JULY 2001

This is the Middle Kingdom Letter of Acceptances and Returns for Escutcheon's May 2001 letter. Comments in braces {} were removed from the Letter of Intent sent to Laurel and the College of Arms. Names, devices, or badges in braces have been returned or pended; general comments or replies to commentary are also placed in braces.

Many thanks to a number of out-of-kingdom commenters, Herveus d'Ormonde, Gabriel Ximenez de Malaga, Krystyna Mihal, and Julie Stampnitzky, as well as the usual crew, Richard Morgan of Cumberland, Caradoc Llew du ap Morgan, Moraig Anne Drummond, Friedrich Eric Helmut von Rheinhausen, Etienne de Claremont, Leolin Gofar, Wilhelm Schatzgeyer, Etienne le Couteau des Roches, Brent Woodson, Kevin Ambrozijwski, Phebe Bonadeci, Aine ingen Maol Patraic, Rhieinwylydd verch Einion Llanaelhaern, John ap Wynne, Mikhail of Lubelska, and Ælfreda æt Æthelwealda for their commentary this month.

I had a number of questions on issues from lots of commenters this month, which I've tried my best to answer as they came up. I've also interspersed a lot of just general "counting CD and how to give good commentary" type comments, so please read, and if you have any further questions about anything, please write me directly.

1) Bastian Eychener - New name {and device.

Argent, a chevron sable between three oak leaves gules.}

<Bastion> is dated to 1564, in Talan Gwynek "Medieval German Given Names from Silesia" (http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/talan/ bahlow/).

<Eychener> is dated to 1363 in Brechenmacher s.n. Eichner. The client cares most about language/culture.

{The device conflicts with Jeremy of the Middle (reg 6/96), "Argent, a chevron sable between three gouttes de sang," with only one CD for changing the type of secondaries. It does not conflict with Vasilisa Myshkina, "Argent, a chevron between three holly leaves vert," with one CD for the tincture of the chevron, and one for the tincture of the secondaries.

To Kevin & crew: note that the documentation was not "Talan sez so" but "these names are found under these dates in these sources." This is perfectly acceptable documentation, and the fact that it simply originated with the good Baron should be no reason to discredit it.}

2) Beate Wittmaier - Device resubmission

Per bend gules and Or, in bend sinister a cat sejant Or and a cat sejant sable.

Name reg'd 12/00

The client's previous submission (Per bend gules and Or, a feline sejant sable) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 8/00 for conflict with Giles of Lennox (Or, a domestic cat sejant, paw extended sable). {This does not conflict with Reil Mac an Bhreitheamhnaigh (reg 5/93), "Per bend sinister sable and argent, two cats statant counterchanged Or and sable." There is one CD for the field, and one for sejant vs. statant.}

3) Cainder ingen hui Chatharnaig - Device resubmission

Per chevron enhanced argent and sable, two hazel sprigs sable and a snowy owl counterchanged.

Name reg'd 9/00

The client's identical previous submission was returned by Laurel on 9/00 for redrawing. The client has enclosed undated pictures of hazel sprigs as documentation.

{*) Christian de Xavier - New device.

Per pale azure and gules, a fleur-de-lys argent

This conflicts with the badge of Catelin the Patient (reg 9/97 via Æthelmearc), "[Fieldless] A fleur-de-lys argent." There is one CD for the field. It also conflicts with Michal Almond de Champagne (reg 8/99), "Per chevron lozengy argent and sable and purpure, in base a fleur-de-lys argent," with one CD for the field. Moving the fleur-de-lys to base is a forced move, and so cannot be a CD. "Per pale azure and gules, three fleurs-de-lys argent" appears to be free of conflict, if the submitter is interested.

To Polaris & crew: Regarding Catelin's badge verses Camilla's device, according to RfS X.4.b "adding or removing a group of charges placed directly on the field, including strewn charges, is one clear difference." There is one CD for the field, and one for the strewn charges.}

4) Elisabeth Fairchild - New name {and device.

Purpure, a sheep salient, on a chief embattled argent three ermine spots sable}

<Elisabeth> is dated to 1483 in Withycombe s.n. Elizabeth.

<Fairchild> is dated in this spelling to 1250 in Reaney & Wilson, s.n. Fairchild.

The client cares most about sound and wishes to have an authentic 16th century English name but will NOT allow MAJOR changes.

{The device is being returned for redrawing. The chief and the sheep both need to be larger; the chief should come about 1/4 of the way down the shield, and the sheep should fill all the remaining space. Additionally, the embattlements should be fewer and smaller.

The device does not conflict with Gillian Marie Hayden (reg 7/95), "Purpure, a goat salient and a bordure argent." There is one CD for the addition of the ermine spots, one for the embattlements, and one for changing the peripheral ordinary from a bordure to a chief.

To Polaris and crew: Peripheral ordinaries are counted for CDs the same way that regular charges are.

To Kevin and crew (actually, everyone): Citing a source and a page number is not sufficient for either documentation or commentary. We need dates as well. }

5) Frederich Holstein der Tollhase - Device resubmission

Per chevron rayonny Or and gules, two Jerusalem crosses gules and a cow rampant ermine

Name reg'd 11/98

The client's most recent resubmission (Per chevron rayonny Or and sable, two Jerusalem crosses sable and a cow rampant ermine) was returned by Laurel on 11/00 for redrawing (the rayonny and the ermine spots were not viewable). The client has also changed the tinctures. Before this, another resubmission by this client (Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a cow rampant ermine rising from flames proper) was returned by Laurel on 9/99 for redrawing and design problems.

{*) Greyhope, Shire of - Device change

Azure, a winged natural seahorse Or maintaining an anchor within a laurel wreath argent

As drawn, this is two laurel sprigs crossed in base in saltire. A laurel wreath should be drawn nearly circular. In addition, the anchor should be drawn larger and more recognizably.

This doesn't conflict with the Barony of Draconia (4/73) "Azure, within a laurel wreath argent a dragon volant Or." There is one CD for the change in type of monster, as Greyhope's is more of a winged natural seahorse than a seadragon, and also one for posture. A petition of support was enclosed, so this is not a reason for return.}

{* Gudrun of the hills - New device.

Argent, a mountain erased and in sinister chief an estoille sable

This is landscape heraldry, and must therefore be returned. According to the precedents of Bruce, "mountains, as variants of mounts, should be emblazoned to occupy no more than the lower portion of the field." (Barony of Blackstone Mountain, September 1993, p.10). There is also no evidence that charges other than animals' heads can be erased; without such evidence, this would also have to be returned.

Additionally, the estoille is not recognizable as such, and needs to be redrawn.

6) Hywel ap Llywelyn - New name and device.

Purpure semy of trilliums inverted Or, a bear statant contourny guardant argent

Both <Hywel> and <Llywelyn> are found in Tangwystyl's CA #66, A Welsh Miscellany (30). Llywelyn is found in ibid (31). The client cares most about having a Celtic name ("name must remain Celtic") and is interested in having an authentic 750-800 AD Welsh name. He will NOT allow MAJOR changes.

We were unable to find evidence that <Llywelyn> was used in the client's desired period; the earliest date cite we found was of the 12th century prince. Various Latin forms of <Hywel> are found in Tangwystyl's "The First Thousand Years of British Names" ( http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/tangwystyl/british1000/), including <Hiuel>, <Hiugel>, <Houel>, <Huwel>, <Higuel>, <HOUELT>, and <Houil>. However, since the client doesn't allow major changes, and since we can't find an appropriate form of his patronym, we are reluctant to change the given name to a more authentic spelling.

{To Polaris & crew: There are two ways of doing semy; it can either be "cut from cloth" in which the charges on the field obscure the semied charges, or it can be drawn so that there are no partial strewn charges. Either way is acceptable. In this case, the client has gone for cut from cloth.}

7) Nezhka Kiriena Petrova - New name

<Nezkha> is dated to the 12th century in Predslava Vydrina's "Russian Personal Names" (http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/ predslava/bbl/). <Kiriena> is dated to the 3rd century as the name of a martyr in Paul's "Dictionary of Russian Names" (http://www.sca.org/heraldry/paul). <Petrova> is also found in Paul's dictionary, dated to 1612. The client cares most about having a Russian name and would like an authentic 12th century Novgorodian name. She will NOT accept a MAJOR names.

12th century Novgorodians did not use double given names, but since she does not allow major changes, we cannot drop one of the given names. However, the name is registerable as a 16th century Moscovite name where the existence of double given names is recorded (see the Grammar section of Paul's dictionary).

8) Rhieinwylydd verch Einion Llanaelhaearn - New name {and device.

Argent vetu, a lion's head caboshed sable}

<Rheinwylydd> is found in Bartram, Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts as a standardized form of Rieingulid, which is found on p. 27 and dated to c1140. An <Einion Yrth> died in 420 according to Gruffudd, and he also lists three people named <Einion> from c.980, 1202-23, and c.1320. <Llanaelhaearn> is a placename, according to Richards, Welsh Administrative and Territorial Units: Medieval and Modern p. 27. The client cares most about having a Welsh name and would like the name to be authentic.

{The device conflicts with the badge of the Kingdom of An Tir (reg 10/82), "Checky Or and argent, a lion's head caboshed sable and crowned gules," with Lenore of Lynxhaven (reg 6/73), "Or, a lynx's head cabossed sable orbed Or," and with Taras Stefan Karanczay (reg 5/90), "Sable, a domestic cat's face sable chased Or eyed gules," with only one CD for the field for each. It does not conflict with Anebairn MacPharlaine of Arrochar (reg 5/80), "Per pale azure and argent, a lion's head erased sable." There is one CD for the field, and another for erased vs. cabossed.}

9) Roaring Wastes, Barony of the - New augmentation of device.

Vert, a chalice within a laurel wreath between three suns Or, for augmentation in chief three annulets interlaced one and two.

Name reg'd 10/82

This augmentation was received on April 29, AS XXXIV (2000 AD).

{*) Safia al-Zarqa' bint Jaleel - New name and device.

Azure, a lily argent, a bordure argent crescenty azure

<Safia> and <al-Zarqa'> are found in Da'ud ibn Auda's (http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/daud/ arabic-naming/). <Safia> is a feminine given name, and <al-Zarqa'> is a feminine byname meaning "the blue-eyed."

<Ya Jaleel> is found in Mustapha's list of "The One Hundred Most Beautiful Names of God" (http://www.s-gabriel.org/ names/mustapha/cnamesofgod.html). However, it is not a given name, and so <bint Jaleel> is incorrect grammar. A man could be known as <'abd al-Jaleel> "servant of Ya Jaleel", in which case his daughter would be <bint 'abd al-Jaleel>.

The client cares most about having an Arabic name and wants an authentic "Arabian" name. She will NOT accept MAJOR changes. The addition of <'abd al-> changes both the sound, spelling, and meaning of the name, and these are too great of changes to be considered minor. We must therefore return the name.

The device is being returned because the name is being returned. It has no other problems.}

10) Tamsyn Seamarke - Appeal of name return and device resubmission

Per pale azure and Or, a seahorse bendwise counterchanged

The client's name was returned by Rouge Scarpe 4/00 for a lack of documentation for the given name. The client is appealing the return.

<Tamsyn> is found in Names for the Cornish (32) and was popular until the 18th century. The dreaded Hanks and Hodges claim it was common throughout the Middle Ages. <Tamsin> is also found in Dunkling, Scottish Christian Names s.n. Thomas, with no dates.

Talan Gwynek writes: "Whether the specific form <Tamsyn> was used in the Middle Ages is another matter; I suspect that it was not, though I also suspect that it was used late in period. I have never actually seen the specific form <Tamsyn> in a period document, but I don't think that it's out of the question in the 16th c." Bardsley s.n. Tamplin has <Tamson> dated to 1573 and 1574, <Tomasyn> s.n. Inkley dated to 1557, and <Tomasin> dated to 1574 and 1597. A wide variety of variant spellings are also dated to the 16th century.

Rosanore of Redthorn found a <Tamsin> with a burial date of 1601 in "Parish Registers" (http://www.picknowl.com.au/ homepages/bobm/webidx.htm) and another christened in 1581 on another web page (http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/ !vctinney/tingeo2.htm).

A reference to a <Tamsyn Martyn> born in c1569 is found on a genealogy webpage (http://www.i-o.net.au/members/ mbt/html/fam01392.htm).

<Seamarke>, in this spelling, is dated to 1625 in Reaney & Wilson, s.n. Seamark.

The client cares most about language.

The Midrealm College of Arms has collectively no opinion on this appeal.

11) Tófa Asgeirsdóttir - Device change

Per fess argent ermined gules and argent ermined azure, on a fess cotised sable a threaded needle between two spiders argent

Name reg 12/91

There was some question of the identifiability of the needle on the mini, but on the large emblazon it stands out fairly well. We're also unsure about the legality of two different colored semied charges, but we couldn't find any precedent against it, so we're sending this on for further comment.

If this device is registered, the client's previous device, (reg 9/95 via the Middle), "Argent ermined gules, a fox's mask azure and on a chief invected sable three spiders argent," should be released.

{This does not conflict with Bedwyr Danwyn (reg 5/97), "Argent, on a fess cotised sable, three plates." There is one CD for the field, and one for the changes to the tertiary charges. It does not conflict with the Kingdom of Meridies (reg 10/99) "Argent, a fess sable, a crown of three points between two mullets argent," with one CD for the field, one for the cotising, and one for the changes to the tertiaries.}

Done by my hand this 7th day of July,

Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe

Sara L. Friedemann
213 N. Paterson
Madison, WI 53703

Disclaimer: This page is not officially sanctioned by the SCA, Inc., the Middle Kingdom, or the MK College of Heralds. It is a private project of the Escutcheon Herald (Paul Wickenden of Thanet) who has based the information published here on publicly-available documentation.