May 15, 2000

Greetings unto THL Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon; Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

Here are the April 2000 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to Rouge Scarpe Herald, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, early enough to arrive by July 1, 2000, with copies to Dragon and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor and major changes to grammar and/or spelling.

Lady Aryanhwy has already taken over the duties of Rouge Scarpe, so please send all commentary to her (not only for this letter but for all others -- including comments on the April ILoI). Her addresses are at the end of this letter. She greatly prefers electronic commentary sent by email (formatted text should be sent in .txt, .rtf, or .doc).

A reminder that Escutcheon will be happy to accept electronic commentary but only from people who get their LoIs off the Web ( If the kingdom is sending you a paper copy of the LoI, you must supply Escutcheon with a paper copy of your LoC.

1) Adriana Lynette Noel. Device Resubmission. Per bend argent and Or, a cross parted and fretted purpure between in bend sinister two penguins respectant proper.

{Name reg'd 11/99}
(Rivière Constellé)

The client's previous submission (Per bend nebuly argent and Or, a cross parted and fretted, in bend sinister a lotus flower purpure and a penguin proper) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 7/99 for use of trian aspect. The client has also opted for a simpler design.

2) Áine inghean Néill ua Lughaidh. New Name and Device. Gules, three mullets argent.


The given name is cited in Ó Corráin & Maguire (19-20). inghean Néill is meant to mean "daughter of Niall." Client cites ibid (145, under "Niall"). Also cites MacLysaght (234, under "O Neill"). ua Lughaidh is a Sept name and in Ó Corráin & Maguire (125, s.v. "Lugaid, Lugaidh, or Lúí"). The client desires to have an early period Scot (Gaelic speaking) name (6th-8th century). She will NOT permit MAJOR changes.

3) Alpha di Antioco. Name and Device Resubmission. Or, a wolf's head caboshed, winged volant sable, within a bordure azure crusily Or.

(Rivière Constellé)

The client apparently believes that their previous name submission (Alfa Beavis Antioco) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 8/99. However, this is not the case. Rouge Scarpe changed it to Alfah Beaufiz de Antioch (apparently with the client's permission) and sent it to Laurel (who then registered it as such on 2/00). Given the confusion, it would be a good idea to contact the client for clarification and to pend the items in the meantime.

In support of this name "resubmission," the client writes: "I am going for an early 12th century crusader. Italian living in Antioch. To keep my name the way it is, I changed it to mean Alpha son of Antioco." No other documentation is provided. The client will NOT permit MAJOR changes.

The client's previous device submission (Azure, a cross and in base two cups Or, overall a wolf's head caboshed winged sable) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 8/99 for poor contrast. This is a new design.

4) Arnbjorn Karlsson. Name and Device Resubmission. Per fess argent and sable, an eagle displayed and a bear passant counterchanged.

(Caer Anterth Mawr)

The client's previous submission (Arnbjorn Brandkjarni) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 8/99 for incompatible naming style of the byname. By changing the byname, the client has resolved the original problem. Arnbjorn is in Geirr Bassi (7). Karl is in ibid (12). Karlsson is a patronymic formed according to the rules in ibid (17-18). The client cares most about having a Norse name and would like it to be authentically Norse.

The client's previous device submission (Per fess debased argent and sable, an eagle displayed and a bear statant argent counterchanged) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 8/99 for redrawing of the base.

5) Bearaich b'Harald-o'. New Name and Device. Barry azure and argent.

(Castel Rouge)

The given name is found in Woulfe (172). Harald is found in ibid (xxv and elsewhere). The use of -O after a name is documented in ibid (43). But the b' does not appear to be documented. As near as I can tell, the client has read his photocopy of Woulfe incorrectly. To document b', he cites a number of pages of Woulfe that discuss Ó (and in the poor quality of his reduced photocopy, the Ó looks a little like a Gaelic b). To the best of my knowledge, there is no such b' prefix in Gaelic. There is a rather complicated persona story attached that explains that he is trying to create a 11th-12th century Manx name and he does cite the use of "ap" (perhaps to justify a b'?) but it is unclear what the intent is. The client cares most about having a Manx name and using an archaic form of his modern given name (Barry). He would like the name to be authentic. He will NOT permit MAJOR changes.

6) Betsai bat Shammash ha Khazar. Change of Registered Name and Registered Device. Per pale purpure and vert, a chanukiah Or, shammash enflamed argent.

(Rivière Constellé)

The client's current registered name (Alienor Kramer van den Haag) was registered on 2/88. Betsai is a transliteration of a name found in The Exhaustive Concordnace of the Bible (n.p.). Shemash ("to minister") is found in ibid. The Webster's Third New International Dictionary gives "shammash" as the sexton of a synagogue or as the taper used to light the candles of a Hanukkah menorah. bat Shammash is intended to mean "daughter of the service" or "daughter of <a man who runs the service>". ha Khazar is asserted to mean "living in Khazar," but no documentation is included. The client cares most about having a Hebrew name and would like an authentic 9th century Khazar name. The client will NOT accept MAJOR changes.

The client's current registered device (Per fess Or and purpure, in pale an urchin statant and an alaunt between a pair of flaunches, all counterchanged) was registered on 2/88. If this device change is accepted, she would like her old device RELEASED.

7) Bronwen Arianwen of Rivenwood Tower. New Device. Or, a cross of Santiago purpure, on a chief azure three lacy knots Or.

{Name reg'd 2/99}

8) Bronwyn De Saint Jeanne's Way. New Name and Device. Per pale vert and azure, between four crosses couped, on a cross potent argent another per pale azure and vert.


Bronwyn is listed as "SCA compatible given name (per Laurel)." Saint Jeanne's Way is given as a "locative byname (based on street name)." No documentation for the latter is included. The client cares most about the meaning.

The blazon seems a bit clunky -- can we trim it down?

9) Cadwallon y Rhudd. Administrative Correction.

{Name reg'd 8/81}

[Note: Normally, I would send this directly to Rouge Scarpe, but to create the proper paper trail, I am including it on this LoI. Commentators can ignore this item]

Master Cadwallon registered his name in March 1981 as Cadwallon Rudd and then changed it to Cadwallon y Rhudd in August 1981. However, the Armorial has this backwards (claiming that he registered it as Cadwallon y Rhudd and changed it to Cadwallon Rudd). The client would like to have this corrected. All devices and badges registered to him should appear under Cadwallon y Rhudd. Copies of the original form and acceptance letter are enclosed. [In penance for the error, the ex-Morsulus Herald has decreed that his younger brother will be flogged :) ]

10) Cadwallon y Rhudd. Change of Registered Device. Per fess wavy Or and wavy azure and Or, in chief a fox courant proper.

{Name reg'd 8/81}

The device is blazoned by the client as "Per fess wavy Or and azure, in honor point a fox courant proper, in base two bars wavy Or". The client has reduced the size of the device forms by 75+%, which may require a redraw (or a return for redrawing) before they are sent to Laurel.

If this device is registered, the client would like his previous device (Per fess wavy Or and azure, in chief a pine bough leaved and fructed proper and in base two bars wavy argent) CHANGED TO A BADGE.

11) Comar Gyr Mirand for House Vexillarius. Change of Registered Badge. Azure, a mount of three peaks, in chief three mullets one and two argent.

{Name reg'd 6/83}

The client's previous badge for this household (Per fess indented azure and argent, in chief three mullets one and two argent, within a bordure Or) was registered on 8/90 and will be RELEASED if this is registered. The badge is to be jointly owned with Lisa Dolorosa (name reg'd 11/82?).

12) Elspeth Clerk. New Device. Per pale argent and azure, on a tower, a pheon counterchanged.

{Name reg'd 9/99}
(West Chester, OH)

13) Frederich Holstein der Tollhase. Device Resubmission. Per chervon rayonny Or and sable, two Jerusalem crosses sable and a cow rampant ermine.

{Name reg'd 11/98}
(Belleville, OH)

This resubmission was pended on the 3/00 ILoI for use of the old forms. New forms have been provided by the client.

The client's previous submission (Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a cow rampant ermine rising from flames proper) was returned by Laurel on 9/99 for redrawing and design problems. The client has opted for a new design.

14) Friedrich von Augsburg. New Name and Device. Quarterly purpure and sable, a cross formy Or.


Friedrich is in Bahlow (English Trans) (147) as the name of several Hohenstaufen emperors. Augsburg is asserted to have been a center of the printing industry by the 1400s, although no documentation is included. The client cares most about having a German name and would like an authentic 15th century German name.

15) Geoffrey of Wroxeter. New Device. Per chevron purpure and vert, between three crosses of Jerusalem, a chevron cotised Or.

{Name reg'd 2/98}

16) Gilbert d'Mullin. New Name and Device. Per pale gules and sable, an anchor Or and a Maltese Cross, a chief argent.

(Aurea Ripea)

Gibert is found in several period records including a list of the Grand Masters of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, which dates the name to 1163-69/70. It is also mentioned in the Constitutions of Clarendon (dated 1164) and "A Disputation of A Jew With A Christian About the Christian Faith" (pre 1096) [all of which are found in the The Medieval Sourcebook (]. For the byname, the client cites a Roger des Moulins (1177-1187) from the Grand Masters document (op cit) and a village in Cornwall called Mullion (Mullyon, Mullian, Mullyan). "The place name of d'Mullin is a reasonable variant spelling," the client asserts. The cares most about having an "English/Cornish/Norman" name and would like an authentic mide to late 12th century name.

While there is little problem with Gilbert, we are not convinced that d'Mullin makes sense (maybe "de Mullin" but we cannot figure out why the d' would occur).

17) Háls Styrkárson. New Name.

(Baili Na Scolari)

Háls is in Geirr Bassi (11) and Styrkárr is in ibid (15). Styrkárson is the patronymic. The client cares most about having a name which means "noise."

18) Iohanna de Carracci. New Name and Device. Per saltire gules and azure.


Iohanna is found in Grohmann's L'Imposizione Diretta nei Comuni, according to Mittleman ( /perugia/) and dated to 1285. Carracci was a family from Bologna and is dated to the 16th century according to Webmuseum ( carracci/).

19) Iohannes Glenfidanus. Device Resubmission. Argent, on a pall gules, between three Talbot heads couped azure, a cross fitchy Or.

{Name reg'd 8/99}
(Manitowoc, WI)

The client's first submission (Paly wavy azure and sable, on a pall Or three Maltese crosses fitchy gules) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 3/99 for poor contrast and redrawing of the crosses. The client's next submission (Gules, a Maltese cross fitchy argent between three gouts d'Or in pall) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 8/88 for conflict with the Order of the Knights of Malta. Once again, the client has opted for a complete redesign.

20) James McCorquodill. New Device. Argent, a Celtic cross gules, on a chief sable a garden rose fesswise to sinister argent.

{Name reg'd 10/98}
(Minot, ND)

21) Jesmond Black. Change of Registered Name.

(Rivierre Constelle)

The client's current name (Rosamund von Bardowiek) was registered on 5/98.

For documentation, the client attaches Gabriel Report #2004. Jesmond is apparently found in Withycombe (under "Ismen[i]a") and is dated to the 16th-18th centuries. Black is documented in a variety of sources and dated to 1601 in Hitching (?) (xxiii). There are other variants (Blake, Blacke, etc) that are period. The client cares most about having an English name with the existing sound and would like an authentic 15th-16th century English name. The client will NOT accept MAJOR changes.

22) Mertyn Wolfger von Hillesheim. New Name and Device. Argent, a spearhead gules between two wolves combatant sable, a chief embattled and a base embattled azure.


For documentation, the client attaches Gabriel Report #1956. Mertyn is dated to 1343, 1382, and 1397 in Scott, "Medieval German Given Names from Silesia" ( names/bahlow_v.htm). Wolfger is found in the spelling of Wolfker in 1296 in ibid. Hillesheim is not documented, but the period variants Hillinsheimer (dated to 1330, 1334) and Hildensheimer (dated to 1331) -- both in Brechenmacher (under "Hillesheimer," et al).

The wolves are not really combatant and I'm not comfortable with the embattled base and chief, which makes the field look more like an overgrown embattled fess.

23) Myles Blackheath. Change of Registered Name and New Device. Per chevron argent and azure, two fleurs de lys and a tower counterchanged.


The client's current name (Myles Blackwolf) was registered on 6/88.

Myles is grandfathered to the client. Blackheath is an English place name dated to 1381 or earlier, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th Edition (II: 262). The client will NOT permit MAJOR changes.

24) Nigel FitzMaurice De Caeranor. New Name and Device. Sable, on a chevron Or cottised argent, three crescents gules.


Nigel is in Withycombe (no page given) and dated to the 15th century. Maurice is found in Reaney & Wilson (no page or date given). Fitz<given name> is "a typical Anglo-Norman construction." For De Caeranor, the client notes that he has used the name for 25 years and realizes that it probably cannot be registered (it is a mixture of French and Gaelic and was intended to mean "of Eastcastle"). As such, the client is most interested in preserving the sound and no longer cares about the meaning. "If some construction that follows or closely parallels the sound can be justified, I will accept it (Caeranor, Caer-Anor, Cairannor, Kyrannoir, etc.). If it is completely hopeless, then just drop it and register the name simply as Nigel FitzMaurice." On the form, the client says that he cares more about language (although I suspect it is really sound he wants) and that he wants an authentic late 16th century name.

25) Pedr Le Parcar. New Name.


Pedr is a Welsh variant of Peter, according to Hanks and Hodges, First Names (266). Parcar is undated but found as a variant of Parker in Bardsley (584). The client cares most about having a Welsh name and would like an authentic 15th-16th century Welsh name.

Gruffudd (78) has Pedr.

26) Richard FitzWilliams. New Device. Per pale wavy vert semy-de-lys Or and argent, in sinister chief a Maltese cross gules.

{Name reg'd ??/??}
(Flat Rock, MI)

I can find no record of the registration of this name

27) Rivière Constellé, Shire of. Change/Augmentation of Registered Group Device. Sable mulletty of four, chape wavy, on a chalice Or, a laurel wreath vert, in chief two compass stars azure.

{Name reg'd 7/83?}
(Evansville, IN)

This is listed as a change, but the enclosed documentation also mentions an augmentation granted by HRM Dag at Rendezvous at the Bridge IX. We have no information about the augmentation or how it might apply here.

If this device is registered, the clients would like to have their current device (Sable, mulletty of four points, chape wavy Or, in chief a compass star azure and a laurel wreath vert) (reg'd 7/83?) RELEASED.

28) Ulfr Hákonson. New Name and Device. Sable, between a pall gules, a wolf sejant affronty and two wolves addorsed Or.

(Rivenwood Tower)

Ulfr is a name meaning "wolf," according to Gordan, Introduction to Old Norse (192-193). Hákon is found in ibid (118 & 405). The grammar of the patronymic is not documented. The client cares most about having a name meaning "wolf" in Old Norse. He would like to have an authentic 8-10th century Norse name.

Úlfr (note accent) is in Geirr Bassi (15). Hákon is in ibid (11). It is impossible to determine from the grammar rules given in Geirr Bassi (17-18) if the patronymic is formed correctly.

The device has multiple problems, including the contrast of the pall on the field, the need for the pall to be fed, the non-heraldic postures of the wolves, their non-identifiability as drawn, and the fact that the forms were reduced 75%.

29) Ulrich von Landstuhl. New Badge. Per bend vert and purpure, in bend sinister three mullets argent.

{Name reg'd 1/99}
(Columbus OH)

This badge is to be co-owned by Ysabel Natalia Osorio de León (name reg'd 1/99).

The following submission has been PENDED and the client notified:

P1) ??? (aka Roger Menchaca). New Device. Per pale purpure and argent, on a Cross of Coldharbor, a lozenge, counterchanged.

{Name reg'd ??/??}
(Oshkosh, WI)

This item was submitted without an indicated SCA name. The client says that he has a registered SCA name but did not list what it was on the form.

Yours In Service,

Paul Wickenden of Thanet

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