This is the October, 2006 Midrealm Letter of Acceptances and Returns.


The following items were forwarded on to Laurel and the College of Arms for their consideration:

Alanna Goodheart - Device Resubmission
Andiwulfs sunus Ažalamunžis - Name and Device
Įsa at Hrafnavatni - Name and Device
Boris Movila - Name and Device Resubmission
Dulcia Wylde - Device Resubmission
Erik Erikson the Scout - Badge Resubmission
Ragnarr Arnbjornsson - Badge Resubmission
Ragnarr Arnbjornsson for Uglugaršr, Household of - Name Resubmission
Rhieinwylydd verch Einion Llanaelhaearn - Device Resubmission
Rijckaert van Utrecht - Name and Device
Stephen le Freman - Name
Tamu al-Andalusiyya - Name
Ursula Crichton - Name Resubmission

The following have been pended or returned for further work:

Caitriona Mac Dhonnachaidh - Device Resubmission
Khadagan Jocin - Name and Device
Kjartan Hakonar son - Device Resubmission


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