This is the September, 2006 Midrealm Letter of Acceptances and Returns.


The following items were forwarded on to Laurel and the College of Arms for their consideration:

Bertrande Fresneau - Name
Calyvorri Ine Kill - Name
Carlo dalla Casa - Badge
Conchobar de Nevell - Name Change
Femke de Roas - Device Change
Gwenhevare ffeyrmayden - Name Change
Mark Mac Kill - Name and Device
Michael de Lynne - Name Change
Michaela de Romeny - Badge
Rokkehealdan, Shire of - Badge
Volkmar Kiver - Name and Device

The following have been pended or returned for further work:

Cleftlands, Barony of - Badge
Cleftlands, Barony of - for Order of the Burning River, Name
Conchobar mac Gobhann - Badge
Elise de Montgomerie - Name
Elizabeth de Nevell - Device Change
Isadora von Drachenstein - Device
Robert of Bristol - Device
Thomas Edmund de Montgomerie - Name
Volkmar Kiver - Badge


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