August 15, 2000

Greetings unto THL Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon; Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

Here are the July 2000 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to Rouge Scarpe Herald, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, early enough to arrive by October 1, 2000, with copies to Dragon and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor and major changes to grammar and/or spelling.

1) Agnes van Kouwenhoven. Device Resubmission. Per pale azure and vert, on a cross formy throughout argent, a garden rose gules, leaved vert.

{Name submitted on 2/00 MK ELoI}

(Wyoming, MI)

The client's previous submission (Azure, on a cross formy throughout argent, a rose slipped and leaved proper) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 2/00 for conflict with Adelaide Rose von Erfort (Azure, on a cross argent irradiated Or, three roses in fess gules). The client has changed the field to clear this conflict.

2) Ashby Turley. Device Resubmission. Per bend sinister wavy purpure and vert, two wolves statant Or.

{Name submitted on 2/00 MK ELoI}

(Wyoming MI)

The client's previous submission (Per bend sinister clovery purpure and vert, two wolves statant Or) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 2/00 for use of the undocumented division of clovery and for use of a complex line of division between two low contrast tinctures. The client has substituted a wavy line of division.

3) Black Dragon, Shire of. New Group Name and Device. Sable, on a pale argent, a dragon's head couped sable, overall a laurel wreath counterchanged.

(Portsmouth, OH)

Black is given as a "Scottish name" according to Reaney, Dictionary of British Surnames (30) and is undated. Black is also given in Maclysaght (34) which notes that it is found in place-names. Again, no dates given. Dragon is listed as a mythical beast in Way, Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia (485) and in the Websters Dictionary. No dated references are provided. The clients will NOT accept MAJOR changes and care most about meaning ("elements of black and dragon must be kept"). A petition of support is enclosed.

We assume that it should not be difficult to find period references to both name elements in the OED. Can someone assist?

4) Caitlin MacAlpin Wood. New Device. Argent, a decrescent, an increscent, and a crescent azure.

{Name reg'd 11/92}

(Caer Anterth Mawr)

5) Connor Fiddis Wood. New Device. Azure, on a bend sinister Or, between two stags trippant argent, three crosses formy palewise gules.

{Name reg'd 11/92}

(Caer Anterth Mawr)

6) Constanza de Sevilla. New Name.


Constanza is found in two instances in Roth, "16th century Spanish Women's Names" ( Juan de Sevilla was one of the passengers on the Pinta, according to The Olive Tree Genealogy ( She will NOT accept MAJOR or MINOR changes. [She includes numerous comments about wanting a period name and so on, but we have disregarded these statements as moot].

7) Kreimhilt vom Ebersberg. New Name.

(Fearann na Criche)

Kriemhilt is a compound German name (helmet + battle) and discussed in Jones, German-American Names (16) which gives the spelling as Kriemhild. The same source (58) then explains that the d is "sometimes interchangeable with" t. Kreimhilt (in the client's preferred spelling) is found in Das Nibelungenlied (no page number given). Ebersberg means "boar mountain" (or steep hill, rocky outcropping). The client notes that there is a historical Ebersberg in Bavaria but believes the name is generic enough to avoid any sort of presumption. She will NOT accept MAHOR changes and cares most about having a Middle High German name. She would like to have a 12th-13th century southern German (Swabia) name.

8) Leolin Gofar for Olchú mac Eirc. New Alternate Name and Badge. Per saltire argent and vert, between four mullets of eight points, a tree eradicated counterchanged.

{Name reg'd 7/99}


Olchú is found in Bannerman, Studies in the History of Dalriada (64) and is undated. Eirc is the genitive of Erc and found in ibid (63) and also undated. The client cares most about having an 8th-10th century Irish or Scots Gaelic name and would like the name to be authentic for one of those languages.

The badge is to be associated with this alternate name.

9) Robert mac Cormaic. New Name and Device. Vert, a stag trippant argent and a chief argent fretty sable.


A lengthy consultative correspondence is included, but while the consulting herald (who happens to be Rouge Scarpe!) extensively discusses both Robert and Cormac, no actual documentation is provided. Certain "books" are mentioned but no authors or titles are provided and it is apparent that the conversations were probably not intended to be used as documentation The gist is that both elements appear to be OK with Rouge Scarpe. We will rely upon her to include these references in the external letter. Cormac (and its genitive form Cormaic) is also found in Krossa, "A Simple Guide to Constructing 12th Century Scottish Gaelic Names" ( The client will NOT permit MAJOR changes

The following submission has been PENDED and the client notified:

P1) Constanza de Sevilla. New Device. Or, a grenade gules.

{Name submitted on this LoI}


This item was pended for lack of payment.

Yours In Service,

Paul Wickenden of Thanet

c/o SCA -- MK College of Heralds
P.O. Box 44623
Madison WI 53744-4623


Clarissa Wykeham
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Rouge Scarpe:

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