APRIL 15, 2002

Greetings unto Mistress Elena de Vexin, Dragon;Lady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Rouge Scarpe; THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Rouge Scarpe-Elect; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Angharad Rhos Tewdwr of Pembroke, Escutcheon.

Here are the March 2002 submissions for your consideration and commentary, all submissions will allow major and minor changes unless otherwise noted. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, early enough to arrive by June 1, 2002, with copies to Dragon, and myself.

Note on the web version of the ILoI. The color pictures on last month's letter were merely colorized versions of the minis. This month, the color pictures are scans of the actual large drawings. As I should have mentioned on last month's letter (my apologies for the omission), due to differences in monitor settings and browsers, all colors are approximate and may not reflect the drawing's actual colors. Also if you find a broken link, I would appreciate an e-mail informing me of it. I do my best to ensure all the links work properly, but sometimes I type faster than I think.

1)Áine ingen Máel Pátraic .(F) Device Resubmission. Azure, a decrescent and a chief argent.

(Chicago, IL)

{Name sent to Laurel Sept 2001}

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Returned for knotwork on device by Rouge Scarpe Sept 2001. Client has omitted the knotwork and replaced them with a chief in this submission.

2) Aldred of Warwick. (M) New Name and Device. Quarterly pean and vert ermined Or, a Celtic cross argent overall.


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Aldred is found on page 8 of Withycombe, "Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names" and Warwick is a simple place name (Warwick, England). Client cares most about sound and would like his name authentic to Saxon England no particular century.
[Esct comment: Very busy-looking device…verging on visually obscure]

3)Andreas von Rheineck. (M) New Name.

(Rock Island, IL)

Given name is listed in “Medieval German Names from Silesia” by Master Talan Gwynek , 11 instances earliest 1368, latest 1562. Surname is found on the The Zurich Roll of Arms, strip II back page 1, dated ca 1340. Client wants to retain meaning, sound and be authentic for a German language/culture.

4)Bastian Eychener.(M) Device Resubmission. Per bend sinister bevilled sable and gules, in bend two oak leaves argent.

(North Ridgeville, OH)

{Name registered November 2001}

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Original device submission returned July 2001 LoAR for conflict.

5)Dyfwn Wen Ysginydd.(F) Device Resubmission. Purpure, a sea-unicorn argent between three oak leaves fesswise Or.

(Bay City, MI)

(Name registered June 1998}

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Original device returned because it was drawn as a unicornate seahorse, not as a sea-unicorn.

6) Fehér Stefánne de la Afumati.(F) New Name.

(Magnolia, OH)

Client submitted a veritable novel of documentation! “Hungarian Names 101” by Brian R. Speer, Fehér is given meaning ‘white-haired’, Stefánne is formed from adding the suffix –ne to Stefán (8 incidences earliest dated 1394, latest dated 1595) which indicates in Hungarian usage “wife of Stefan” and de la Afumati (dated 1522-1524) is a family name, both found in “Names from the Royal Lines of Moldavia and Wallachia” by Sarah Friedemann. Thus the entire name means ‘the white-haired wife of Stefan of the Afumati family’ which appears to follow proper usage from the documentation she supplied. Client wants a name authentic to 15th century Romania/Hungary and cares most about language/culture.

7)Gorm Bola. (M) New Name and Device. Argent a raven displayed over an axe fesswise head to sinister sable, within a bordure purpure.

(Middletown, IN)

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Sveriges Medeltida Personnamn(Swedish Medieval Names) , Hafte 7 : Gerhard-Grim p 266; under Gorm (masculine) dates to 1100, Nord.nam. Rumsv. Gormr. “A Dictionary of Period Russian Names” by Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Bola (m) –“pain” used approx 1115. Client will not accept major changes, cares most about language/culture and wishes his name to be authentic for early Norse/Russian.

8) Helmut von Rheineck.(M) New Name and Device. Per pale gules and bendy gules and Or cotised sable, to dexter a cross crosslet fitchy Or engraved sable.

(Rock Island, IL)

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“helm” is listed on the “Table of Roots for Germanic Names in the Low Lands Until 1100” as “helmet, protector, king” , but client does not provide any documentation for Helmut per se in period (not saying it does not exist but he didn’t provide any). Surname is found on the The Zurich Roll of Arms, strip II back page 1, dated ca 1340 . Client cares most about a name from German language/culture from the Rhine River region, Rheineck translates as “bend or corner in the river Rhine”.

9) Ilse von Rheineck. (F) New Name.

(Rock Island, IL)

Ilse is listed in “Medieval German Given Names from Silesia, Women’s Names” by Master Talan Gwynek for 1397. Surname is found on the The Zurich Roll of Arms, strip II back page 1, dated ca 1340. She cares most about having a name authentic for German language/culture.

10)Ivar Kazak. (M) New Name and Device. Gules, between two ravens combatant sable a sword palewise proper.


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Both names found in Paul Goldschmidt’s “Dictionary of Period Russian Names” H-J and KA . Client is most interested in a name authentic for Russian language/culture.

[Esct comment: palewise in the blazon is unnecessary and may be dropped, as this is default position for swords]

11)John Chandler.(M) Device Resubmission. Purpure, a chevron argent.

(Madison, WI)

{Name registered Dec 2001 (?)}

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Original submission (Purpure, a bend argent) was returned on the Aug 2001 LoAR for conflict.

[ Esct comment: This chevron is drawn way too skinny…qualifies as a chevronelle]

12)Leuther von Eckhardt. (M) New Name and Device. Per chevron vert and purpure, a chevron between three fleur-de-lys argent.

(Homewood, IL)

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Leuther found in Dictionary of German Names by Hans Bahlow, p. 335 circa 1350, Eckhardt found (ibid) p. 103 also circa 1300. Client wants his name specific to German language/culture.

[Esct comment: again with a skinny chevron!]

13)Maryam bint Wahab ibn Ahmad.(F) New Name and Device.Sable a crescent within a bordure embattled Or.

(Jordan, MN)

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Names and construction found in “Arabic Naming Practices and Period Names List” by Da’ud ibn Auda.

[Esct comment: Great device!]

14) Morgan Greenleaf.(M) Change of Name.

(Ft Thomas, KY)

Morgan: Heather Rose Jones lists Morgan as a Welsh name suitable for 16th century in the article, “A Simple Guide to Constructing 16th Century Welsh Names (in English Contexts)”. In that article, the relevant statement is made:

“Non-Welsh surnames: in general one can expect that these belong to people whose families moved into Wales from England or elsewhere. In theory, almost any English surname of this period might have ended up in Wales, and you can find this type of surname being used with unmistakably Welsh given names.”

Heather Rose Jones also authored an article concerning Morgan as a name which is linked to “The Problem Names Project” at the Academy of Saint Gabriel website. “This name was in ordinary use prior to 1600, but only as a man’s name.” Since the client is male, the gender of the name is appropriate.

Reany and Wilson list Greanleaf on p. 205 as a English surname dated to 1577 with the spelling “Grenelefe”. The client wishes his name registered in standard Modern English hence the spelling “Greenleaf”. He will NOT accept major changes. Client also has name submission paperwork for a different name (Alric Morgan) in process via the Kingdom of Meridies. He wishes Morgan Greenleaf to be his primary and supersede any name change through Meridies.

15)Nathanael von Rheineck(M) New Name.

(Rock Island, IL)

Nathanael is found as a German variant of the name biblical name Nathan at http://www.kunigunde.ch/HMN.htm. No dates as to its use in period submitted by client. Surname is found on the The Zurich Roll of Arms, strip II back page 1, dated ca 1340. He cares most about having a name authentic for German language/culture.

16)Rhonwen Lili‘r dyffrynnoedd ferch Tewdwr. (F) New Name and Device. Wyvern displayed Or, braced argent and azure.

(Washington, IN)

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Tewdwr-- A History of Wales pp 82-83 (dated circa 1100) , by John Davies. Rhonwen--Withycombe p 253. Lili’r dyffrynnoedd “lily of the valley”-- Teach Yourself Welsh Dictionary p. 186 , by Edwin C Lewis. Name construction from “A Welsh Miscellany” by Heather Rose Jones printed in The Compleat Anachronist # 66.

[Esct comment: client’s blazon does not match her drawing nor give field tincture, it should read: Azure, in base three chevronnelles braced argent, overall a wyvern displayed Or.]

17) Rivenvale, Shire of. Name and Device Resubmission. Azure, a pile fimbriated argent, overall a seraph contourny maintaining a sword argent, in dexter chief a laurel wreath Or.

(Girard, OH)

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Original name submission returned in Sept 2001 for lack of documentation. Clients have now supplied this. Device was returned with the name but remains the same. Clients cite "The Domesday Book, England’s Heritage, Then and Now" edited by Thomas Hinde which lists Rivenhall p.104 , Culm Vale. P 80, Stainton le Vale, p. 174, Stanford-in the-Vale p. 37. The Rivenhall entry reads:

“ Land of Count Eustace in Essex The Count holds RIVENHALL in lordship, which Queen Edith held before 1066 as one manor, for 2 ½ hides…..”

Also they find the “Domesday’s Vales” : Merevale, Vale of Catmose, Vale of Mowbray, Vale of Nadder, and Vale of White Horse listed at . It would seem a reasonable construction, given the above examples, to place Riven together with Vale to form a period-plausible English place-name.

[Esct. Comment: blazon should read: Vert, a pile azure fimbriated argent, overall a seraph contourny maintaining a sword argent, in dexter chief a laurel wreath Or]

18) Sebastian Elgar. (M) New Name and Device. Gyronny argent and gules, four arrows in saltire points to center sable.

(Rockford, IL)

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Sebastian is found Withycombe p 122. Elgar is found p. 6 "A Dictionary of British Surnames" under Algar.

19) Simon the Dark Hand. (M) New Name and Device. Sable, a horse rampant argent within an orle of mullets of four points argent.

(Elletsville, IN)

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Simon found in “Jewish Naming Convention in Angevin England” by Eleazar ha-Levi . Client does not provide any documentation for the Modern English humorous byname in period. He cares most about the meaning and wants his name to be authentic to a person born in Essex England circa 1185, to a Saxon family.

20) Stonecroft, Shire of. New Name and Device. Argent masoned sable, per saltire a feather and mallet gules, within a laurel wreath vert.

(Washington, IN)

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The clients want a name that represents the geographic location of their shire. The shire is in the middle of quarry country, in particular limestone. There is a plethora of limestone dwellings and buildings. According to Webster’s New International Dictionary 2nd Edition Unabridged p. 629, croft means hillock; field; a small enclosed field; a crypt; vault or cavern. Combining stone with croft, provides an accurate description of the shire’s physical locale. Petition of Support enclosed.

[Esct comment: per the drawing the blazon should either reverse the mallet and feather (listing dexter first) or specify which charge is on which side]

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