December 15, 2003

Greetings unto Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Dragon and the commenting members of the Midrealm College of Heralds; from Lady Ana Linch, Escutcheon Herald.


Here are the mailed December 2003 submissions for your consideration and commentary. All commentary should be sent to the Dragon Herald, Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh, early enough to arrive by January 25, 2003.



1) Alanna Goodheart (F) New Device -- Per pall inverted argent and sable a sun inn splendor counterchanged on a mount gules a heart argent

(Indianapolis, IN)
(name reg’d August 1993)

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2) Caterina de Bruyn (F) New Device -- Purpur, on a chape argent, a tulip slipped and leaved purpur and vert, a cheif argent

(Holland, MI)
(name reg’d Sept 2000)

Documentation included on the history of the tulip “The Tulip” by Anna Pavord.

(Escut Note: The submission came without a written blazon.
I had to do a quick one. Thanks Talon for the reblazoning
Also, the client used crayons to color.)

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3) Duvessa of Moville (F) Resbmission -- Per chevron argent and azure in chief a rose slipped and leaved fess wise and in base a semi of goulttes counterchanged.

(Mansfield, OH)
(name reg’d May 1999)

Device was returned March 2003 --
Per chevron argent and azure goutty d'eau three two one,
in chief a rose slipped and leaved to sinister all counterchanged

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4) Dyderich Wolfhart (M) Badge -- (Fieldless) Issuant from a maunche argent, a dexter hand proper maintaining a rose argent, slipped and leaved proper

(Mooresville, IN)
(named reg’d Aug. 2001)

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5) Helmut von Rheneck (M) Resubmission -- Per pale or and gules, a cross-crosslet fitchy counterchanged, on a chief sable four cross crosslets or

(Cary, NC)
(named reg’d as Rheineck Oct 2002. He is appealing the name change)

(Esct. Note: This is the 3rd attempt.
The last submission was: Per pale gules and Or,
a cross crosslet fitchy counterchanged engraved sable
It was returned by Rouge Scarpe June ‘03)

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6) House Silverthorn -- New Household and Badge -- Argent, three roses in pale, sable and or, a pair of flauches gules, two Corinthian colums argent

Kystwright (M) (name reg’d Feb. 1990)

Bardsley -- Silverthorn c 1327; Silverthorne c. 1693

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7) Katryne Sely (F) New Name

(Madison Hgts, MI)

  • Katryne - email from St Gabriel Academy Report 2782 They found various form of Katherine used in Scotland and England between 1300 and 1600. Several examples include: Katheryne 1509, Katheryne 1604, Katryne 1509-1528 and Katrine 1499

    Sely -- St Gabriel Academy Report 2782 Seli (Lincolnshire) 1200, Celi (Worcestershire 1275.

  • “Dictionary of English Surnames,” Reaney & Wilson, (Sely - 1275)

    8) Khalil ibn Yusuf al-Balansi (M) New Name and Device -- Per fess indented argent and azure, an open scroll argent and in saltire two quill pens vert

    (Barony of White Waters)

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  • “Spain.” Harrison, James H., Washington & Lee University pp 132-138 -- Yousof “Josheph” d. 1106

    “The Regions of Spain.” Kern, Robert W., Greenwood Press, p 34 - Uisuf 1333-1354
    “Oxford History of Islam.” Espositio, John L., Oxford University Press.
    p. 17 - Yusuf (contemporary of Abd al-Malik, 624-692)
    p. 189 - al-Khalil ibn Ahmad 718-786
    p. 248 -- Khalil Sultan r. 1478
    p. 250 -- Yusuf as variant of Joseph - al-Balansi “of Valencia”

  • Client cares more for language (Southern Spain) and 9th century Arab/Berber from Valencia (Southern Spain). He does not want to be related to Emir Yousof.

    9) Khalil ibn Yusuf al-Balansi (M) New Badge - Azure, on an open scroll argent in saltire two quill pens vert

    (Barony of White Waters)

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    10) Lucien Philip de Bordeaux (M) New Name and Device - Azure, an increscent and a ford within a bordure argent a mullety of four points azure.

    (Three Hills)

    (Esct. Note: Again this is another submission that didn’t have a blazon
    and I had to write one. Thanks Talon for the reblazon.
    Also, client used crayon to color.)

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    Client sited several urls from a Catholic Encyclopedia:

    Lucien - (Ernulf - a brother was in the monastery of St-Lucien, Beauvais, c. 1040) -- Lucian (c. 120-200 AD)

    Philip - ( St. Philip the Apostle. No dates were given)

  • St. Philip Romolo Neri -- Born at Florence, Italy, 22 July, 1515; died 27 May, 1595
    Letters of Philip II, King of Spain:
    Philip II, King of France born 22 or 25 august 1165; died at Mantes 14 July, 1223
  • De Bordeaux -- ;

    11) Odette d’ Amboise (F) New Name and Device - Per pale gules and argent, a swan naiant and on a chief nebully sable, a rose between two fleurs-de-lis argent


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  • Odette -- 1438 tax role from Paris Source: Favier, Jean. “Les Contribuables Parisians la fin de la guerre de Cent Ans, les r les d’impot de 1421,” 1423 et 1438. (Gen ve, Paris, Droz, 1970.)

    Odette de Champ divers -- Favourite of Charles VI of France, mother Marguerite de Valois (b. around 1369, d. 22 Oct 1422, at Paris)

    d’ Amboise -- Jonathan Dewald, The Formation of a Provincial Nobility: The Magistrates of the Parlement of Rouen, 1499-1610 (Princeton University Press, 1980).

    Frances d’Amboise -- Duchess of Brittany, daughter of Louis d’Amboise, Viscount de Thouars. (b. 1427; d. at Nantes, 4 Nov., 1485).

    The city of Amboise started in ancient times and Chateau d’Amboise was a royal residence starting in 1434.

  • Client wants 14th-15th C. France of Burgundy.

    12) Sadna Lch (M) New Device -- Per fess indented azure and sable, three mullets of four points two and one argent.

    (Indianapolis, IN)
    (Name has been approved by Rouge Scarpe Nov ‘03
    and has been sent on to Laurel)

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    In Service to the Dream,

    Ana Linch

    Escutcheon: Ana Linch Jo Ann Ewbank 1106 Woodsum Jackson, MI 49203

    Dragon: Rory mac Feidhlimidh Kevin L. Conlin 820 E Monroe Bloomington, IL 61701