January 15, 2002

Greetings unto Mistress Elena de Vexin, Dragon; Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Escutcheon.

Here are the December 2001 submissions for your consideration and commenting. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, early enough to arrive by March 1, 2002, with copies to Dragon and myself. Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor and major changes to grammar and/or spelling.

1) Cuil Cholum. Branch Name Resubmission.

(Columbus, OH)

The clients' identical previous submission was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 8/00 for the undocumented use of Cuil as a common designator.

The clients have enclosed documentation that supports Columb (or Colum) in Ë Corrßin & Maguire (55) and "Cill" as the word for "church" (in Pocket Guide to Irish Place Names [11]). A man named Colum Cille lived in the 6th century, according to The Oxford Companion to Irish History (105). Cill is also mentioned in Darton (73). Ibid (158, under "kil-") notes that the prototheme can be elided to "c¨il" (meaning "a recess or nook") but it is clear that c¨il and cill are only distantly related. The clients then point out a large number of Scottish placenames that use this prototheme (Kilchoan, Kilfinnan, etc.), found in ibid (159-162). The Illustrated Gaelic-English Dictionary (1010) gives a "C¨il an t-seagail" (aka Coillintogle) as a placename. Finally, Wars of the Irish Kings (88) notes a Cuil Emhni dated to the 9th century. A petition of support is enclosed. The clients will NOT permit MINOR changes.

The references to Cill appear to not support the name, Although the fact that Kil- and C¨il are related seems rather more encouraging.

2) Desdemona Bendebowe. New Name and Device. Or, a sheaf of three flamberges inverted within an orle of pheons purpure.


Desdemona is found in Withycombe (82-83) who notes that it only appears occasionally as an English name and appears after Shakespeare's use of the name. Bendebowe is dated in Reaney and Wilson (39, under "Benbow") to 1349. The client will NOT accept MAJOR changes and cares most about sound.

3) Gintaras the Taura. New Name.


Gintaras is found in Ingraham, People's Names (130) as a masculine Lithuanian given name. According to Morrison, "The Noble Beasts of Lithuania" in Lithuanian Heritage (2000, Jan/Feb, 9), Tauras was a great mythical bull [the Zodiac symbol would appear to be the source -- PWT]. No support for the alternate spelling used by the client or the use of the name as a personal epithet is provided. The client will NOT accept MAJOR or MINOR changes, although he claims to be interested in a Pagan Lithuanian name.

4) Jared Phelp of Canterbury. New Device. Azure, a wyvern Or, on a chief argent three torteaux.


{Name reg'd 4/93}

5) John the Grisly. New Device. Argent, a roundel within an annulet, a bordure gules.

(Paducah, KY)

{Name reg'd ??/??}

There is no indication that the name is registered.

6) Katerina Mńhler. New Name.


Katerina is dated to 1348-1350 in "Medieval German Given Names from Silesice [sic]." Mńhler is found in [what the forms call] "Bahlow's Middle High German Names Book" (325). The client would like an authentic name and cares most about having a Gereman name.

7) Katerine del Val. New Name and Device. Gules, a honeysuckle vine bendwise argent with three blossoms Or.


Katerine is found in Dubh, "An Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of Paris" and the particle "del" is found in Mittleman, "Languedoc Names circa 1300." No documentation for the locative element Val is provided. The client requests help in creating a period 10th-12th century French translation of "Katherine of the Valley." She will NOT accept MAJOR changes.

8) Katerine del Val for Furies' Keep. New House Name and Badge. (Fieldless) A tower azure winged sable, transfized palewise by a sword proper.


{Name submitted on this LoI}

These items were originally pended on the November 2001 ILoI because they had not been associated with a person under whom they could be registered.

The name is based upon Aeschylus's "The Furies": "We are the children of eternal Night / And Furies in the underworld are called." The client will NOT accept MAJOR changes.

9) Middle, Kingdom of the for Baton, Award of the. New Award Name.

{Name reg'd 12/75}

The word "baton" is dated to 1548 (and as a marshal's baton to 1590) in the Oxford Universal Dictionary (1933 ed, 153).

10) Middle, Kingdom of the for Silver Acorn, Award of the. New Award Name.

{Name reg'd 12/75}

This award is to be used as the Children's Arts and Science Award. No documentation was provided.

11) Middle, Kingdom of the. New Badge. Argent, on a pale gules a fleur-de-lys Or.

{Name reg'd 12/75}

This badge is to be used by the Royal University.

12) Ragnarr Bassi. Device Resubmission. Argent, four bear's pawprints gules within a bordure purpure.

(New Haven, MI)

{Name reg'd 5/98}

The client's previous submission was returned (without processing) by Dragon on 11/01 for redrawing. Technically, this makes the submission a resub., although the College will not have seen this item before.

13) Sabina Braganša. New Name and Device. Or, an elephant head cabossed gules, armed argent, within an orle of cat's pawprints sable.


Sabina is a header spelling found in Arana de Love, Nombres Propios Espa˝oles (323) which notes that it can be traced to a martyr at the beginning of the fourth century. Braganša was a duchy in Portugal that was founded in 146, according to the online version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The client would like to have an authentic 16th century Portugese name.

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