB 64KB 5KB
Court Barony 67KB 14KB 28KB 39KB 5KB
Territorial Barony N/A 14KB 29KB 39KB 4KB
Order of Chivalry - Knight 73KB 14KB 28KB 40KB 5KB
Order of Chivalry - Master of Arms 78KB 9KB 19KB 25KB 4KB
Laurel, Order of the 77KB 18KB 36KB 53KB 7KB
Pelican, Order of the 77KB 34KB 68KB 98KB 12KB
Viscounty 67KB 13KB 27KB 37KB 4KB
County N/A 13KB 27KB 37KB 4KB
Duchy N/A 12KB 25KB 34KB 5KB


Miscellaneous Designs
Design Name Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery
Tajima (DST) Babylock/Bernina
/Brother (PES)
Pfaff (PCS) Viking (HUS)
Download as one ZIP'd file N/A 22KB 92KB 97KB 19KB
Middle Kingdom Badge N/A 53KB 107KB 156KB 9KB
Pentamere Region 65KB 20KB  39KB 57KB 5KB
Tudor Rose N/A 14KB 28KB 39KB 5KB

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