This is the June, 2008 Midrealm Letter of Acceptances and Returns.


The following items were forwarded on to Laurel and the College of Arms for their consideration:

Aethelwyn Castrel of Arran for Confraternity of Eve - Household Name and Badge Resubmission
Alan of Caerlaverock - Badge
Alianor bat Asriel - Name and Device Resubmission
Cailin mac Aonghuis - Name
Caitrina inghean mhic Mhaolain - Device
Elianora Saunfayle - Name
Godfrey Thacker of Northumberland - Device Resubmission
Gruffud vab Ednyvet - Nameand Device
Guglielmo Marchionni - Name

The following were pended or returned for further work:

Wolfram von Waldersbach - Name


Serving Kingdom and College,

Barun Rory mac Feidhlimidh, OP
Rouge Scarpe Herald
Midlands Herald Extraordinary

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