March 15, 2002

Greetings unto Mistress Elena de Vexin, Dragon;Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe; THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Rouge Scarpe-Elect; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Angharad Rhos Tewdwr of Pembroke, Escutcheon.

This is my first Internal Letter of Intent, so I beg the indulgence of the College if I err too egregiously. Paul has wisely counseled me to keep things much the way they were under his tenure until I have a firm grasp of what’s what, so there will be no earth shattering changes in format or procedures (for now) (wink).

Here are the February 2002 submissions for your consideration and commentary. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, early enough to arrive by May 1, 2002, with copies to Dragon, and myself.

1) Aylwin Thoraldson. Device Resubmission. Per chevron azure and sable, a celtic cross and in base a decrescent and an increscent argent.

(Williamsburg, VA)

{Name registered May 1998}

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Returned for redraw by Rouge Scarpe 8/01.
Client originally submitted in the Midrealm but has since moved to Atlantia, and having gotten to this stage of the registering process, he would like to finish through the Midrealm.

2) Elizabeth de Nevell. New Name and Device. Gules a cygnet naiant sinister in chief three quills bendwise Or.

(Naperville, IL)

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Client would prefer that the swan remain as a “cygnet” in the blazon for canting purposes. De Nevell listed on the Academy of St. Gabriel Website , and “13th & 14th Scottish Names” by Bryan Maloney--no page referent given. She will accept changes having preference that the sound be retained, and be authentic for a 14th-16th century lowland Scot.

3) Failenn ingen Tigernaig. New Name.

(Willard, OH)

Given name is found in Irish Names by O’Corrain, Donnchadh, & Fidelma Maguire, 1990, Lilliput Press, Dublin p. 93, patronymic, p. 170. Connective construction courtesy of Master Talan Gwynek, Fause Lozenge Herald Extraordinary. She will accept changes having preference for an authentic 14th century Irish Celt name.

4) Giles M’Cormick. New Name and Device. Argent, on a chief vert three martlets argent.

(Naperville, IL)

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Giles is found in “ Early 16th Century Scottish Lowland Names” by Sharon L. Krossa. M’Cormick is one of the names listed in "Papers Relating to the Murder of the Laird of Calder” published by the Scottish History Society. The papers are letters and court dispositions concerning a murder arising from a feud in the area of Lochnell around 1591, and are dated from sometime in 1591 to 1596. . He will accept changes and prefers an authentic 16th century lowland Scot name.

5) Kolfinna inn barnakarl. New Name.

(Perry, MI)

Kolfinna is found in The Old Norse Name by Geir Bassi Haraldsson p12, inn (ibid) p 18-19 (article), and barnakarl (friend to children) (ibid) p19 column 2 under nicknames.. She will not accept major changes to the name.

6) Llewelyn ap Hywel. New Device. Vert, a fox passant argent, on a chief triangular Or, a mullet of four points sable.

(Valparaiso, IN)

{Name registered June 1998}

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7)Skerrstrand. New Branch Name.

(Wetmore, MI)

“Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic” , sker= rock, strond/ strand= shore. Also Introduction to Old Norse, E.V Gerdan, published by Oxford University Press (1957 edition).

8) Terryl MacAodhagain. New Name and Device. Per bend purpure and sable, a castle within a bordure embattled argent.

(Burton, MI)

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Terryl is the legal name of the client. RfS II.4 permits the registration. MacAodhagain is found at (Coghlan,53) (not a good source). The anglicized name would be Egan, MacEgan or Keegan. Obviously , the client is unconcerned about precision in authenticity. It is important to her to retain her legal name. She prefers an early Gaelic version of the surname but a holding name is acceptable if necessary.

9) Toirdhealbhach Mac an tSionnaigh. Device Resubmission. Per pale azure and gules, an eagle displayed enflamed Or between three crescents argent.


{Name registered June 1998}

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Original submission was returned by Rouge Scarpe, because the client had the eagle drawn fimbriated of flame or, which was prohibited by Laurel since May 1995. This resubmission is reblazoned and drawn per Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael’s suggestion in her letter of return.

In Service to the Dream,

Angharad Rhos Tewdwr of Pembroke

Anne Krone
3846 S Wayne Dr.
La Porte IN 46350


Elena de Vexin
Joann E. Peek
306 Lively Lane
Burns Harbor IN 46304

Rouge Scarpe Elect:

Paul Wickenden of Thanet
Paul Goldschmidt
3071 Cimarron Trail
Madison WI 53719

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