December 15, 2000

Greetings unto THL Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon; Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

Here are the November 2000 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, early enough to arrive by February 1, 2001, with copies to Dragon and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor and major changes to grammar and/or spelling.

1) Agnes VanKouwenhoven. Name and Device Resubmission. Per pale azure and vert, on a cross formy throughout argent, a rose gules, leaved vert.


The client's previous name submission (Agnes van Kouwenhoven) was returned by Laurel on 7/00 for using Dutch elements to document a Saxon German name and for use of OOP documentation. The client documents Agnes as the name of a saint (born in 291), according to Catholic Online Saints ( van Kouwenhoven [note spelling] is documented to 1579 (in the spelling of "Couwenhoven"), according to "New Family Information" ( 01.htm). The forms also reference: "Central Bureau VoorGenealogie, Part 50 1996. The Hague by MSR Kemp" (no copies are provided).

The client's previous identical device submission was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 10/00 for lack of a registered name.

2) Alexander de Seton of Altavia. Badge Resubmission. Argent semy of maiden's heads couped proper crined gules, a beaver displayed proper, maintaining two swords in saltire argent.

{Name reg'd 9/96}

(Crystal Lake, IL)

The client's original submission (Argent semy of maiden's heads couped proper crined Or, a beaver displayed proper, maintaining two swords in saltire argent) was returned for contrast (Or on argent) by Rouge Scarpe on 2/99. In this drawing, the swords lack contrast with the field. However, I would strongly urge that if this badge is returned, that it should be returned for offensiveness (IMO, its obvious true problem) and not a small technicality of contrast.

3) Alexander de Seton of Altavia. Badge Resubmission. Gules, a dragon in annulo to sinister, flames issuant from mouth, Or.

{Name reg'd 9/96}

(Crystal Lake, IL)

The client's identical original submission was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 4/00 for conflict with the Shire of Hinterland (Gules, a dragon dormant in annulo and a bordure rayonny Or). The client has enclosed a letter of permission to conflict from lady Francesca Faliero, but it is not clear why she is authorized to give permission to conflict. To the best of my knowledge, SCA branches cannot give permission to conflict.

4) Anabella Mac'ille-Mhaoil-lain of Rivenstar. New Name and Device. Per fess purpure and vert, a fess between three mullets, and enhanced in chief a decrescent argent.


Anabella is dated to c1250 in Scott, "List of Feminine Personal Names Found in Scottish Records" (http://www.s-gabriel.o rg/names/talan/scottishfem/scottishfemearly.html). The byname is a Gaelic spelling of MacMillan, according to "Clan MacMillan Origins" ( g.htm). Rivenstar is an SCA branch name (reg'd 8/79).

The fess needs to be fed.

5) Ariadne la Noire. Device Resubmission. Sable, three swans displayed within a bordure Or.

{Name reg'd 4/99}


The client's identical previous submission was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 8/00 for conflict with Leofric Ealdricson (Per chevron vert and azure, three eagles displayed within a bordure Or). The client has enclosed a letter of permission to conflict from lord Leofric.

6) Bearaich Ó Harald-ó. Device Resubmission. Barry azure and argent, a goutte d'Or.

{Name submitted on 7/00 MK ELoI}

(Winnipeg, MB)

The client's previous submission (Barry azure and argent) was returned for multiple conflicts by Rouge Scarpe on 7/00.

I believe that this conflicts with the badge of Iulstan Sigewealding ([Fieldless] A goutte d'Or).

7) Erik the Lost. New Name.


Erik Bloodaxe is dated to 948 in The New Cambridge Medieval History (216). No documentation of the byname in enclosed. The client cares most about meaning and wants an authentic 8th-10th century Viking name.

8) Gabrielle Taliaferro. Device Resubmission. Argent, on a bend sable between two cinquefoils purpure, a sword inverted bendwise argent.

{Name reg'd ??/??}

(Swartz Creek MI)

I am having trouble locating this client's records. Her name and device were pended on 1/00 by Rouge Scarpe according to the database, but according to the 1/00 MK ILoAR, they were sent to Laurel. I could find no trace that Laurel processed them.

9) Hrolf Sveinnson inn Varg af Hrolfsey. New Name and Device. Per saltire argent and azure, two bees volant erect Or, marked sable.


Hrólfr [note spelling] and Sveinn are both found in "Viking Names Found In the Landnamabok" ( /names/landnamabok). Various references to Svein [note spelling] are found in the Glossary of Personal Names to the Orkneyinga Saga. Rousay is one of the islands in the Orkneys according to a map in ibid and is sometimes spelled as Hrólfsey [note spelling] in ibid. Varg means "wolf," or "outlaw" according to Cassell Dictionary of Norse Myth and Legend (n.p.). The client cares most about having an 11th century Orcadian Norse name and wants the name to be authentic. He adds: "either one or two of the elements "inn Varg" (the wolf) -af Hrolfsey (of Rousay) may be removed if needed to pass."

For an authentic name, I would suggest that Hrólfr Sveinnson af Hrólfsey would probably be closest.

10) Ingileif Ketilsdóttir. New Name and Device. Vert, a reindeer statant, a chief engrailed argent.


Ingileif is found in Geirr Bassi (12) and Ketilsdottir is in ibid (17). The client will NOT accept MAJOR changes. She desires an authentic 8th-10th century Norse name.

11) Niam inghean Cathail ó Floinn. New Name and Device. Argent, a chalice, on a bordure gules, seven trefoils argent.


Niam is found in Ó Corráin & Maguire (146). Cathal is found in ibid (47). It is believed that Cathail is the correct genitive form of the name. Floinn is found in MacLysaght (n.p, under "(O) Flynn"). The client will NOT accept MAJOR changes. She cares most about sound and wants an authentic 12th-14th century Irish name.

While the proposed blazon describes the bordure as "gules semy of trefoils argent," it is apparent that the trefoils are not a true semy, so I have changed the blazon.

12) Vladymyr Orendorff. New Name and Device. Sable, on a traingle inverted Or, a bull's head caboshed gules.

(Baile na Scolari)

The client cites a letter from Paul Wickenden of Thanet who writes: "Vladimir is a great name. With a "y" it is usually considered a late-period Ukrainian name, but I've seen spellings like it. Off the top of my head, I would suggest that you might be better off with Vladymyr, although I have no dated citations (beyond a Vladymerko) to help you." Vladymerko is dated to 1142 in Wickenden ( The client's modern surname is Orendorff. The client will NOT accept MAJOR changes. He cares most about having a Russian/Prussian name and would like it to be authentic.

I have nothing to add to my original comments at this time. The given name is not documentable, but seems plausible. The combination of Ukrainian and Prussian is TSCA but passable. If he really wants an authentic name, he should use the correct spelling (Russian - Vladimir or Prussian - Wolodimir).

The following submission has been WITHDRAWN by the client:

W1) Alexander de Seton of Altavia. Badge Appeal. (Fieldless) On a seahorse erect maintaining a lochaber ax azure, a heart gules, fimbriated argent.

(Crystal Lake IL)

The client's submission included no support for the appeal and, after discussion, the client chose to withdraw the submission until he could assemble such documentation.

Yours In Service,

Paul Wickenden of Thanet

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