November 15 2003

Greetings unto Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Dragon and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Ana Linch, Escutcheon.

Here are the mailed November 2003 submissions for your consideration and commentary. . This is my first IlOL, please be patient with me. All commentary should be sent to the Dragon Herald, Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, early enough to arrive by December 25, 2003.

1) Anne the Shy --(F) New Name and Release of Registered Device. Device Per pale wavy azure and argent two goblets counterchanged a chief wavy or ermined azure

(Brainerd, MN)

  • Anne -

    The Shy -- epthet, submitter is an introvert.

    The submitter wishes to inherit the device of Sarah of Dun Or (mka Earleen Watson) name and device registered Sept 1992 in Caid. The submitter is the granddaughter. There is a will attached to the documentation. No copies of the device was submitted.

  • 2) Aonach na Naoi n-Duileach, Shire of -- Branch Name and Device: Purpure, nine Soloman’s knots in cross per saltire argent, in fess point, a laurel wreath or

    (Decatur, IL)

    Petition included

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  • Included in the documentation is a series of emails from his Excellence Baron Hamish MacLeod and the Ysende de Sigournais, the shire pursuivant on pronouncing the shire’s name. No where did I find any source material for documentation. So I am quoting his Excellence from the first email letter:

    “The prefix word for nine is “n’oi n-” example: “n’oi n-Duilleach” would be “nine leaves” I would render “gathering of the nine expectations as: “Aonach na h-N’oi n-Duilean” in Irish or “Aonach na Naoi n-Duileach” in Scottish. …”

    The group cares more for meaning “Gathering of the Nine Expectations” in Scottish 9th - 12th century.

    Documentation for the device is also included:

  • 3) Aonach na Naoi n-Duileach, Shire of Badge -- [Fieldless] A Solomon’s knot in cross argent

    (Decatur, IL)

    No petition is included but was in the same packet as the name and device submission.

    Documentation is also included see above urls.

    4) Bridget O’Brian -- (F) Name

    (Shire of Dark Dark River, IL)

  • Bridget - “History of Christian Names,” by Charlotte E. Yonge

    “The New American Dictionary of Baby Names,” by Dunkling and Gosling

    O’Brian - “Clans and Families of Ireland,” by John Grenham

    “Irish Names and Surname,” by Rev. Patrick Woulfe

  • (Esct Note: I wished she had used better source material.)

    5) Eva van Olebroek -- (F) Name and Device -- Per bend sinister vert and argent ermined in bend two horses passant to sinister, all counterchanged

    (Rimsholt, MI)

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  • Eva - “15th Century Dutch Names” by Aryanhwy merch Catmael

    “Dutch Names in Latin Contexts, 1542” by Aryanhwy

  • Oldebroek: 2websites in Dutch

  • op internet, gemeentelijke informatic

    This seems to be a summary of the history listed in another website:

    Inventarisvan het archief van het richerambt Colebrook (Inventory of the archives of the director’s office of Oldebroek)

    Two maps:

  • 6) Femke de Roas -- (F) Name and Device --Argent ermined azure, per bend three roses proper, a bordure wavy azure

    (Rimsholt, MI)

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    Femke -- The Fries spelling of the Dutch name of “Femmetje”

    The submitter sent 9 pages of documentation on Femke.

  • The name “Femmetje” appears as the baptismal name ofone infant, and as the name of a witness in two additional records. Obtained from Olive as referred in the Medieval Names Archive:

    http://www.meertens.knaw/indexe.html Dutch FirstNamesBank

    Esct Note: Submitter also included email from Talan posted to the MK-Heralds List. I’m not sure if I should post it or not. Talan does quote Stark as a reference. Also email from Dr. Karel F. Gildemacher, Frisian Academy stated that “Femke is a allophonic formof Famke diminutive of <faam> “little girl, like Froukje “little woman.” “

    Stark, Franz, “Kasemen der Germane, (1967), Germany, pp 172-173, 68 “Feme im Patronymicum Femin a. 1428 and Ffemmo a 1331. Fries. … Femmo aus Feddmo … Frauke f. bei Seger, Frouke f. a. 1447

    De Roas -- the rose


  • 7) Geillis MacAlpin (F) Name

    (Hawkland Moor, MI)

  • Geillis -- St Gabriel Academy Report 313 -- “This is a medieval Scottish name which was used by both men and women. We found the spellings “Gelleys” and “Gelis” (both women) from the 16th century. In Flemish: Ghilla 1245, Geila 1240, Geyla 1240, Geyla 1240, Ghela 1240; French: Gile, Gille, Gilete, Gileite, Gilon (all from 1292)

    Gelis - “Names of women mentioned in the Perth Guildry Book” by Aryanhwy merch Catmael

  • MacAlpin -- Scottish Surnames

    Name search on the O&A: Aidan MacAlpin (named registered August 1988)

    8) Geoffrey of Wigmore - (M) Name

    (Caledonia, MI )

    Geoffrey --“Male Given Names”

    Wigmore -- English Placename found in list by Sir Frederic Badger

    9) Katerin ferch Gwenllian --(F) Badge-- Per bend sinister nebuly azure and sable, in bend a Norse sun cross argent and double rose argent and azure

    (Brooklyn, OH)

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    Name was submitted 15 Aug, 2003

    (Esct. Note: I wasn’t too sure about this one. So I’m sending it on.)

    10) Michael Of The Peaks -- (M) Device -- Potent sable and or, a rams head cabossed jessant-de-lys gules, on a chief indented a mountain of two peaks couped argent.

    (Brainer, MN)

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    Name was registered in August of 1992 in Caid.

    11) Ötwin Glantz -- (M) Device Resubmission: Per fess argent and gules, a latin cross sable and a gorgon’s head, cabossed argent.

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    The name was accepted by Rouge Scarpe June ‘03 and sent on to Laurel but the original device: Per fess argent and gules, a Latin cross sable and a Gorgon’s head cabossed argent, a bordure vert semé of oak leaves Or. Was returned at the same time.

    12) Thorfinn the Hunter -- (M) Name and Device -- Per pall argent, azure and vert between a fish anda stag’s head erased argent.

    (Baxter, MN)

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    Thorfinn from Thorfinn Karlsfni (The Columbia Enclopedia, sxth ed. 2001)

    The Hunter -- epithet for one who hunts

    The client cares for meaning (Hunter).





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