May 18, 2015

Greetings unto all who read these words from Meister Konrad Mailander, Rouge Scarpe Herald,

This is the Middle Kingdom Letter of Acceptance and Returns for the items on the April 4th, 2015 ILoI.

My thanks to Magnus von Lübeck, Brenna Lowri o Ruthin, Ginevra Boscoli, Basil Dragonstrike, Thora Grimudottir, Modar Neznanich, ffride wlffsdotter, Jean Yves de Chierebourg, Song Zidie, Maridonna Benvenuti, Gawain of Miskbridge, and Vettorio Antonello for their commentary.

If you would like to see the documentation or commentary for this letter please go to

SENA refers to The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory, the current rules for submissions.

My decision and comments are prefaced with ROUGE SCARPE: and are in red. Items that are accepted will be forwarded to Laurel as a Middle LoI posted on OSCAR.

1: Áine ingen Uí Briain - New Device

Per bend argent and Or, a bend sable between a celtic knot vert and a dove proper on a branch vert.

ROUGE SCARPE: Returned for poor contrast and slot machine. This device has a number of issues. It violates SENA A.3.B.4. "Placement of Charges: Charges must have good contrast with the background on which they are placed." There is not good contrast between the argent dove and the Or half of the field it is on as both are metals (light tinctures), this is reason for return. The dove is not proper as blazoned but argent as it is all white and a dove proper, which according to the Glossary terms, Table 4 Conventional "Proper" Colorings, list doves proper as "White with pink or red beak and legs". If the dove had been colored proper it would not have made a difference as a dove proper is mostly white and thus considered of light tincture just like argent. Also, this is not a dove, as it lacks the dove's identifying tuft of feathers on the head and would be blazoned as a bird. The charges in sinister chief is not a celtic knot but is a triquetra interlaced with an annulet. The bird is sustaining the branch which makes the branch co-primary with the bird. This gives us four charges in one secondary charge group; bird, branch, annulet, and triquetra, which violates SENA A.3.D.2.a. and is reason for return "Slot Machine: There are some period examples in which a single charge group contains charges of more than one type. Therefore, we allow two types of charges in a single charge group. Common patterns change the centermost of charges in a row or the bottommost of charges arranged two and one. However, a charge group with more than two types of charges is not allowed." The bend is more along the lines of a single bendlet, which is disallowed, and needs to be bulked up a bit.

2: Endlin von Baden - New Name & New Device

Quarterly vert and purpure, four mascules in saltire points to center Or.

ROUGE SCARPE:  Name forwarded to Laurel. Device forwarded to Laurel with the blazon: Quarterly vert and purpure, four mascules in saltire points to center Or.

3: Isabel la Sauvage - New Name & New Device

Purpure, a chevron argent semy of hearts sable between three bowls of fire Or.

ROUGE SCARPE: Name forwarded to Laurel. Device forwarded to Laurel with the blazon: Purpure, a chevron argent semy of hearts sable between three bowls each issuing flames Or.

4: Leif Monsson - New Name

ROUGE SCARPE: Name forwarded to Laurel as <Leifr Monsson>. The documentation provided did not support Leif in the nominative case. The submitter had marked no changes on the form but upon being contacted specifically allowed the spelling <Leifr Monsson>.

5: Lydia de Bequerel - Resub Device

Lozengy azure and Or, a lucy contourny haurient argent.

ROUGE SCARPE: Returned for conflict. There two possible conflicts, Geneviève de Vendome August of 1980 (via the West): "Per fess engrailed argent and azure, a bottle-nosed dolphin counter-erect embowed [Tursiops truncatus] proper." and  Marina Ariadne ni Chlurain October of 1982 (via Caid): "Per fess wavy azure and vert, a bottle-nosed dolphin embowed to sinister proper holding in its mouth a quill Or." Each have one DC for the field. A natural dolphin proper is gray, which is considered a metal and is no different from argent.

6: Octavio Gonzalez de Castill - New Name & New Device

Checky gules and Or, a saltire raguly argent overall a heart sable.

ROUGE SCARPE: Name forwarded to Laurel as <Octavio Gonzalez de Castil>. The locative has been changed to match the attested spelling provided in the documentation <de Castil>. Device forwarded to Laurel with the blazon: Checky gules and Or, a saltire raguly argent overall a heart sable.

7: Taddea d'Avito Delpace
- New Name

ROUGE SCARPE: Forwarded to Laurel as <Taddea di Avito del Pace>.  Marked patronymics in Italian take the form "di" followed by the name so this should be <di Avito>. Also Delpace should be or <del> <Pace> according to precedent, "Submitted as Gianotta Dallafiora, the name was documented from The Online Catasto of 1427. This source lists names in all capital letters and eliminates spaces in name phrases. The usual documentary form of this byname is dalla Fiora; we have changed the byname to this form. [Gianotta dalla Fiora, 05/04, A-East]" Both of these should be minor changes which are allowed by the submitter. 

8: Thorfinnr Thengilsson - New Device

Argent a chevron gules, three dexter hands couped two and one gules.

ROUGE SCARPE: Returned for conflict. Conflict with: Richard of Stokesley, December of 2004 (via the Middle): Argent, a chevron between three boars passant gules. and Basileios Philanthropenos Philomathes, January of 2000 (via Meridies): Argent, a chevron between three crosses of Jerusalem gules. Both have only one DC, for changing the type of the secondary. Not the submitter's name is registered as Şórfinnr Şengilsson.

In Service to Crown and College,

Meister Konrad Mailander, OP


Rouge Scarpe:

Konrad Mailander
Dale Niederhauser
110 Dodge St.
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