August 15, 2001

Greetings unto THL Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon; Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

Here are the July 2001 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, early enough to arrive by October 1, 2001, with copies to Dragon and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor and major changes to grammar and/or spelling.

Aryanhwy will be moving as of August 15th. Her address will be: 150 Langdon #B2, Madison WI 53703.

1) Bjorn Thorkelson. New Name and Device. Quarterly azure and argent, a raven sable grasping a heart gules.


Bjorn and Thorkel are Skalds quoted in Heimskringla ( The client cares most about having a Viking name and would like it to be period for that culture. He will NOT accept MAJOR changes. He will NOT accept a holding name.

Bjorn [with a hook on the O] is in Haraldsson (8) and Þorkell is in ibid (16). According to ibid (17), Þorkelson would be the correct patronymic. Anglicization would probably justify Bjorn Thorkelson.

2) Custance the Whimsical. New Name.

(Dun Traigh)

Custance is dated to 1561 in Withycombe (72). "the Whimsical" is merely identified as a descriptive byname with no citation or dating.

3) Érennach ingen uí Rónáin. Name and Device Resubmission. Argent vetu ploye azure, a domestic cat couchant contourney vert.

(Aurea Ripae)

The client's previous submission (Erinn inghean ui Ronain) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 6/00 for usually the largely undocumentable given name, Erinn. The client has followed Rouge Scarpe's suggestion and adopted Érennach instead (which is found in Jones, "Early Irish Feminine Names Found in O'Brien" ( She has also adopted the grammar suggested by Rouge Scarpe who documnted it as follows: The grammar of inghean uí is explained in Krossa, "Quick and Easy Gaelic By-Names ( The final element is documented in Jones, "100 Most Popular Men's Names in Early Medieval Ireland" ( is the post c1200 spelling of the phrase meaning "female descendent of." For the 11th century, either one is correct. The client cares most about language and wants to have an authentic 11th century Irish name.

The original device (identically blazoned) was returned with the name but Rouge Scarpe noted: "[A]s drawn, the cat borders on violating the precedents of 9/92 and 10/92 barring Celtic knotwork style armory. We suggest that the submitter considers redrawing the cat in a less Celtic style when she resubmits." The same problem appears to remain.

4) Leolin Gofar. New Badge. (Fieldless) An otter head couped gules, muzzled argent.


{Name reg'd 7/99}

5) Mertyn Wolfger von Hillesheim. Device Resubmission. Argent, a spearhead gules between two wolves combatant sable, a chief embattled azure.


{Name reg'd 11/00}

The client's previous submission (Argent, a spearhead gules between two wolves combatant sable, a chief embattled and a base embattled azure) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 7/00 for redrawing and conflict with Ian Grandchamp (Azure, on a fess embattled counter-embattled argent, a castle sable). The client has removed the base to clear the conflict.

The embattling needs to be drawn larger and bolder.

6) Rowena de Montacute. Device Resubmission. Per chevron throughout ploye argent and vert, in pale three oak leaves fesswise vert.

(Murphysboro IL)

{Name reg'd 2/98}

The client's previous submission (Per chevron throughout ploye argent and vert, three oak leaves counterchanged) was returned by Laurel on 1/01 for conflict with Aldrydd Ffestiniog (Per chevron argent and vert, two oak leaves and a war-hammer counterchanged).

7) Safia al-Zarqa' bint 'abd al-Jaleel. Name and Device Resubmission. Azure, a lily, a bordure argent semy of crescents azure.


The client's previous submission (Safia al-Zarqa' bint Jaleel) was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 7/01 for the incorrect grammar of the last element. The client has adopted Rouge Scarpe's suggested revisions.

Safia and a-Zarqa' are found in Safia is a feminine given name and al-Zarqa' means "blue-eyed." 'abd means "servant" according to A Dictionary of Modern Literary Arabic (586).

The client's previous identical device submission was returned with the name.

8) Víkingr Járnhauss inn Hárlangi. Change of Registered Name and Device. Per pale gules and vert, a chaine shot Or.

(Red Spears)

{Name reg'd 4/91}

The client's current name (Alan Járnhauss inn Hárlangi) was reg'd 4/91. Haraldsson (16) has Víkingr. The rest of the name is grandfathered. The client will NOT accept MAJOR or MINOR changes.

The client includes documentation for the charge from the arms of Cumberland, found in Gwillim (which is, itself, dated to 1611). If this device is registered, the client would like his current device (Per pale gules and vert, two chains in saltire debrusied by a cartouche fesswise Or) [reg'd 2/97] changed to a badge.

The client notes that this device is what he actually wanted at the time, so he does not know whether to consider this to be a resub or an appeal. We consider it to change of registered device.

9) Víkingr Járnhauss inn Hárlangi. New Badge. (Fieldless) A chaine shot Or.

(Red Spears)

{Name reg'd 4/91}

Documentation for the charge is found in item #8 above.

The following submission has been PENDED and the clients notified:

P1) Catteden, Incipient Canton of. Group Device Resubmission. Argent, a demi-cat sable issuant from a base and in dexter chief a laurel wreath azure.

(Findlay, OH)

No petition of support was enclosed.

P2) Vilk Urvas, Incipient Shire of. Appeal of Return of Group Name.

(Floodwood, MN)

Only one copy of their 76! pages of documentation was enclosed. Given the large amount of documentation, a summary by the clients of its contents and how it supports their appeal has been requested as well.

Yours In Service,

Paul Wickenden of Thanet

c/o SCA -- MK College of Heralds
P.O. Box 44623
Madison WI 53744-4623


Clarissa Wykeham
Nancy Rivers
11080 Langdon Dr
Clio MI 48420

Rouge Scarpe (Until August 15):

Aryanhwy merch Catmael
Sara L. Friedemann
213 N Paterson
Madison WI 53703

(After August 15):

Aryanhwy merch Catmael
Sara L. Friedemann
150 Langdon #B2
Madison WI 53703

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