This is the September, 2008 Midrealm Letter of Acceptances and Returns.


The following items were forwarded on to Laurel and the College of Arms for their consideration:

Ádam Mac Aoidh - Name and Device
Ahelissa Langshaw - Name and Device
Alina of Foxwood - Device
Anastasia von der Wilgenhalle - Device
Andreas Edoart de Lessete - Name Resubmission
Andries Rosman - Name and Device
Aurore Defontaine - Device
Avelyn Grene - Name and Device
Brigida Trinkhaus - Name
Broenan hua Ronain - Name
Bronwen of Brightoaks - Badge
Catriona Fionnaghal nic Elphinstone - Badge
Connor MacGrath - Name and Device
Cynwrig ap Lewelyn - Device
Dafydd Bran - Name and Device
Dainéal O'Riain of Kelkenny - Name
Dáire of the Three Moons - Name and Device
Denis de Wahulle - Name
Desiderata Del Rio - Device Resubmission
Diccon de Reinport - Name and Device
Drogo Greydere of Nottinghamshire - Name, Device and Badge
Elewys Martyn of Conway - Name and Device
Elo de Luna - Name and Device
Fáelán mac Cormaicc - Name and Device
Faolán Dubh mac Lochlainn - Name
Fintan MacAldin - Badge
Fionn mac Cinnétig - Name and Device
Genovefa de Sancto Martino - Name
Gerard Montagu - Device Resubmission
Gillian de Beaumont - Name Resubmission
Gillian de Beaumont - Device
Giovanni Andreas Faustus - Name and Device Resubmission
Giovanni of Gwyntarian - Badge
Guillerme Pupelot - Name and Device
Hector de Florentia - Name and Device
Helena Sibylla - Name and Device
Iago Gelligaer - Name
Iago of Sternfeld - Device
Isabelle Prentiz - Name and Device
Jadwiga Wlodzis{l/}awska - Name and Device
Jean Baptiste De Chartres - Name and Device
Jesmond Black - Device Change
Kári Fitz Garanhir - Name and Device
Kashiwadebe no Hikojir{o-} - Name and Device Resubmission
Laurenzu lu Calabrisi - Name and Device
Léal d'Avignon - Appeal Resubmission
Little John of Hamilton - Device Resubmission
Lucien Featherstone - Name and Device
Maaicke van Zanten - Name and Device
Máel Dúin mac Gilla Énnae - Device Resubmission
Malie bean mhic Aoidh - Name and Device
Martyn Baxter - Name and Device
Merlin Dery Bryngwyn - Name
Michael Lancastreschire - Name
Michael of Illiton - Device
Michelle de Barrich - Name Resubmission
Obata Kenjirou Torashi - Name and Device
Odrán h-ua Clerigh - Name and Device
Old St. George, College of - Group Name
Persephone Hume of Paislie - Name and Device
Rhianna Collier of Nottinghamshire - Name
Richard Dagg - Name and Device
Talia Wynterscale - Name Resubmission
Thomas der Kreuzfahrer - Badge
Vivienne de la Chartreuse - Badge


Serving Kingdom and College,

Barun Rory mac Feidhlimidh, OP
Rouge Scarpe Herald
Midlands Herald Extraordinary

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