APRIL 2001

This is the Middle Kingdom Letter of Acceptances and Returns for Escutcheon's February 2001 letter. Comments in braces {} were removed from the Letter of Intent sent to Laurel and the College of Arms. Names, devices, or badges in braces have been returned or pended; general comments or replies to commentary are also placed in braces.

Many thanks to Julie Stampnitzky, Richard Morgan of Cumberland, Moraig Anne Drummond, Friedrich Eric Helmut von Rheinhausen, Wilhelm Schatzgeyer, Etienne de Claremont, Sebastian Elgar of House Silverhawk, Jaelle of Armida, Etienne le Couteau des Roches, Kevin Ambrozijwski, Phebe Bonadeci, Mikhail of Lubelska, Ælfreda æt Æthelwealda, and Adeliza de Saviniaco for their commentary this month.

1) Áedán of Windhaven - New name and device

Pily vert and argent, a brown boar statant contourny proper

Submitted as <Aedon of Windhaven>, no documentation was provided and none could be found for this spelling of the given name. <Áedán> is in O'Corrain & Maguire, s.n. same, which states that it was 'a relatively common name in early Ireland,' and they say it was borne by twenty-one saints. <Windhaven> is an SCA branch name, reg'd 10/82.

We are not sure if this conflicts with the badge of Godfrey of Inwood (reg'd 6/22) "[Fieldless] A boar statant contourny sable." There is one CD for the field, and probably one for sable vs. proper, even though brown and black can be visually hard to distinguish.

2) Ailleann ingen Fhlainn - New name

The elements are found in S. Gabriel report #2107 (http://www.s-gabriel.org/2107). <Ailleann> was the name of the mothers of Muirchertach mac Néill (943) and Tigernán Ua Ruairc, according to O'Corrain & Maguire, s.n. Ailleann. <Flaind> or <Flainn> is the genitive of <Fland> or <Flann>, found in Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn, "100 Most Popular Men's Names in Early Medieval Ireland," (http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/ tangwystyl/irish100/). The client cares most about having an Irish culture name and wants the name to be authentic for 10th-12th century Ireland. At the end of her period, the lenition of the <F> in the patronym could be shown in the surname, according to the S. Gabriel letter. The client has opted for the form that shows lenition.

{*) Ascelina Coeur de Loup - New name and device

Sable, a wolf rampant argent langued gules, on a chief invected argent, three hearts gules

These have been withdrawn by the submitter.}

3) Catteden, Branch of - New branch name {and device

Argent, a demi cat contourny sable issuant from a base azure maintaining a laurel wreath bendwise sinister vert}

<Catteden> is a spelling from 1229 for Catton, according to Ekwall, p. 91. A petition of support for the name is enclosed.

{The device is being returned because the required laurel wreath on branch arms cannot be maintained, according to Laurel precedent of 4/92: "[A beast rampant maintaining in its dexter forepaw a laurel wreath] "A number of commenters expressed concern that the laurel wreath did not constitute 'a significant element of the design', as required by the Administrative Handbook, I.D.2. Given that we do not normally grant any difference for maintained charges, this opinion has weight." [The device was returned for this reason] (LoAR 4/92 p.19). Additionally, the base is too high and should be redrawn lower.}

4) Druscilla Galbraith - Name resubmission.

The client's first submission, <Drusilla Galbraith>, was returned by Rouge Scarpe 6/00 for lack of evidence that <Drusilla> was used before 1600. The client resubmitted <Drue Galbraith>, claiming the modern name allowance. However, one of the commenters has found the spelling <Druscilla> dated to 1590 in the Heighington marriage register, available on-line at http://www.cs.ncl.ac.uk/genuki/ Transcriptions/DUR/HEI.html; the client was contacted and expressed her desire to go with <Druscilla> instead of <Drue>, so we have changed the name accordingly.

<Galbraith> is found in Reaney & Wilson s.n. Galbraith and dated to 1208-46 in this spelling. The client cares most about sound and will not accept MAJOR changes.

5) Dyderich Wolfhart - New name {and device

Per chevron gules and sable, a chevron and in base a wolf's paw print argent}

<Dyderich> is found in Talan Gwynek's "Late Period German Masculine Given Names: Names from 15th Century Arnsburg," http://www.s-gabriel.org/na mes/talan/germmasc/arnsburg15.html.

<Wolfhart> is dated to 1257 in Brechenmacher s.n. Wolfhart.

{The chevron borders on being excessively wide, and as a result of this and its placement on the field, it is more a chevron enhanced than a chevron. Combined with the pawprint, this is excessive weirdness. From the precedents of Jaelle of Armida: "[returning Per chevron enhanced argent and sable, two pawprints and a wolf's head cabossed counterchanged]. The paw prints are one weirdness, and the per chevron enhanced is another. (Morgan Blaidd Du, 7/96 p. 19)." If the client redraws the chevron slightly narrower and farther down the field, this problem should be avoided.}

6) Elspeth Clerk - Device resubmission

Per pale argent and azure, a cross crosslet between four towers counterchanged

Name reg'd 9/99

The client's previous submission (Per pale argent and azure, on a tower, a pheon inverted all counterchanged ) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 7/00 for conflict with Gregor von Münchhausen ([Fieldless] On a tower per pale azure and argent, a dexter gauntlet clenched counterchanged). The client has tried out a new design. We will advise her to draw the cross crosslet larger in the future.

7) Friedrich von Augsburg - Device resubmission

Purpure, a lion rampant and on a chief Or three crosses formy gules

Name submitted on 7/00 MK ELoI

The client's previous submission (Purpure, a griffon Or and on a chief sable three crosses formy Or) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 12/00 for contrast problems. The client has changed the tinctures to address this problem.

8) Galiena Aubrey - New name and device

Azure, three horse's heads erased argent

<Galiena> is found in Withycombe p. 125 who notes that it "occurs not infrequently in 13th century records." <Aubrey> is found in Reaney & Wilson s.n. Aubray as a surname dated to 1279 in this spelling. The client cares most about sound.

9) Garrett Aubrey - New name

<Garrett> is found in Withycombe p. 131 who dates it to the 16th century. <Aubrey> is found in Reaney & Wilson s.n. Aubray as a surname dated to 1279 in this spelling. The client cares most about sound.

10) Gillian Kateryn Taylor - New name

<Gillian> and <Kateryn> are found in Talan Gwynek "Feminine Given Names found in A Dictionary of English Surnames" (http://www.sca.org/heraldry/laurel/ reaneyHZ.html), with <Gillian> dated to 1273 and 1303 s.n. Juliana, and <Kateryn> to 1456 s.n. Katharine. Double given names are a weirdness, but are registerable.

<Taylor> is dated to 1255 at Aryanhwy merch Catmael, "12th and 13th Century English Textile Surnames" (http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~sfriedemann /names/textile.htm).

The client cares most about sound and wants to have an authentic 13th-14th century name. She will NOT accept MAJOR changes.

11) Gwenllian Talbot - Device resubmission

Per pale argent and purpure, a maunch and in chief three roses counterchanged

Name submitted on 1/01 MK ELoI

The client's previous submission (Per bend azure and purpure, a maunch argent, on a chief azure, three roses argent, barbed vert, seeded gules ) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 11/00 for contrast problems.

12) Iamys Gillies of Watership Down - New name

<Iamys> is a Scottish form of James found in Symon Freyser "13th & 14th Century Scottish Names" ( http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/symonFreser/scottish14/ scottish14_given.html).

<Gillies> is a headword in Reaney & Wilson, with dated forms <Gillise> c.1128 and <John Gyllis> 1521. I would have changed the name the documented spelling <Gillise>, but from the entry it is impossible to tell if this is a given name or a surname.

<Watership Down> is found in Hampshire County, according to http://www.hants.gov.uk, who say that it 'was known since Anglo-Saxon times.' We were unable to determine if it was known by this name or not in period, and request the help of the College in researching this matter.

The question was also raised of conflict with the book by the same name, Watership Down by Richard Adams. We are not sure if this is a problem or not.

13) Ingeram de Boynton - New name {and device

Vert, a Latin cross bottony argent.}

Submitted as <Ingraham de Boynton>, no documentation was provided for the spelling <Ingraham> as a given name, and none could be found. As the client asked for an authentic 13th century name, we have substituted the spelling <Ingeram>, found in Withycombe s.n. Ingram, and dated to 1273.

Reaney & Wilson s.n. Boynton have an <Ernulf de Boynton> in 1243. The client cares most about meaning (having the name based on family genealogy) and wants an authentic 13th century English name. He will NOT accept MAJOR changes.

{Unfortunately, this lovely device conflicts with the badge of Dorinda Courtenay (reg. 1/98) "Vert, a Latin cross bottony, a bordure argent." There is one CD for the bordure. It also conflicts with the badge of Sigenoth the Blissful (reg 01/98 via Aethelmearc) "Per pale sable and vert, a Latin cross bottony argent," with one CD for the field.}

{*) Jacobus Tallon of Greenwich - New device

Per chevron gules and argent, a cross formy in chief and three crosses formy fesswise in base counterchanged

This is being returned for redrawing. The per chevron line is too far down; it is more of a point pointed than a per chevron. Also, the crosses are too small. Unfortunately, if they were drawn the correct size, three of them would not fit below the per chevron line. If the submitter would like to consider a similar design, we recommend that he put the three crosses in chief, and one in base.

14) Malin Faierwood - New name and device

Or, on a bend sinister purpure, three suns Or

<Malin> is dated to 1212, 1277, and 1297 in Talan Gwynek, "Feminine Given Names" (http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/ talan/reaney/reaney.cgi?Mary). <Faierwood> is dated in this spelling to 1576 in Reaney & Wilson s.n. Fairwood. The client cares most about sound and would like an authentic English name for 1584.

{*) Malin Faierwood - New badge

Purpure, a sun and a bordure Or

This has numerous conflicts:

Kaatje Sebastiane von Lubeck (reg. 08/91), "Purpure, a demi-sun enhanced within a bordure Or," with one CD for a full sun vs. a demi sun,

Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn, "Barry wavy argent and azure, a sun within a bordure Or," with one CD for the field,

Veronique l'Amie (reg. 8/95) "Purpure estoilly, a sun in splendor within a bordure Or," with one CD for the estoilles,

Brigid of Linnhe (reg. 3/97) "Purpure, a sun in its splendor Or and a bordure Or semy of oak leaves vert," with one CD for the oak leaves,

Catheryn Cameron Stewart Morgan (reg. 6/84) "Gyronny of twelve azure and argent, a mullet of eight points within a bordure Or," with one CD for the field, but none for a mullet of eight points vs. a sun,

Constans Erikson (reg. 10/90) "Purpure, a compass star within a bordure embattled Or," with one CD for the embattlements, and none for a compass star vs. a sun.

This is also being returned for redrawing, as the bordure is far too narrow.}

{*) Olaf Skytja - Badge resubmission

Per pale sable and Or, a pheon inverted counterchanged

Name reg'd 9/90

This conflicts with Leon Donne (reg. 12/93 via Ansteorra), "Per pale sable and Or, a broad-arrow inverted within a bordure counterchanged." There is one CD for the removal of the bordure.

{*) Olaf Skytja - Badge resubmission

Sable, a pheon inverted and a bordure Or

Name reg'd 9/90

This conflicts with Polydor Pike (reg. 7/98) "Sable, a spear head inverted and a bordure Or." There are no CDs. There is also a possible visual conflict with the Middle Kingdom (reg. 2/98) "[Fieldless] A pheon inverted within and conjoined to an annulet Or."

{*) Otto Garlicsbane - New device

Argent, a bickern sable surmounted and enfiled with an amphisbaena gules

This is being returned for a number of reasons, including lack of a registered name, conflict with Richard of Black Iron (reg. 7/89) "Argent, a single-horned anvil reversed sable enflamed proper," as well as problems with the amphisbaena. This is not truly an amphisbaena, but a two headed snake; also, a red snake entwined about a black charge has very poor contrast. Finally, the charges should be drawn large enough to fill all the available space.}

{*) Reynard Bertram Cadwallader - New device

Quarterly azure and purpure, a tanner's bench inverted Or

Name reg'd 1/93

The charge is found in Neubecker on p. 138, who describes it as 'obscure.' However, neither of the two examples listed were from armory. Barring evidence that the tanner's bench is an appropriate armorial charge, we are returning this.}

15) Robert von Murrhardt - New name

<Robert> is a header spelling in Bahlow, but there are no dates for this specific form. It is also the client's modern name.

<Murrhardt> is found in Bahlow s.n. <Murr>, with a <Hartman von M.> in 1301. <Murrhardt> is also dated to 1328 according to Stadler, Deutsche Wappen-Bundesrepublick Deutschland, cited in "International Civic Heraldry," http://www.bng.nl/ngw/int/dld/m/murrhard.htm. The client would like an authentic 14th century German name.

{*) Robert von Murrhardt for White Star Company - New household name

{Name submitted on this LoI}

While many commenters thought immediately of the White Star Lines that owned the Titanic, the company is not in Encyclopedia Britannica, and so should not be important enough to protect. However, no documentation was supplied for the name, and none was found by the commenters, and so we are returning this for lack of documentation.}

{*) Scott MacCoy - New name and device

Argent, two bars gules between six martlets sable

The client's modern name is <Scott McCoy>. According to the Admin Handbook 9.Name or Armory Used by the Submitter Outside the Society:

"No name or device will be registered to a submitter if it is identical to a name or device used by the submitter for purposes of identification outside of a Society context. This includes legal names This restriction is intended to help preserve a distinction between a submitter's identity within the Society and his or her identity outside of the Society. A small change is sufficient for registration. For example, Alan Miller could not register the name Alan Miller but he could register the name Alan the Miller."

The change from <McCoy> to <MacCoy> is not enough difference. According to precedent of 12/93, "The minimum change guaranteed to be sufficient is the deletion or addition of a syllable: John Smith to John the Smith. [LoAR 12a/93, p.20]" Because his submitted name is too close to his legal name, we are returning this.

The device, (very lovely!), is being returned because the name is being returned.}

16) Thorvald Kristófórusson- New name and device

Or, on a bend wavy purpure, three natural dolphins embowed fesswise contourny argent

<Þorvaldr> is found 28 times in the Landnamabok, according to Geirr Bassi, p. 16; <Thorvald> is a reasonable Anglicization of the name.

<Kristófórus> is found on p. 13 of ibid, and <Kristófórusson> follows the rules for patronyms found in ibid.

Submitted as <Thorvald Kristofferson>, no documentation was provided for either element of the name. We would have changed the name to the completely Norse, fully documentable form <Þorvaldr Kristófórusson>, but the client does not allow MAJOR changes, and we felt that changing both the given name and the surname counted as a major change. The client cares most about sound and wants an authentic name for an unidentified culture and time period. He will also NOT permit the creation of a holding name.

{*) William M'Kreaner - New device

Per bend sinister vert and gules, a bend sinister dancetty Or, overall a bear rampant guardant contourny argent

This is being returned because the name is not registered, and has never been submitted. The submitter's local herald has already been in contact with him to remedy this.

Additionally, the bend should be fed. There is no problem with contrast between the bend and the bear; according to RfS VIII.2.b.i Contrast Requirements, "The field must have good contrast with every charged placed directly on it and with charges placed overall." Both the bend and the bear have good contrast with the field.}

17) Wolfgang Amsel- New name {and device

Gules, on an escutcheon Or, an eagle displayed sable maintaining a sword Or hafted sable, a chief embattled argent}

<Wolfgang> is noted in Bahlow s.n. Wolf(f)gang to be 'not unpopular in the Middle Ages,' and they cite a bishop Wolfgang who died in 994 and <Wolfgang Rüdel> in 1491.

Submitted as <Wolfgang von Schwarzhabicht>, no documentation was provided for the byname, and none could be found. He said that he would accept <Amsel> in place of <Schwarzhabicht>, so we have changed the name accordingly. <Amsel> is a header in Bahlow s.n. Amsler, and they date a <Heinrich Amseler> to 1446.

The client cares most about language/culture and would like to have an authentic 10th century German name. He will NOT accept MAJOR changes.

{The device has numerous problems. A more usually blazon for this would be "Or, an eagle displayed sable maintaining a sword Or hafted sable, a bordure gules and a chief embattled sable." According to Parker, p. 73, the chief needs to surmount the bordure, and when drawn cover the entire top of the bordure. Therefore, the chief needs to have good contrast with the field, and not with the bordure. As it is, the argent on Or is metal on metal.

Unfortunately, the chief cannot be removed without introducing conflict: "Or, an eagle displayed sable, a bordure gules" would conflict with "Or, an eagle displayed sable," the device of Germany (reg. 12/94).

Additionally, while not a reason for return in itself, an Or sword on an Or field has zilch contrast.}

Done by my hand this 18th day of April, and my apologies for the lateness of getting this out,

Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe

Sara L. Friedemann
213 N. Paterson
Madison, WI 53703

Disclaimer: This page is not officially sanctioned by the SCA, Inc., the Middle Kingdom, or the MK College of Heralds. It is a private project of the Escutcheon Herald (Paul Wickenden of Thanet) who has based the information published here on publicly-available documentation.