February 15, 2002

Greetings unto Mistress Elena de Vexin, Dragon; Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Rouge Scarpe Elect/Escutcheon Emeritus.

This is my final Internal Letter of Intent. Exactly five years ago, Rory handed over the office to me and now I will hand it over to Angharad. It has been a long and very fulfilling assignment, but it is time to move on. I would like to thank my evil twin Richard for appointing me to the office and extend my warm regards to Dmitrii, Clarissa, and Elena, who I have all had the honor of serving. Likewise, my thanks to the many staff members and commentators during these past five years that I have worked with.

However, as you may have heard, I am not leaving the College, but merely changing the hat that I wear. This letter will also mark the last time that you send commentary to Ary. Beginning with the March 15th Internal Letter, all internal commentary should go to me (however, please send commentary on this and all previous ILoIs to Ary). In other words, I will take over the responsibilities of Rouge Scarpe beginning with the May 2002 EloI and ILoAR.

Here are the January 2002 submissions for your consideration and commentary. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, Aryanhwy merch Catmael, early enough to arrive by April 1, 2002, with copies to Dragon, Angharad, and myself (note my new address below). Unless otherwise stated, all name submissions will accept minor and major changes to grammar and/or spelling.

1) Alienor de Bathe. Device Resubmission. Per chevron argent and gules, two suns and an eagle's head erased counterchanged.

(Lansing, MI)

{Name submitted on 8/01 MK ELoI}

2) Anna Mailander. Release of Device. Sable a feather fracted in chevron argent.

(Curtice, OH)

{Name reg'd 9/95}

The client has requested that this device (reg'd 9/96) be released.

3) Avery Thornvald of Rolling Waters. New Name and Device. Vairy Or and sable, three squirrels rampant in bend gules.

(Columbus, IN)

These items were pended on the 11/01 ILoI for lack of a byname. The client has supplied a byname.

The name is undocumented. The client cares most about sound.

Avery appears to have been used only as a surname in period (several examples of it as such are in Reaney & Wilson, 19). I have no real help to offer on the bynames.

The squirrels have fairly poor contrast against the field.

4) Gertrude Krumpf. New Name and Device. Argent, a boar rampant and a bordure embattled purpure.

(St. Joan)

Withycombe gives Gertrude as the name of two saints and notes that it was popular in the Low Countries prior to it becoming popular in England in the 16th century. Similar information is provided by an unidentified German source. Bahlow (300, German ed.) Has a Johannes Krumpf dated to 1487. The client cares most about having a Germanic name and would prefer that it was period for around 1400.

5) Julianna de Pardieu. New Device. Purpure semy-de-lys, a unicorn rampant argent.

(Bridgeport, IN)

{Name reg'd 9/99)

While identified as a new device, the client did previously submit (Per pale purpure and vert, a unicorn rampant contourney Or) which was returned by Rouge Scarpe on 1/01 for redrawing. The client has created a new design based on the same motif.

6) Máel Mhuire mac Néill uá Cholmáin. New Name and Device. Azure, a crescent within an orle of twelve mullets argent.


Máel Mhuire is found in Ó Corráin and Maguire (130) and dated to 879. mac Néill means "son of Niall" and Niall is dated to 778 in ibid (145). uá Cholmáin means "of Colmán" and Colmán is found in ibid (55) and described as the 14th most popular masculine given name in "early Ireland." Support is provided by MacLysaght as well. The client cares most about having an early medieval Irish Gaelic name that means "servant of St Mary, son of Neil, clan Coleman." The client would like an authentic 7th-9th century Irish name.

7) Máel Mhuire mac Néill uá Cholmáin. New Badge. Per fess argent and sable, a cross patonce throughout between four mullets.


{Name submitted on this LoI}

8) Middle, Kingdom of the. New Badge. (Fieldless) In a stirrup Or, an armored foot argent.

{Name reg'd 12/75}

The badge is intended for use by the Equestrian College.

Yours In Service,

Paul Wickenden of Thanet

Paul Goldschmidt
3071 Cimarron Trail
Madison WI 53719


Elena de Vexin
Joann E. Peek
306 Lively Lane
Burns Harbor IN 46304

Rouge Scarpe:

Aryanhwy merch Catmael
Sara L. Friedemann
150 Langdon #B2
Madison WI 53703

Escutcheon Elect:

Angharad Rhos Tewdwr of Pembroke
Anne Krone
3846 S Wayne Dr
Laporte IN 46350

Disclaimer: This page is not officially sanctioned by the SCA, Inc., the Middle Kingdom, or the College of Arms. It is a private project of the Escutcheon Herald (Paul Wickenden of Thanet) who has based the information published here on publicly-available documentation.