February 18, 2014

Greetings unto all who read these words from Meister Konrad Mailander, Rouge Scarpe Herald,

This is the Middle Kingdom Letter of Acceptance and Returns for the items on the January13th, 2015 ILoI.

My thanks to Jean Yves de Chierebourg and Chaya Simcha bat Yonah for their commentary.

If you would like to see the documentation or commentary for this letter please go to https://oscar.sca.org/kingdom/kingloi.php?kingdom=4&loi=3035

SENA refers to The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory, the current rules for submissions.

My decision and comments are prefaced with ROUGE SCARPE: and are in red. Items that are accepted will be forwarded to Laurel as a Middle LoI posted on OSCAR.

1: Æsa Sviðbalki - New Name

Forwarded to Laurel. The byname was documented as a constructed byname. SENA PN.1.B.2.b requires at least three examples showing a pattern matching the constructed name. http://heraldry.sca.org/sena.html#PN1B2b There were no examples showing this followed a period pattern provided. Fortunately I was able to fine documentation for it as an Old Norse byname from previous submissions in OSCAR.

2: Aodhagán mac Cellach - New Name

ROUGE SCARPE:  Forwarded to Laurel as <Aodhagán mac Ceallaigh>. The submitter asked for authenticity for 15th century Irish. The Early Modern Irish (c1200-c1700) nominative (given name) spelling of this name is <Ceallach> and not <Cellach> also  Gaelic patronymics need the name to be in the genitive form.  <Ceallaigh> is the genitive form of <Cellach>.  Since this change of language is considered a major change, which was not allowed, the submitter was contacted and approved the change.

3: Christian de Xavier
- New Device

Per pale rayonny sable and argent, a wolf and a lion salient respectant within a bordure, counterchanged.

ROUGE SCARPE:  Forwarded to Laurel with the blazon: Per pale rayonny sable and argent, a wolf and a lion salient respectant within a bordure, counterchanged.

4: Estienne de Dampierre
- New Name & New Device

Per bend, chequy sable and Or, and Gules, a Catherine's wheel Or.

ROUGE SCARPE: Name forwarded to Laurel. Device forwarded to Laurel with the blazon: Per bend, chequy sable and Or and Gules, a wagon wheel Or. Though blazoned as a Catherine's wheel it is missing the curved spikes coming out from the rim in the emblazon that identify it as a Catherine's wheel. Without the curved spikes it is just a wagon wheel. The submitter was contacted to see if the Catherine's wheel was important to them, which would require a redraw. They replied that it did not matter so it has been reblazoned as a wagon wheel.

5: Simcha bat Yonah - New Badge

Or, three lions statant vert.

ROUGE SCARPE:  Forwarded to Laurel with the blazon: Or, three lions statant vert.

In Service to Crown and College,

Meister Konrad Mailander, OP


Rouge Scarpe:

Konrad Mailander
Dale Niederhauser
110 Dodge St.
Swanton, OH 43558