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Here are the returns and acceptances for the Middle Kingdom for April, 2009. Those submissions accepted have been entered into the SCA OSCAR system and forwarded on to Laurel for commentary and possible registration. Questions can be sent directly to the  or .

Serving the Dragon Herald, College, and Kingdom, I remain

Barun Rory mac Feidhlimidh, OP
Rouge Scarpe Herald
Midlands Herald Extraordinary

The following items have been accepted and forwarded to Laurel:

1) Alexander Fletcher New Name and New Device Quarterly gules and argent, a badger stantant azure masked Or


2) Ayla Volquin Device Resubmission Per fess wavy argent and azure, a winged panther passant reguardant sable incensed proper, a moon in her plenitude argent.


3) Elianora Saunfayle New Device Quarterly sable and vert, an annulet Or within a bordure argent.


4) Skalla Geirmundr Ulfsson Device Change Resubmission Quarterly argent and gules, a mullet azure.

Old Item: Vair, a panther rampant guardant gules spotted argent incensed proper., to be released.
Name registered December 1988. His original arms, to be released, were registered March 1994.
His current submission was returned in-kingdom for conflict with THL Adela de Warren, Per chevron checky azure and argent and argent, in base a mullet azure, registered July 1986. A letter of permission to conflict is included.


The following items have been returned for further work:

1) Gredechin Kyferin von Sachsen New Badge Argent, two passant skunks facing sable marked argent, within a bordure gules.

The bordure on this submission needs to be seriously beefed up. By itself that is not a reason for return. However, as drawn the bordure also does not follow the form of square provided for badges. Several commenters questioned if this was a badge or a device submission, as it was not clear based on the form used. This is essentially a device-shaped submission on a badge form, and as such it is doubtful that Laurel and Co. would accept it.
I would advise the submitter to resubmit this using the badge form and spacing the (fatter) bordure around the edge of the square. After registration if the client wishes to display her badge on an escutcheon, or square, or roundel, she has that flexibility for her badge.


Serving Kingdom and College,

Barun Rory mac Feidhlimidh, OP
Rouge Scarpe Herald
Midlands Herald Extraordinary

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