Greetings unto all who read these words from Lord Alan Fairfax, Rouge Scarpe Herald,

This is the Middle Kingdom Letter of Acceptances and Returns for Escutcheon's August 1998 Letter of Intent. Comments in braces {} were removed from the Letter of Intent sent to Laurel and the College of Arms. Names, devices, or badges in braces have been returned or pended; general comments or replies to commentary are also placed in braces.

I would like to thank Lady Clarissa Wykeham and Lord Andrew Maklaurene, who began commenting this month,and Master John ap Wynne, Lord Godwig Eadfrithing, Lord Musa ibn Ibrahim al-Athir, Lady Julia Argent, Lady Mhorag inghean Dhubhghiolla, Lord Eirik Banna, Doré van der Zee, Lady Ælfreda æt Æthelwealda, Lord Mikhail of Lubelska, and Master Dmitrii Volkovich, I would also like to thank Lady Phebe Bonadeci, Lord Kevin Ambrjwski, Geillis nic Dhughaill, Lady Andra von Louvain, and Conchobar mac Gabhann for helping to prepare this letter.

This is the last Midrealm LoAR that will be sent to the Principality of Ealdormere. Our congratulations and good wishes go to the good gentles who will make up the Ealdormere College of Heralds.

1) Alan Fairfax Aluricson--Device Change Resubmission

Bendy sinister gules and Or, a canton sable.

My name was registered 12/91. My original submisison, Bendy sinister Or and gules, for augmentation on a canton sable an annulet Or, was returned by Laurel in 4/98 for conflict with Eustace FitzJames, Bendy sinister embattled Or and gules. This design, which includes the canton in the unaugmented coat, is clear of that conflict.

{Because I inadvertently switched the colors of the field, Lord Escutcheon misunderstood the intent of my resubmission. As he and many commenters pointed out, reversing the tinctures of a multi-part field does not count as a difference. However, I was trying to address a different problem.

An augmentation is an addition to an existing coat of arms. Thus, my original submission would have given me the right to use two different arms--both the augmented form I submitted and the form without the augmentation, Bendy sinister Or and gules. The conflict was called against the unaugmented form.

I have addressed that problem by including the canton in the unaugmented form of my arms. To clarify my intent, I have split my original submission into two items.}

2) Alan Fairfax Aluricson--Augmentation of Arms

Bendy sinister gules and Or, on a canton sable an annulet Or.

This augmentation was granted by the Middle Kingdom in 6/94.

3) Andelcrag, Barony of for Order of the Salient Hart--Group Badge Resubmission

(Fieldless) On a hart salient Or, two lightning bolts in cross sable.

The order's name was registered in 6/84. The previous order badge, Per chevron sable and argent, a hart salient proper, was returned by Laurel in 2/97 for poor contrast and poor identifiability.

This badge has 2 CDs from Montvale, Shire of, (Fieldless) A stag springing Or charged with an ermine spot sable. There is one difference for fieldlessness, and a second difference for change to type and number of the tertiary.

4) Anders Olafsson--New Name

Anders is in the English Bahlow, 15, dated to 1372. Óláfr is in Geirr Bassi, 13. This name could be justified as a German-Swedish hybrid, although we suspect that someone with better access to Swedish sources could document both elements of this name in the same language and time period.

5) Aylwin Thoraldson--Device Resubmission

Per chevron azure and sable, in chief a Latinate Celtic cross and in base an increscent and a decrescent argent.

The client's name was registered in 4/98. This design for his arms was returned at the same time because there was no miniature emblazon on his forms. That problem has now been resolved.

{According to SCA custom, and increscent and a decrescent are treated as two different positions of a crescent. Thus, this submission, which uses two crescents and a cross, is not slot machine.

As several commenters noted, these crescents don't look much like medieval heraldic crescents. However, this has never been grounds for return.}

6) Bronwen Arianwen of Rivenwood Tower--Name {and Device} Resubmission

{Or vetu ployé azure, a Lacy knot purpure.}

{The client's previous name submission, Bronwyn Angelina of Rivenwood Tower, was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 6/98 for several reasons, including the use of the -wyn ending (which is found only in Welsh men's names) and for the combination of Welsh and Italian elements.}

Bronwen is found in Withycombe, 55, and has been ruled "SCA-compatible." Arianwen is found in Jones, "A Welsh Miscellany," 30. Rivenwood Tower is a branch name registered 3/88.

Bronwen Arianwen is justified as an unmarked matronymic with the meaning "Bronwen, daughter of Arianwen." {This is analagous to a name like Robert John in English.} The client's herald has provided evidence that unmarked patronymics were common in late-period Welsh, and that matronymics were used (although rarely). Based on her documentation, we agree that the construction of the name is plausible, and not an example of a double given name, which is not found in period Welsh.

{The lady's device conflicts with the mundane badge of Lacy, A Lacy knot, which is protected by the SCA. There is one difference for the change in field, and no difference for the tincture.}

7) Cecil the Silent--Device Resubmission

Azure semy of swords inverted, a feather bendwise argent.

The client's name was registered 1/96. His previous submission, Sable semy of swords inverted, a feather bendwise argent, was returned by Rouge Scarpe in 7/97 for redrawing.

8) Constance Fairfax--New Name and Device

Azure, an orle of martlets Or.

Constance is dated to 1279 in Reaney & Wilson, s.n. "Hoblet." Fairfax is dated to 1208 in ibid., 161.

The arms are in conflict with the arms of Timotheos Kalamanos, Gyronny ermine and azure, an orle of martlets Or. However, the arms of Timotheos appear to violate the rules of contrast, which treat ermine as a metal. In the event that Timotheos' arms are registered, the client will seek permission to conflict.

{There were numerous comments about the poor depiction of the martlets. The client's herald reported that they were taken directly from Fox-Davies.}

9) Constance Grey--New Name and Device

Azure, three water-bougets Or.

Constance is dated to 1279 in Reaney & Wilson, s.n. "Hoblet." Reaney & Wilson date le Grey to 1296 and Grei to 1198, both meaning "grey-colored." These citations support Grey as a plausible variant.

10) David de Brailes--Name Resubmission

The client's name was returned by Laurel in 9/98 for lack of paperwork. With her permission, I have resubmitted it directly to her. The client included documentation from Hinde, The Domesday Book: England's Heritage, Then and Now. David is found in Reaney & Wilson, 128. Brailes is found in Ekwall, p. 56.

11) Dervin Norwood of Hedgely Moor--Badge Resubmission

Per saltire argent and vert, two oak trees argent, a demi-sun issuant from base vert.

The client's name was registered in 4/94. {His previous badge submission, which was identical to this, was returned by Rouge Scarpe for redrawing in 6/97.

{The client has used a standard heraldic depiction of a demi-sun issuant from base.}

12) Dorothea van der Zee--New Badge

(Fieldless) A basket proper.

The client's name was registered 9/92. The basket proper is colored brown. {Even if the basket were Or this badge would be clear of Katherine Constancia da Feltre, (Fieldless) On a handbasket Or, a letter "K" vert. There is one difference for fieldlessness, and one for the addition of the letter.}

13) Eustachia de Westwic--New Name and Device

Per bend purpure and vert, a bend argent between two amphorae Or.

Eustachia is dated to 1200 by Withycombe, 112; de Westwic is dated to 1219 by Reaney & Wilson, 483. The client would like her name to be authentic for 13th century England, although we don't see how we could improve it.

14) Fionbharr Seabhac--Device Resubmission

Argent, a falcon stooping and on a chief vert a rapier reversed proper.

The client's device was returned by Laurel in 9/98 for lack of paperwork. With her permission, I have resubmitted it directly to her.

{15) Genevieve of Starleaf Gate--New Device

Per bend argent and sable, issuant from the line of division a thistle proper and a crescent inverted Or.

There is no record of any name submission to go with this device, and so it is being returned.

Many people raised questions about the allowability of a charge issuant from the line of division. It is my belief that this is a documentable period practice, although I don't have any examples. We will tell the lady to supply some documentation for the position when she resubmits, and help her get in contact with researchers who can assist her.}

16) Gunther Friedrich von Bodenheim--New Name and Device

Lozengy azure and argent, a lion's head cabossed gules.

The client dates Gunther to 982 in Fisher, The Medieval Empire, 315. He dates Friedrich to 1458 in Wunderli, Peasant Fires, 80; and Bodenheim to 754 from the Web page www.bodenheim.de/geschi.htm Gunther is dated to 1281 in Brechenmacher, I:612. Friedrich is dated to 1313 in ibid., I:566.

Several people called a conflict against Khaalid al-Jaraad, Lozengy erminois and pean, a Bengal tiger's head cabossed gules. However, we do not know of any evidence that a lion and a Bengal tiger were viewed as the same charge in period, and so we count a second difference for the type of head.

{17) Gwenhyvar verch Owen ap Morgan--Device Resubmission

Argent, on a pall turquoise on a plate a rose proper.

The client's name was registered 4/98. Her first device submission, Argent, a chevron vert and in chief a garden rose fesswise proper distilling a goutte de larmes from the stem, was returned by Rouge Scarpe in 11/97 for multiple reasons. Her resubmission, Argent, a chevron between three objects vert, was withdrawn.

We have to return this device because it has four layers--the field, the pall, the plate, and the rose. According to RfS VIII.1.c.ii, arms can have only three layers. When the lady resubmits, we suggest that she use a color closer to heraldic vert.}

18) Gwilliam Rhydderich of Essex--New Device

Argent, on a Latin cross sable a dagger inverted argent pommeled gules, a bordure per pale gules and sable.

The client's name was registered 2/96. {He reported that he submitted a device "years ago," but since there is no record of the submission and he has included new payment, I have listed it as a new submission.} Even if the dagger is assumed to be half gules and half argent, it still has good contrast with the cross sable.

{19) Heloise d'Anjou--Device Resubmission

Azure, on a saltire argent a robin close proper, a bordure argent.

There were numerous comments about the depiction of the robin, but it was clearly identifiable as an (American) robin. However, this device conflicts with Byran Ciúinchalaidh, Azure, on a saltire argent a unicorn head's couped gules, with only 1 CD for the changes to the tertiary. We will suggest some alterations to the drawing when she resubmits.}

20) Isabella Sharman--Device Resubmission

Azure, a sexfoil and on a chief invected three sexfoils azure.

Her previous device, Azure, a sexfoil and a chief invected argent, was returned by Laurel in 11/97 for conflict with Catrin ferch Dafydd, Azure, a rose slipped and leaved within a bordure dovetailed argent. This resubmission is clear of that conflict. {It is also clear of Caitlin of Rosecommon, Azure, a bell and on a chief invected argent three roses azure, by difference of primary charge. A bell is completely different from a sexfoil.

21) James Maccorquodill--New Name {and Device

Argent, issuant from a torse nowed five times Or and gules, a demi-stag gules.

Submitted as James McCorquodale, the client documented his name from an undated header in Black. Maccorquodill, dated in the entry to 1509, is the closest period form to the submitter's chosen spelling. Since the client allowed minor changes, we have substituted it. James is dated to 1240 in Withycombe.

{Most commenters were uncomfortable with the device, which essentially looks like a crest on a shield. Because the design of the device is so odd, and because it is not clear to me that charges can be issuant from a torse, we are returning this device. We could not reblazon the torse as a fess wreathed because it is clear in the large emblazon that the charge is meant to be a twisted piece of cloth and not an abstract shape.}

22) Johann Deri--New Name

{The original submission, Johann Giovanni Deri, was pended on the 9/98 LoAR because it used three languages and because Johann and Giovanni are forms of the same name.} The client documents Johann from Cassell's German-English Dictionary, 1145, and provided no documentation for Deri, although he said that he had once found a reference to it as a 16th-century French name.

23) Julianna Peri de Novellara--New Badge

(Fieldless) A thimble argent.

The client's name was registered 1/92.

{24) Kelly Jennewein--New Name and Device

Or, a swallow volant maintaining a needle and thread azure.

The client uses the mundane name allowance to justify Kelly and documents Jennewein to the 7th century from Hanks & Hodges, which is not a reliable source for documentation. She has asked for the name to be made more authentic for 13th or 14th century German.

No commenter was able to find any evidence of a form of Jennewein from before the 18th century, although the English translation of Bahlow, 276 comments that the name is older than the earliest reference. Kelly is not a German name at all.

Normally we would send this name on with reservations, despite the lack of firm documentation for Jennewein. However, since she has asked to have the name corrected for a particular period, which neither element of her name fits, we are going to pend it and consult with her.

We must return her device for conflict with Barry argent and sable, a martlet volant azure. There is one difference for the field, but nothing for the difference between a martlet and a swallow (a martlet is often depicted as a swallow without feet), or for the maintained needle and thread. There is probably also a conflict with Or, a dove volant, wings addorsed azure, bearing in its beak an olive branch vert. There is probably not a CD for the difference between a dove and a swallow, or for the position of the wings, and definitely not for the change in maintained charges.}

25) Kenric Bjarnarson--New Badge

(Fieldless) On a napkin vert, two pheons in pale conjoined at the base Or.

{This item was pended last month because we were unable to find a napkin in the PicDic (we now know that it's under lozenge). It is now being sent on.} On the large emblazon there is a very small space between the edge of the pheon and the edge of the napkin.

26) Maria Caterina di Boni--New Name

The client documents Maria to 1540 and Caterina to 1593 from a Medici family tree in Brucker, Florence 1138-1737. She cites two examples of double given names in the family tree. However, one of them is French and another is Maria Maddalena, which is actually a single name ("Mary Magdalene"). The surname Boni is found on the Online Castato of 1427, Version 1.1.

27) Meadhbh ni Bhriain. New Badge

Purpure, a dexter arm embowed fesswise reversed maintaining a bag erminois.

Although this bears obvious similarities to the badge of Cecilia Warvic de Stradforde, Purpure, a dexter arm fesswise embowed reversed argent sustaining a jester's bauble Or, skull argent, capped per pale ermine and Or, the two do not conflict. In Cecilia's badge the arm and staff are of roughly equal visual weight, and are treated as a group of two charges. In this badge the bag has much less visual weight than the arm, and so the arm alone is treated as the primary charge. The addition of the jester's bauble to the primary charge group in Cecilia's badge makes these two charges completely different.

28) Rikharðr inn Vegandi Svannson--Device Resubmision

Per bend embattled vert and Or, in chief two mullets in bend vert.

The client's name was registered in 5/98. His previous submission, Per saltire checky gules and argent and Or, in fess two battle axes sable, was returned by Laurel in 5/98 for poor contrast.

{29) Robert of Starleaf Gate--New Badge

(Fieldless) On a flame orange, on a keyhole gules, a plate.

The client's name was registered 1/98. An enflamed charge is one that has small flames gules and Or spouting from it. This device is on a flame, and thus it has four layers and must be returned. In addition, the flame in this device is orange, which is not a heraldic color.

After six months of restraint, we can't help but say, "Kenny…come to the light…"}

30) Three Walls, Canton of--New Group Name {and Device

Per fess argent and Or, a fess embattled-counter-embattled between in chief a chalice sable within a laurel wreath vert, and a base embattled sable.}

{Submitted as Canton of the Valley of the Three Walls, this item was pended on the 8/98 ILoI for consultation with the clients.} This group has traditionally been known as the Canton of Three Walls, and we received permission to alter the submission. Although no documentation was provided, this is analagous to the German Dreibrucken (Three Bridges) and we do not expect any difficulty with the construction.

{The device can be blazoned, but not easily. Although it could probably be registered, the group agreed to consider alternate designs and so we are returning this submission.}

31) Vivienne du Lac--New Name

The male name Vivien is found in Dauzat, 598; Vivienne is a standard feminization. The surname du Lac is found in Dauzat, 354 (s.n. Lac). The client will not permit any changes at all to the name.

Done by my hand on the ninth day of October, anno societatis xxxiii, being the feast of saint Dionysius.

Alan Fairfax, Rouge Scarpe

Alan Terlep
5401 S. Cornell
Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 324-1366 (after 11am ET)


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