December 15 2002 

Greetings unto Mistress Elena de Vexin, Dragon; THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Rouge Scarpe; and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Angharad Rhos Tewdwr of Pembroke, Escutcheon. 


Here are the November 2002 submissions for your consideration and commentary. All submissions will allow major and minor changes unless otherwise noted. All commentary should be sent to the Rouge Scarpe Herald, THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet, early enough to arrive by February 1, 2003, with copies to Dragon, and myself. Starting with next month’s Internal Letter, the due date for commentary will change to the 25th of the following month (i.e. the commentary for January’s letter should arrive at Rouge Scarpe by the 25th of February. On a final note, I’d like to wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a happy new year. 

1)Aislinn ingen an Bhaird. (F) New Name.

(Marche of the Marshes)

[Aislinn] found in O’Corrain & Maguire’s Irish Names p. 21 undated.  

[ingen an Bhaird] found in “Choosing An Irish Name”at . Client wants a culturally Irish name, but indicates no specific time period. 

2) Aldred of Warwick. (M) Device Resubmission. Quarterly sable and vert ermined Or , a celtic cross throughout within a bordure argent.


(Name sent to Laurel 6/02)

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Original device returned by Rouge Scarpe 6/02 for conflict with Gormflait Suiban ni Cuallachta (Gyronny Or and azure, a Celtic cross argent, fimbriated sable). Client has added a bordure to clear this. 

3) Brjánn Inn rammi.(M) New Name and Device. Chevronelly vert and Or, a Thor’s hammer argent.

(Lansing, MI)

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[Brjánn] found in Geir Bassi p.9 , [Inn rammi] (ibid) p.26. (no other documentation included)

Client wishes the meaning “strong” in 10th-12th century Norse or Celtic. 


4) Estienne de Boucicaut. (M) New Name.

(Painesville, OH)

[Estienne] found at French Names from Paris, 1423 & 1438 by Sara Friedmann at . [Boucicaut] found in Dauzat p.55, sn Boucicaut. Client will NOT accept MAJOR changes and wishes a name authentic to 15th century France. 


5) Lán Ying. (F) New Name

(Carraig Ban)

All names referred to in this documentation use Pinyin romanization. The surname [Lán] “blue” does not appear in any historical documents I am aware of. However, [Zhû] “red” and [Huáng] “yellow” as being in use before 1600. Only perhaps 600 surnames can be dated to before 1600; there appears to be little or no pattern as to what was used. also endorse [Cui} “blue” as a period surname, although it is found only in a period work of fiction. 

The given name [Ying] ‘hawk’ is also unattested, but period examples from the latter of the above articles include a variety of miscellaneous nouns including various birds and flowers. The Academy of Saint Gabriel, again in the above articles, describes different types of Chinese ‘given’ names, some of which could be chosen by the individual, or given to them as an honor or descriptor. Chinese tradition was, and still is, to choose a name from words in the language, rather than from potential “names” .As the client is a student of kung fu, it is my opinion that ‘hawk’ is a believable name.

Client wishes a Mandarin Chinese name cares most about meaning and will NOT accept MAJOR changes. 

6) Magnus de Tymberlake. (M) Name Change.

(Barony of Fenix)

[Magnus] found in Masculine Given Names Found in the1332 Lay Subsidy Rolls for Lincolnshire, England by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan at and in Withycombe pp.94-95 dated there to 1200 and 1207.

[de Tymberlake] found in Reaney and Wilson p.448 dated to 1281, the name is a locative, referring to a lost Timberlake in Worcestershire. 

Client cares most about sound and has previously attempted to register [Brondolf the Stout]( sent to Laurel 11/02), and Phineas Quinn which he withdrew. The client’s currently registered name (Kenric of Rohan) was registered on 3/02. The client also submitted a Change of Registered Name (for Morgan Greenleaf) on the 6/02 MK ELoI. If Morgan Greenleaf is registered by Laurel, the client requests that it be RELEASED. Client did not indicate what he wants done with Brondolf the Stout if it passes nor the associated armory. Client cares most about sound. 



7) Mirabel de Tymberlake. (F) Name Change and New Device. Quarterly argent and vert ,four squirrels rampant counterchanged.

(Barony of Fenix)

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[Mirabel] found in Feminine Given Names in a ‘Dictionary of English Surnames’ by Talan Gwynek at dates to 1273 and also found in Withycombe p. 102 dated prior to the middle of the 14th century.

[de Tymberlake] found in Reaney and Wilson p.448 dated to 1281, the name is a locative, referring to a lost Timberlake in Worcestershire. Client cares most about sound.  

Client does not indicate what she wants done with her previously registered name Gwen Wirion (5/02).  

8) Rhys ab Idwal. (M) Badge Resubmission. (Fieldless) A wolf couchant sable.

(Grand Rapids,MI)

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{Name reg:02/00)

Original badge submission Per pale azure and sable, a plate returned by Rouge Scarpe Jan ’02 for conflict. This submission is a new design.

9) Tófa Asgeirsdóttir. (F) Device Change Resubmission. Per pale ermined azure and ermined gules, on a pale cotised sable a double bladed axe Or.

(Fort Wayne, IN)

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If registered she would like her old device, Argent ermined gules, a fox's mask azure and on a chief invected sable three spiders argent (reg: 09/95) released. Original device change returned by Laurel 11/01 for conflict.  

10) Zacarias el Silento. (M) Device Resubmission. Purpure, a scarpe argent ,overall three mullets of six points voided and interlaced bendwise sinister Or.

(DeKalb, IL)

{Name sent Laurel 11/02}

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Original device returned by Rouge Scarpe 11/02 for an unrecognizable winged cat. This submission is a new design. 


In Service to the Dream,

Angharad Rhos Tewdwr of Pembroke, OW 

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Elena de Vexin
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Rouge Scarpe:

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