January 31, 2013

Greetings unto all who read these words from Meister Konrad Mailander, Rouge Scarpe Herald,

This is the Middle Kingdom Letter of Acceptances and Returns for the items on the December 1st ILoI.     

My thanks to Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Gunnvor silfraharr, Etienne Le Mons, Emma de Fetherstan, Alys Mackyntoich, Duncan Cameron, Ásfríðr Úlfvíðardóttir, Brenna Lowri o Ruthin, Andreas von Meißen, Gawain of Miskbridge, and Hiordis Ragnarsdottir for their commentary.  

Since the letters are now being posted on OSCAR with documentation and commentary open for all to see I will no longer be copying the documentation or commentary to this letter.  If you would like to see the documentation or commentary for this letter please go to https://oscar.sca.org/kingdom/kingloi.php?kingdom=4&loi=1656

SENA refers to The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory.  These are the new rules for submissions. 

My decision and comments are prefaced with ROUGE SCARPE: and are in red.  Items that are accepted will be forwarded to Laurel as a Middle LoI posted on OSCAR.  


1: Cellach ni Thighearnaigh - New Device


Vert, a bengal tiger rampant proper, and in chief a dance Or.


ROUGE SCARPE:  Returned.  This device has a few problems.  The primary reason for the return is that the orange and sable natural tiger does not have good contrast with the vert field and thus violates SENA A.3.B.4. (good contrast is defined in A.3.B.2.) http://heraldry.sca.org/laurel/sena.html#A3B4.  The College of Arms no longer registers Bengal Tigers proper; they need to be a standard heraldic color. 

Precedent set on the March 1997 Cover Letter says:
We are also no longer going to register Bengal tigers proper. They must be in a standard, heraldic tincture (with or without markings). We have registered as proper both gules and Or Bengal tigers, leaving them with no default tincture. Plain natural tigers proper, are still Or, marked sable.


Changing the tiger to Or marked sable would clear the contrast problem as would a gules and sable tiger and reversing the colors of the field and the dance.


The dance needs to be drawn much thicker.  A dance is a fess dancetty which is a central ordinary and as such should also be in the center of the shield as opposed to in chief.  As drawn it is a bar dancetty, and we do not register single diminutives of ordinaries.  A commenter did find one period example of a dance in chief but it also had a fess as a primary central ordinary but it did not touch the top of the shield as the dance does in this submission.  https://oscar.sca.org/cImages/520/2013-01-01/10-54-42_Dance%20in%20Chief.jpg 



2: Eskil harðfari Haraldsson - Resub Name


ROUGE SCARPE:  Forwarded to Laruel.


3: Lewis Michael Patrick Blackmore - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in July of 1985, via the Middle

Gules, a lion's jambe holding a sword proper, issuant from a swan's wing, in a bordure Or.

ROUGE SCARPE:  Returned for redrawing.  There are several problem with the emblazon for this badge.  The lion’s jambe is brown proper is colored brown.  It would need to be blazoned a “brown lion’s jambe proper”.  Unfortunately brown is considered a color and as such brown on red violates the rule of tincture, SENA A.3.B.1 http://heraldry.sca.org/laurel/sena.html#A3B1.  On the red field it either would have to be Or or argent or brown animate charges need to be attested on red under the individually attested pattern rules (http://heraldry.sca.org/laurel/sena.html#A4).  The bordure is too narrow it needs to be two to three times thicker than it was drawn.  A sword proper is an argent (white) blade with hilt and quillions Or (yellow).  Due to the number of thick internal detail lines the handle looks sable (black) at any distance and up close it has not been colored Or and is argent marked sable.  I suggest removing the detail lines in the handle and coloring Or.  For future blazoning, there is nothing that specifically makes this a swan’s wing and should just be blazoned “a wing”.  


4: Ysabeau du Lisieux - New Name & New Device

Purpure, an oriental bear proper sejant eating a bamboo leaflet vert.

ROUGE SCARPE:  Name forwarded to Laurel as <Ysabeau de Lisieux>.  Commentary pointed out that, <Lisieux> is not a generic toponym, but rather the proper name of a place, so <du> is not correct. The preposition should be <de>,” and I have made this change.


Device Returned.  The bear is not sejant, the position it is in is not a heraldic position and thus not registerable.  Also precedent stands that an oriental or panda bear is not registerable.  "Lanner provided some distinct evidence that the panda was not seen by an European until this century and that its furs were not known to Europeans until the last century" (LoAR December 1989). The panda is therefore not acceptable for registration. [Zubaydah as-Zahra, 02/2002, R-Meridies]“  The submitter did provide some evidence through relayed commentary that might got to attesting knowledge of panda’s in period Europe, I do not know if it is sufficient, personally I think it would be a longshot, but I would not have to make that decision if it were other wise registerable.


In Service to Crown and College,

Meister Konrad Mailander, OP

Rouge Scarpe:

Konrad Mailander
Dale Niederhauser
110 Dodge St.
Swanton, OH 43558