September 15, 2002

Greetings unto Mistress Elena de Vexin, Dragon; THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Angharad Rhos Tewdwr of Pembroke, Escutcheon.

Here are the July and August 2002 submissions for your consideration and commentary. Due to some bad planning on my part and some unforeseen circumstances, the July submissions would have had an extremely short commentary period and I thought it better to include them on the September letter than to post an extremely late August letter. My sincere apologies to Paul and the college for the extra workload, and to those who submitted in July for the delay. All submissions will allow major and minor changes unless otherwise noted. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, early enough to arrive by November 1, 2002, with copies to Dragon, and myself. Special thanks to Khahlil al-Hazrad and Adêle d’Eaubonne for their help.

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1) Brondolf the Stout (M) New Name and Device. Quarterly Or and vert.

(Fort Thomas, KY)

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‘Brondólfr’ is found in Geir Bassi p.9 and ‘inn digri’ p.20. Client cares most about meaning and would prefer his name be registered in modern English.

Client has previously submitted the names: Phineas Quinn and Morgan Greenleaf both of which he has withdrawn. He has included a permission to conflict letter from Gwen Gwirion (his wife) Quarterly ermine and vert submitted on the 6/02 IloI (name reg’d as Gwen Wirion 03/02) though she has indicated that she wishes to withdraw her device submission as well.

2) Charles Cedric Morton (M) New Device. Barry-bendy argent and sable, a seadog contourny rampant gules, crined, langued and armed Or.

(E. Peoria, IL)

{Name Reg: 2/87}

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3) Connacht O’Tighernain (M) New Name and Device. Bendy sinister vert and erminois.

(Vincennes, IN)

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Attached are copies of the reports, “Index of Names in Irish Annals: Cú Chonnacht” and “Index of Names in Irish Annals: Tighearnán” both by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan. These date [Cú Chonnacht] to 1452 and 1524 and [Cu Connacht] to 1341; and [Tighearnán] [Tighearnáin] to 1201, 1313. Client has not provided documentation for his particular spelling and construction. He will NOT accept MAJOR changes and wishes the name to be authentic for 15th or 16th century Irish language/culture.

4) Cúil Choluim, Shire of Group Device Resubmission. Purpure, on a chevron Or between three columbines Or slipped and leaved proper, three laurel wreaths vert.

{Name sent to Laurel 3/02}

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Petition of Support included.

[Esct. Comment: this is a neat little cant considering the shire’s name means "Columb's nook" or "Columb's retreat."]

5) Dicun Sailer of York. (M) Name Resubmission.

(Barony of Roaring Wastes)

Dicun—A Dictionary of English Surnames; Reaney & Wilson p. 33 s.n. Dicken etc; cites Dicun Malebiss 1207. Sailor--Oxford English Dictionary; p.2622. Of York—Oxford Dictionary of English Place-names; Mills p. 399 s.n. York dates the place in that spelling to 1086.

Original name ‘Dicun of York’ returned by Rouge Scarpe 12/01 for conflict with Richard, Duke of York. Client has added a surname which clears this problem.

6) Duvessa of Movilla. (F) New Device. Per chevron argent and azure gouty d’eau three two one, in chief a rose slipped and leaved to sinister all counterchanged.

(Mansfield, OH)

{Name Reg: 5/99}

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Note on color image: the client colored her device with metallic silver for the Argent portions. This scans as a strange shade of grey.

[Esct. Comment: Client’s blazon originally read: Argent a sinister rose azure slipped and leaved to chief per chevron azure goute d’eau argent in pile to base.]

7) Ealdnortwalde, Canton of New Group Name and Device. Argent, a fess wavy azure, overall a pine tree couped gules between three laurel wreaths sable.

(Lansing, MI)

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From Ekwall “Oxford Dictionary of English Placenames”3rd ed. SN Oldland p. 333 “old land” OE spelling: [Aldelande], [Oldelonde] 1327. SN Oldmixton “old dunghill”OE [mixen]= “dunghill” ex [Almiston] 1200, [Alder}, [Eldemixne} 1202. SN Oldbury on the Mill p.333 gives OE [Ealdanbyri] 972 and [Audeburia] 1220. SN Northwood : [Northwode]1438, [Northwode] 1287-90, OE [bi Northanuude] 727, OE [Northuuda] 832. SN Northwald “North forrest” p. 328 {northuuold] 970 and OE [Nortwalde]. Petition of Support included.

8) Ealdnortwalde, Canton of New Group Badge. (Fieldless)A pine tree gules.

(Lansing, MI)

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Petition of Support included. Name submitted this letter item #7

9) Edyth Miller. (F) New Device. Azure a fess wavy argent in dexter chief a narwhal naiant embowed head to sinister Or.

(Cincinnati, OH)

{Name sent to Laurel 7/02}

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10) Edyth Miller. (F) New Badge. (Fieldless) A narwhal naiant embowed head to sinister Or.

(Cincinnati, OH)

{Name sent to Laurel 7/02}

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11) Elspeth Clerk.(F) New Badge. Argent, upon a tower azure, a cross crosslet counterchanged.

(Cincinnati, OH)

{Name reg: 9/99}

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12) Emmelyne de Marksbury.(F) Name Change.

(Flaming Gryphon)

Emmelyne—Withycombe p. 103. Marksbury—Ekwall p.315. Client will Not accept MAJOR changes. If this name passes she wishes her original name, Rayna Haakonardottir (reg:12/88) released.

13) Ernine inghean vi Fiannaidhe. (F) New Name and Device. Gules, a martlet close argent and on a chief embattled Or, a mullet between two crescents sable.

(Barony of Flame)

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Ernine—SN.”Ernine” –O’C+M-“Female St. Ernine whose feast day is 28Feb” Fiannadhe-SN (O) Feeney-MacLysght--Gaelic spelling undated. Client understands the potential problem with the undated byname but does not have a problem with it. Client will NOT accept MAJOR changes, cares most about sound and wishes a name authentic to Irish language/culture.

14) Gorm Bola. (M) Device Resubmission. Argent, in pale a raven displayed and an axe fesswise reversed sable, a bordure purpure.

(Middleton, IN)

{Name sent to Laurel 6/02}

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Original device returned by Rouge Scarpe 6/02 for redraw, the bird looked ‘eagle-like’. His bird is now definitely a raven.

15) Greyhope, Shire of. Change of Device Resubmission. Azure, within a laurel wreathe, a sea dragon Or maintaining in his dexter claw an anchor argent.


{Name reg;2/87}

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Original device change returned by Rouge Scarpe 07/01 for redraw because the Laurel wreathe was more ‘V’ shaped than wreathe shaped. Petition of Support enclosed.

[Esct Comment: Dang it this is my shire too! The resubmitted device along with making the wreath more round also changed a sea-horse winged to a sea dragon unfortunately this puts the device back in conflict with the Barony of Draconia (4/73) Azure, within a laurel wreath argent a dragon volant Or. Being that a sea dragon is a variant of a wyvern and wyverns have been precedented as an artistic variant of a dragon, there is only one CD for changing the tincture of the laurel wreath and none for the maintained charge.

16) Gulli Grenjadr (M) Name and Device Resubmission. Argent, a rat rampant within a tressure sable.

(Newport, MI)

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Gulli- Gulli Peterson (1325) “Norsk-Iskländska Dopnamn” by E.H. Lind p.400 ( prefixive byname meaning ‘gold’). Grenjadr- from “The Old Norse Name”, by Geirr Bassi.-- Viking name found in the Landnãmabõk. Original name (Gulli av Grendelag) and device returned by Laurel 4/02. He has changed the name, retaining Gulli as a byname and adding Grenjadr as his given name. He added a tressure to his device to clear the conflict.

Esct note: what I have typed as a ‘d’ in Grenjadr was/is submitted as an ‘eth’ (that’s what I believe a ‘d’ with a bar through it is called) but I couldn’t find the text code to produce a lowercase one in Word.

17) Gwenllian of Tenby. (F) New Name.


Gwenllian found in “The Chronicle of Ystrad Fflur” online at dated to 1190. Tenby is a medieval town in the south of Wales.

[Esct comment: Tenby was one of my favorite haunts when I lived in Wales. The ruined castle on the headland overlooking the harbor was built shortly after an earlier earthwork structure was captured in 1153 and the city wall --which makes driving around the town a veritable obstacle course…one of the gatehouses intersects a roundabout-- was added not long after.]

18) Ingram of Keth. (M) New Name and Device. Argent, semé of caltrops sable, a chief indented gules.

(Barony of Flame)

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Ingram—(1379) E.G.Withycombe, “Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names”, 3rd Ed. P 161, header spelling, p 162. Keth—(1484) George F. Black, “The Surnames of Scotland”.1946, p.388 SN Keith—Antoun of Keth, 1484. Client will NOT accept MAJOR changes and wants a name compatible with the 14th-15th centuries.

[Esct. Comment: The semé of caltrops seems very regular and large for a semé, and could probably better be blazoned six caltrops three two one sable.]

19) Isabel de Montacute. (F) New Name

(Mason, MI)

Names found at Winch Genealogical Database I05464 online at, and dates the names to 1319 Client will NOT accept MAJOR or MINOR changes and wants a 14th century Anglo-Norman name.

20) James DeLawton. (M) New Name and Device. Sable, three swords proper, on a chief embattled Or two ravens sable.

(Lawton, MI)

(click to view in color) Note on color device: Client colored his device in metallic crayon; this scans as orangey tan and grey for Or and argent respectively.

No documentation supplied for name.

21) James DeLawton for Ravenscraft New Household Name

(Lawton, MI)

No documentation supplied for household name; owner name submitted item 20 this letter.

22) Kathleen O’Dea (F) New Name and Device. Sable, three spiders Or, on a chief triangular Or, a full drop spindle pierced by a needle point to dexter sable.


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Kathleen—Irish names O’Corrain/Maguire pg 45 Caiterina establishes root name- “The Old French forms Caterine and Cateline gave rise to the Irish forms Caitriona and Caetilin (Caitlin) Combine with: Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names/Withycombe pgs 186-187 “Katharine, Katherine, Catharine, Catherine: The Irish Caitlin, Cathleen; Kathleen from middle English ‘Caitlin’ is now often used in English” We hope that these two resources establish Kathleen as a standard usage.

O’Dea---Surnames of Ireland/Maclysaght pg 76 “O’Dea is standard anglicized version Irish Names and Surnames/Woulfe pg 494-495 “O Seazaig” (cant read) O’Dea is listed as anglicized version “O’Dea, Dea, Day, Daw, Dee, Godwin, Goodwin, and etc.” Client will not allow creation of a holding name.

23) Leopold Eber von Lüchtringen. (M) Name Resubmission


Leopold—Bahlow(SN Leopold(+)) says, “Leopold isthe patron saint of Austria” Eber—Brechenmacher (SN Eber) dates the name to 1297 and 1332. Lüchtringen—Bahlow, Deutschland Geographische Namenwelt (SN Lochtrop) lists, “Lüchtringen” as an alternate spelling no dates given. Client previously submitted the name Leopold von Lothringen returned 12/01 by Rouge Scarpe because of conflict with Leopold II von Hapsburg-Lothringen. If this name passes wants it as his primary and his previously registered name (Khalid al-Hasan reg: 4/02) converted to an alternate.

24) Matilda in the Holis. (F) New Name and Device. Argent, three holly leaves within a bordure vert.

(Barony of the Flame)

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Matilda—(Withycombe p. 94 SN:Matilda) “Matilda Cur 1189-1215” In the Holis—(Reaney p. 235 SN:Hollies) “John in the Holis" 1327 SRSF. Client will NOT accept MAJOR changes and cares most about sound

25) Middle Kingdom, of the for Equestrian Guild~Authorized Rider Badge. Appeal of Badge Return. (Fieldless)In a stirrup Or, an armored leg truncated at the calf argent.

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Text of Appeal:

This badge was originally returned to me as un-registerable because I said it was for the Middle Kingdom-for the Middle Kingdom Equestrian College. And so it was assumed that this meant that it was for the marshallate and it could not be registered because there was already an Equestrian Marshal’s badge registered at the Society Level. This, however, was an unfortunate assumption as the badge is for Authorized Riders in the Middle Kingdom so Mistress Elena our Dragon Herald said I could resubmit it, and make it clear that it is for the riders of the Equestrian Guild, not for the marshallate. Thank-you, Mistress Isabeau Pferdebangdiger, O.L., Dean of the Middle Kingdom Equestrian College.

26) Muriel Dancort. (F) New Name and Device. Or, on a bend vert between two swans naiant sable, three keys Or.

(Windham, OH)

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Muriel—“A List of Feminine Personal Names Found in Scottish Records Psrt Two:Pre-1400 Names” by Talan Gwynek. Muriel dates listed are 1174,1225,1279, & 1350. Dancort—“13th and 14th Century Scottish Names” by Simon Freser of Lovat

27) Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester. (F) Change of Device. Counter-ermine, on a pall Or, three crescents gules.

(Columbus, OH)

{Name reg:4/94)

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This device was originally registered under the name Rigunth af Bern (3/93). This submission changes the tincture of the crescents only. Additionally she would like the device associated with the name Nicolaa and for the Name Rigunth af Bern to be released.

28) Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester. (F) New Badge. (Fieldless)A mullet gules voided Or.

(Columbus, OH)

{Name reg: 4/94}

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29) Oweyn apTegwaret ab Urien (M) Device Resubmission. Azure, three wyverns argent.

(Comstock Park,MI)

{Name reg: 5/98}

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Original device returned 12/99 by Rouge Scarpe for conflict with Karina of the Far West, Azure, a wyvern statant argent. Client has included a letter from Karina granting permission to conflict.

30) Sabine de Creuequoer (F) Name and Device Resubmission. Gules, a bean plant argent between four pheons Or.


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Sabine is listed in “ Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames” by Talan Gwynek under the heading “Sabina” dated to 1279. Creuequoer is listed in Reaney & Wilson on p. 115 under Crawcour (Robert (de) Creuequoer). She includes pictorial documentation for her bean plant. Name (Sabine du Couergris) returned by Rouge Scarpe 08/02 for undocumentable surname; device returned because name was.

31) Sevrin le Sanguine (M) New Name and Device. Gules, two foxes rampant addorsed Or, on a triangular chief sable an annulet Or.

(Mynedd Seren)

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[Sevrin] from “An Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of Paris” by Lord Colm Dubh found online at ;[le Sanguine] “the good humored”; descriptive byname (c.f. “French Names from Two Thirteenth Century Chronicles” by Arval Benicoeur online at . Client will NOT accept MAJOR changes and cares most about sound.

32) Wilhelm von Wolfsburg. (M) New Name and Device. Sable, a trident Or, overall a chevron gules fimbriated Or.

(Reed, KY)

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Documentation consists of a map of Germany with the town of Wolfsburg circled. Client will NOT accept MAJOR changes and cares most about sound/language/culture.

33) Zacarias el Silento. (M) New Name and Device. Purpure, a winged cat dormant Or feathered argent, between three mullets of six points Or.

(Carraig Ban)

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“Medieval Spanish Names from the Monastery of Sahagun”: First Group
Epithet means “the silent”. Client will accept alternative renderings of this epithet in other compatible languages if needed to register this name. (He had a long list of preferences but I couldn’t read his handwriting)

34) Zofia Borek. (F) New Name and Device. Argent, a greyhound sejant pean in chief three pine cones vert.

(Cincinnati, OH)

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[Zofia] found in “God’s Playground, A History of Poland in Two Volumes, Vol. I The Origins to 1795” by Norman Davies p. 137, dated circa 1492-3. Surname found in “The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians” edited by Stanley Sadie, p. 47 under the heading Borek, Kryzysztof (Christophorus): Polish Composer and singer died 1570.

35) Zofia Borek. (F) New Badge. (Fieldless) A greyhound sejant pean.

(Cincinnati, OH)

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Name submitted this letter item #34.

In Service to the Dream,

Angharad Rhos Tewdwr of Pembroke

Anne Krone
3846 S Wayne Dr.
La Porte IN 46350


Elena de Vexin
Joann E. Peek
306 Lively Lane
Burns Harbor IN 46304

Rouge Scarpe:

Paul Wickenden of Thanet
Paul Goldschmidt
3071 Cimarron Trail
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